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He's not wrong you know.

What a repulsive human.

And he makes our fucking laws

Can someone make a video of the clips from meeting where he says "because i'm a terrorist" and "i hope there is a terrorist attack" spread this and his career is oger. pretty simple.

>us dollars have never once been used to buy drugs or fund terrorism

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Fiat is for kikes



((He’s)) funded by payday lenders and offshore gambling, look up his donor records

lets meme his murder into existance

i doubt you can get a better kike stereotype face than that


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But literally 99% of transactions are for drugs...

crypto is for murderers

He 'jokingly' said to someone on the panel "because i'm a terrorist" when he interrupted them before they could fully respond. the last line he said in his closing was i hope there is a terrorist attack funded by crypto.


Sherman did nothing wrong

if the terrorists didn't want all their money to go to zero they would use monero

>BTFO coiners
>sips coffee
fucking alpha

It hasn't though, euromutt. Dollars is the safest currency on the Market.

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damn, ya got me good

I listened to that jackass yesterday. He went in with an agenda that all crypto is used as currency for illicit means. He kept interrupting people when they tried to discuss the concept of coins/tokens as gas or fuel for blockchain.

The man comes off as an asshole.

This fucker has to have the most punchable face ive seen in a long time.
Damn is this kike ugly

> oy vey crypto is evil you filthy goys. Dollars never funded drugs or terrorists.

they use cash because there is no trail.
here's the video i'll find the time where he says it....

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go to 1:33: in video.


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his twitter is wrecked, good job boys
dont let up now

Buy bitcoin

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a jew from california
Proudly serving California's San Fernando Valley in the U.S. Congress.
oy vey

He right tho

yea explain to me how you track terrorist funding source and money movement done in cash transactions.

crypto is for antisemites

It really isn't a coincidence, is it?
I can't believe I ended up a jew hating holocaust disbeliever.

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Lefties would just cheer him on and the media would hold him as a true patriot, spread a picture of him with the american flag if you want him gone.

Fuckin ugly kike jew cock sucker

La Creatura, pls

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Nice fake info euromutt. What's wrong? Don't have any real news sites?

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Crypto is a giant waste of electricity and precious metals for hardware..

the usd is a giant military funding ponzi scheme

this guy has the most typical jew face i've ever seen.



nevermind the fact that there was a jew on the coinbase team arguing against him

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mr. sherman is creepy as fuck

As a drug dealer I agree. I'm not taking fiat anymore because crypto is easier to launder, hide and grows in value.

yea its shameful
crypto will be related to white power antisemitism next
unless some medical shitcoin takes off
its hard to argue against that use case
or to combat conterfeit wares

bitcoin is for antisemites
blockchain is the future tho

What does the term controlled opposition mean to you?

we definitely need to verify kikes on the blockchain. should've never done away with the yellow badge

It's always the Jews.

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it means you are probably retarded if you believe it

Centralized, premined, shitpaper IS the mechanism for fraud. Crypto just aint big enough. Infinite rehypothecation (naked shorting) fractional reserves, totally black overnight interest rate arbitrage loops, money laundering, ARE the cullulose of the husk of the economy which the gold standard built.

>Sherman was born in Monterey Park, the son of Lane and Maurice Hyman Sherman. His parents were both of Russian Jewish descent.

Every fucking time.

They're easily identifiable by their obvious lies, unending greed, balding scalps and evil ways. When the time comes they can be rounded up again.

I haven't even mentioned their most obvious morphological feature, many kikes are also unnatural looking mutts.

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