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I've been invested for over a year. I'm only up 2x and still want to kill myself

I never believed in crypto even though I've been here for years. I just wanted to raise the hype so that I could dump it at a high price.

Due to greed I missed the boat and had to sell yesterday at 80% loss since ATH. Still made ~130k but I am still feeling miserable about it.

I'm getting really scared of the tax man
I don't want to sell my VEN Strength X node to pay my tax

i am unironically starting to like nujak

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I've lost 17k and i want to sell so fucking bad but I keep saying "it can't go lower" but then it does

This is the worst one yet

I'm the dude in the picture from yesterday. I'm sorry biz. I thought you guys would like it

kys immediately


I sucked cock for crypto


I sold

too stupid and stubborn to sell

know its going down, finally clicked in my mind this week when I realized how many of the top 100 coins were literal fucking shitcoins, shit like IOTA/XRP/TRX actual scam coins and not even cryptos mooned fucking hard

it was all so obvious in hindsight, we were in a supper massive bubble that was ready to pop any second. I wish I learned earlier how crypto actually works and how 99% of coins are scams or clones

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im happy with my life inside and outside of crypto. I have found a nice balance of work, crypto, and relationships. I'm ok holding through this bear market because i know that there is adoption happening outside of the normies buying their $50 on coinbase. govts are having multiple hearings on crypto for nothing. large companies like nvidia and samsung arent expanding their contributions to the space for nothing. im grateful to be here and have my core holdings with a little stack to day trade while waiting for institutional, corporate and asian money to flow back into this party.

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>**govts arent having multiple hearings on crypto for nothing.

it's COINfess
how new are you?

I don't understand what the difference is between coins and tokens or why they have value
I found an old wallet with 100k doge, which is i think like $400 so i looked what coins are shilled most on biz and exachanged them for JRT and Link because i was too lazy to do my own research
wish me luck

I finally decided to get into crypto last month. Little did I know that it takes an entire bull run for your identity and bank to get approved, and a whole bear market for your funds to go through.

yesterday i sold req for link
i'm down 20% instead of only 5%