Seems awfully like... DESPAIR

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almost there, give it a couple of more months

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naw, seems like a real slow fear to me. market manipulation is fucking us in the long run but meh it seems there wont be a long run

This, it will be a wild ride for the deluded one's like op.

haha you fucking wish

>NEETs and pedophiles / drug addicts are """institutional investors"""

brainlet with what fucking logic would be at fear? I know crypto doesn't behave logically most of the time but that just makes no sense.

No we're at fear at best. Fucking look at the cart we're nowhere near pre-bubble levels.

Your post gives me signals of fear.

The first time bitcoin plummeted from. $20k down to $13k and then “recovered” temporarily to $17k and then took a nose dive down to $6k, that was where the fear curve started. At $17k down, we have moved past despair already. The market lost 80% of its value. Somewoild consider that pretty significant

i've made this a month ago

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I'ts over

This graph is too flat though. It gives the impression that markets never grow.

WRT the current iteration, we are at the height of capitulation. Despair follows next, but I prefer to call it "accumulation season"

Set some low-ball limit bids (5-7k BTC, 300-400 ETH) or stay poor, user

You guys really suck at reading graphs. We’re clearly at the Fear stage.

this should life your spirits, user

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we're going to 5k boys. hold on to your testicles.


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updated w/ partial 2017-2018 j curve

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So how long is the average depression stage? 6 months?

So it could be a year and 7 months. Oh well.

More or less yes.

Think of it like this: the J curve is repeating on an exponential scale (somewhat of a fractal if you are familiar - self-similarity across many orders of magnitude). The first one pictured went over a year. Then there was the entirety of 2015-2016. I think the next one will be longer

Why didn't it shoot straight down? The market went off-script.

I'm starting to think someone wants us to believe its all over now. Its not OP, we're still in denial