What is happening

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>they didnt pay the cuckcoin shares out for 3 weeks
>team page is gone
>Hongkong police is investigating them
>exit-scam about to happen

Moved everything off the exchange weeks ago

Literally told you.

Check the fucking archive. I LITERALLY said they would get investigated for breaking the law. You didn't listen.

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This is gonna make Mt Gox look like a pimple popping

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Real shit?

some hrs ago from kucoin twitter

Transparency and security have always been KuCoin's main goals. We will continue to develop our exchange into an example for the industry. We will always prioritize user's satisfaction and KuCoin's growth.KUCOIN added,

nice fud faggot niggers

these kuckfucks lie with no remorse lol remember when their withdrawals were stuck for weeks and they were blaming anyone but themselves.

Yes. go to kucoin.com, scroll down and click on Team.

Why would anyone possibly lie when exit scamming

kuckoin could bust in the next hour and noone would notice except the bagholders of the shitcoins that are listed only there lol.

You know they wouldn't have to say anything unless something is wrong...yo do know that much about human psychology?

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Always do the opposite of what Biz says reddit.com/r/kucoin/comments/84kmc2/personal_explanation_regarding_the_missing_kucoin/

why would faggot biz fags spread unsourced fud

They can't fix redis

all these homosexual assumptions with zero proof backing, yeah, thats the biz way, literally show me anything backing your claims, im waiting


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Anons this is 100% not fud, It says my btc is 'in order', but I didn't put it into any coins either.

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Quads Confirm

looks like this thread is filled with salty soyboys who didnt receive their eth HAHA
let me guess, everyones in on it
haha faggs

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BTC just returned to my wallet but prices are still strange atm, weird

Damn. I'd leave that exchange if I didn't have a bag of TEL there that is under water. Not selling that shit at a loss.

You're going to be waiting forever, my man.
t. someone who sold at ath

dude get out now tel is dead in the fucking water

dump it into AMB and you'll be back in no time