Newbie girl

I saw when btc dropped to 6k and then waited for it to get lower and I missed out. This has happened like 3 times. When do I buy?? :(

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Buy low sell high it isnt hard to understand

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buy high, sell low.


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Few things to start off with :) 1. yes, i replied to you because you are a female crypto trader, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian 3. don't be intimidated, but im not a stereotypical guy. If anything, i'll be the one in the kitchen :D

Hey biz, Newbie BOY here.
I saw when btc dropped to 6k and then waited for it to get lower and I missed out. This has happened like 3 times. When do I buy?? :(

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Never time the market.. Just buy the market at apparent dips.

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OP a tip.

Dont mention straight out that you're a girl. Its not relevant and it makes you look like you're phishing for attention or some special treatment in comparison to other anons.

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You gradually buy small stacks at support levels, you'll never be able to perfectly time the bottom with 100% of your fiat unless you're lucky. Don't listen to Veeky Forumsraelis who tell you they always sell at the top and buy at the absolute bottom.

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>When do I buy?
When you want to.

But if you're a woman, you probably lack decisiveness without consensus, which is why you're here, asking men to tell you when to buy in.

Pick a price. 6k, 7k 8k, whatever. Set a buy for that number and forget about it. If it fills, great! You bought for the price you felt it was worth, if not, awesome! You didn't fomo out and buy in when you felt it was overpriced.

Seen bitcoin dump to 5k while I brought bcash at $800 and rode to $2300 in 24hrs and dumped. Never rebrought that shitcoin as I watched it dump back to $800. Also never brought bitcoin and still won't

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I too go on Veeky Forums to dog whistle and pretend. It's the only way to justify my hatred.

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Invest in vagenecoin smells not fishy

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>Hey guys, girl here
>I know it's not relevant, but I figured I should let you silly boys know xD
>Yes I'm a girl, but when should I buy? I'm such a beginner lol.
>Girl here btw ;)
Go away and stay go. You are free to attention whore literally everywhere else, so just leave us alone.