Willy The Whale here.

They tried to ban me, but that wont happen.

Anyways these fags are doing the 300 follower giveaway on their twitter.com/TaiChiChain account.

Know what that means?

Exactly. We are going to wait til they dump before i boost up the price.

Let the games begin

XTCC has most of the volume


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Please tell me you got some sleep Willy. I’ve got another buy order in low. You still aiming for a final target around $1?

Target is still $1

Today is going to be a hectic day.

Starting early ending late?

You need a trip. Could be anyone posing as you. Or maybe post proof

Wow dead thread already this time around? Guess everyone is over free money?

willy, whats your goal point for today bud

I'm just lurking to see what's good. Until the pump nothing really do to do except wait.

This, Please Willy

Any advice for today, Willy?

Buy low sell high

>Could be anyone posing as you.
Yeah damn what if some other whale comes and pumps all our coins
how awful

got hacked out of 75k xtcc feelsbadman

I think you underestimate the number of larps on biz

Id rather flash buy and sell walls.

Plan for today is to phase out the people from the giveaway. Lift off after that.

The giveaway will be piddling though, like 300 or 400 xtcc?

Doesnt matter.

Ill be damned if twitter and reddit fags make $$$.

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Were you the Chinese moron that posted their secret key on twitter?


when did this happen

Logan Mcmahon are you in here?
Please punch yourself in the face

idek Logan but you got it coming for ya buddy


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Probably op

>He didn't delete the tweet, transfer everything.

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logan you fucking faggot

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Sounds like a shill, why would the whale care?

Finally pumping

Lol no it's not. Someone just put up a buy order of approximately $150. Based whale wants to let twitter and Reddit dump first. Don't know how he's gonna know tho


Holy shit. This is real.
This is fucking real.

Go go go my dear whale

Willy, how high is your cocaine and adderall consumption? I went to sleep 6 hours ago, thread three, and youre still going and now thread 5. As other anons said i hope you got some sleep, man.

Do you think we can expdct to see .15 - .2 today? And if so, how far of a drop below can we expect, too?

Worse comes to worst I'm going to have a shitload of this shit coin and probably KMS if I get mega scammed.

>putting more than 50 bucks into this

ehh i put in 1 eth

Well this coin has a pretty Low market cap. And once dev fixes the website, this could possibly take off. Listing on major exchanges plus cmc listing.Cope hard tho

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Someone just bought 0.7 xtcc.
The struggle is real

Im not complaining faggot. I'm just saying, if I don't have a fucking chair when the music stops I'm going to have a ton of this shit. Plus hard fork at some point

0.069 wall is getting smaller. Pump it!

should i buy more. Im holding 37k rn

Wait. Like, bought a fraction of a single xtcc? Or bought at .07? If the first thats really sad

Its going to $1, How much money do you want to make? Buy now or suffer later

We're all gonna make it brah

Who are you asking? Us?
Yeah go nuts lol sell your car

I hope so man.

Yea but it has to be dumped eventually. I don't want to be caught in the downwind with a huge bag. Yea it might go up if exchanges list it, but im looking for a quick flip. at most ill buy 100k

Who are we going to dump these bags on if he doesn't first? kek. The volume is terrible and manufactured.

Which stellar wallet is it

I got 4k of this crap...

Lets see where this ride ends, it's not like anyone can prove Willy is full of crap, all you can do is thumb your nose up at his story, or strap in and enjoy the journey!

imma dump half at $0.5 and ride the rest out

Kepp up the good work user. I was sceptical at first, but bought in yesterday, you've delivered more than any OP on this board in ages

I meant, the software

holy shit that 10 mill wall. The circulation supply is like only 20 mill. wattt??? willy are u one of the creators?

It's been speculated he is on the team but he hasn't confirmed it. IF he is, they are trying to up the volume for a Binance listing.

Most likely early buyer. Some guy lost 8m of them so theres like 5m left in circulation besides what willy has

I mean he has to be. theyve only been giving it out in giveaways.

I have just over a million cause I got in early, I hope binance lists it

Check it out the walls


I think they sold around 20m tokens on the SDEX for funding and now whales are wrecking shop

Anyone else using their earnings from this the become a million are via coin metro??

If your gonna hit on black might as well hit it twice right?

What is Coin Metro? Enlighten me please

Fuck off you faggot

New dex that also lets you use fiat.

USA and China are the only ones they don't have in place.

willy! how much are u going to pump up to today?

Fuck this whale im buying his wall. Watch and learn.

Yeah that's about 1/3 good try though

Do it.

oh wow actually deleivered

The pussy moved it. Almost got it all.

I have a feeling this thread is fake, billy's wall is still there at .093

I have a feeling you have fetal alcohol syndrome :^)

Someone buy .07 and ill buy .08



"Some one buy my 0.07 so I can be done with this risk"

Thanks OP, been in since yesterday.


He's posting them in the discord you dumb pleb

Discord tag please!


tag please



nice. i actually enjoy it


fucking kek


Don't say I never gave ya nothin

i never said you didnt but im glad you knew to have that link on reserve faggot

OP is full of shit.

Case closed.

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That is the official discord dumbfuck. That guy funkin has less then 100k xtcc. Look up his wallet on twitter when he posts it for giveaways

Biz is full of tardz

might be decoy. wily said he is aussie, and the cat guy says mate alot. case closed

Or maybe hes a dev and is in the US and is trying to cover his ass

Cat guy says mate a lot
Case closed

I fucking died

Willy you really ought to get a trip to make this clear to everyone.

You might be onto something.

Obviously there's only one guy in Australia into crypto

l a r p

Yeah, I'm not saying this isn't a scam but OP was legit removing millions of XTCC walls yesterday.