Best way to kill yourself?

I’m not gonna do it, just curious what the general consensus is for the best, easiest, least painful, most enjoyable way to off yourself is.

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Check out r9k for inspiration. But dont off yourself.

lurk r9k faggot

Jump off the balcony. No way you can fuck it up, you just let gravity do the rest.

I said I’m not going to

Fuck /r9k/ wizchan is where it's at if you want to talk about suicide.

Odds of surviving and being crippled are too high.

Don't do it but inert gas bag is the most successful/least painful way to go. Personally if I was gonna do it id wanna go out in a blaze of glory and scar as many people as possible. So Id off myself in a public plaza or something.

ask someone who has done it a few times so they know the best way.

how high is your balcony? second floor? find a bridge nigger

go all in on BCH

Fuck off to r9k you attentionwhore

No matter the height, you always run the risk of a botched attempt, or something breaking your fall

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I’m not going to do it, just curious

probably with a kel-tec shotgun

Helium tank. Apparently you have to get the Chinese helium though because some helium places cut it with just enough oxygen to not let you an hero. The Chinese stuff is closer to 100%

You won't feel like you're suffocating because you can still expel carbon dioxide. Buildup of co2 is what gives you the "I can't breathe" sensation in your brain. At the same time you aren't taking in any oxygen so you die.

Get drunk as shit some place really cold and fall asleep

prove me wrong, go to a twelve story building over concrete and do a swan dive. live stream it for authenticity. if you survive, i'll pay your hospital bills and personally nurse you back to tip top condition.

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read this article and have fun. My favorite is the pinata.

>Blaze of glory
Yeah a public explosion of autism is so glorious

Also helium tank + face mask. Don't jump off something.

Easy, just jump out of a plane with no parachute. Your death will come quick and you'll have fun on the way down

Face mask too? Or just let the tank leak in a closed room

>Not using the superior exit mask method

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Vote Democrat or a leftist political party. You will become dead inside.

nitrogen exit bag

You're out of the loop. Some kid on /r9k/ blew his brains out on camera last night.

Autoeroticasphixiation. Find some cool thai hookers.

Inject a pint of heroin.

OD, easy, you just nod off in warmth and have a pleasant opiate dream until the void takes you

Capped? Link?

I don't have a link for it

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I'm not out of the loop at all. OP asked for simple, easy methods and I provided him a link to a thread where people talk about nothing but how to kill themselves. What does some retarded little twink blowing his brains out with a shotgun have to do with anything?

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>shotgun to the head
>1.7 minutes

For the organs to completely shut down I suppose

Ventured to r9k to find this
it's 40 minutes long I don't know where he blasts off

Do what r9k did.

Sleeping pills

>Least painful
Gun in mouth

>Most enjoyable
Heroin OD

Don't be a faggot now

Maybe you should. At least give it a thought

No, you retard, whether you OD on opiates or a benzo/alcohol combo or any sort of downer you're going to have an extremely painful death. The adrenaline will overpower the nod or sedative affects but your nervous system will be too slow to keep you breathing. You'll most likely suffocate half conscious or drown in vomit, if you're lucky you'll go straight into a coma and die quickly but even on massive doses you might wake up in hospital weeks later. Terrible way to go. Nitrogen is the best way to go, hanging is pretty quick too.

use a gun like everyone else you pussy

What about trains?

nitrous tank in a sealed room

Why not use nitrous oxide instead and get high while dieing?

rent hotel room, eat tons of sleeping pills and put a plastic bag on your head while you fall asleep forever

how about the old classic of cutting your major arteries and dozing off in a nice hot bath?

too painful.. i think gas and sleep is most relaxing.

This sounds good to me OP

what's so painful, aside from the cutting part? its not painful to slowly bleed out, I think. also you would want to take sleeping pills too, so you doze off in the bath quickly. however if they dont find your body for a few days, literally ewwwww, you'll be buried in a Hefty bag.

>What's so painful about slicing open your arteries to bleed to death?

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exactly... cringing and twisting just thinking about it..

get a mask, get some NOS or helium and have a nice, relaxing sleep... nothing cowardly about it, no mess, just nice peaceful DEATH.