I'm here for the job interview

I'm here for the job interview.

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What an absolute soyboy faggot

>white male
We’ll be in touch.

>bald patch
out with you
learn2grow hair piece of shit

He'll be inheriting mom and dad's house in SoCal - he's a millionaire already. GG, no re.

>look at him, he's so ugly and weird
>nobody would want to talk to that weirdo
Are we talking about OP's image, or anons?

Balding is a sign of high testosterone, soyboi. Real men go bald like nature intended. Sorry youre an xx person.

Ahhhhh pre crypto threads. I miss em

And some people say white people don't have culture!

Just buy yourself some fin and minoxidil. Cured my balding. Me with hair gets 5x the amount of female attention as bald me.

Being bald when you have a choice is a fucking meme. Everyone prefers men with hair, don't be delusional.

When I had hair I looked like fucking MacGyver no matter how I tended my hair. Bald, and I'm a Bruce Willis according to some girls.

Yeah I think some guys look batter. What would Vin Diesel look like with hair? Probably like a massive tool.

Does that faggot look like he has high test? Look at the balding beta skinny/fat fuckers at your school do they look like they have high test?

Balding is also a symptom of LOW test but nobody ever mentions that, do you think those propecia tablets target testosterone and lower it or something? It's DHT which is a different thing despite his name.

The only people losing their hair from high test are those juiced up body builders.

Unironically why? Why do you want all those holes in your face? How does this nigga drink a glass of water without those plugs in?

What happens when it sneezes?


If he was applying for a job in Portland he might be okay

not a Larp my dad actually wrote a book on balding since he was balding at 22. He prevented it by using DHT blockers, drinking green tea and saw palmetto tablets. Also he meditates doing headstands minutes twice a day. It's supposed to force blood into the galia membrane to get protein to the hair follicle. He's 61 with a full head of hair.

>being so cucked he cares what degenerate cock-extenders think of his appearance. must be americuck
but i'm not fake gynocentric cuck... also can rip your fake hair and your weak faget pussy-worshipping balls any time. where is your god now faget?

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so your dad is retarded and you ended up trading crypto. it's all in the family


What a shithole that place has become.

Probably has an anarchy symbol on his forearm and works for Kroger. Them mixed messages always get you the end...

fucking lol

Whatever. So many hot nude BBWs riding their bikes through the Hollywood District, flashing their giant bushes and blue hair. Stop being jealous, yo'.

high DHT, which in orangutan colonies is found in the lower status members who must undergo constant stress. you can have high test and have low DHT, this is seen in the high status monkeys who sit around all day and yet still get all the females and resources. it's a lot like the human world

>so should I start Monday boss?

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>The state of white "people"

Female attention doesn't matter if your dick don't work.

Infinite keks


Soy yo, tu hombre El Ducho. quando costa por la noche?

>professional brapposter after twenty years of sniffing

>Making gigantic extra holes in your nose for increased air intake efficiency.

>He's gonna make it.

Just for your information only 10% have side effects and of the people experiencing side effects only 30% have erection problems.

I have had 0 side effects and you don't hear people talking about it online if they don't have side effects so you're biased to think that they will cause side effects since you only hear bad things about it.

Test causes baldness, but not in the way people imply: it's not that your body has too much test, it's that your body can't properly handle the test it has; you're basically allergic to testosterone, hence limpwristed faggots like Maoriaboo in the OP/soyboys in general losing all their hair

man i really dont understand this. the tattoos dont even look good, they look like random shitty clip art.

how tf does this faggot blow his nose

>be a massive retard
>have no personality
>start balding
>still want to look cool/seem interesting

pretty simple really

With so many fucking holes he's only 65% here.

whatever makes you feel better bud

That's a Reddit meme, male pattern baldness is just a genetic weakness. The people who are "manliest" then are Mediterraneans and North Africans and the least masculine in Europe are Russians. The least balding nations in the world are Japan and Papua New Guinea.

imagine being this fucking mad about losing your hair

writing a book about it? really? is this what he spends his time doing?


>Least masculine

Look I'm half English half Polish but are you fucking insane?

>he actually believes this

I am a genetically superior, fully haired male and I am without a doubt high test.

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>said every random NEET without posting proofs

If you experience side effects would it be too late at that point or could you stop taking it and your dick would go back to normal?

Is it so incomprehensible to you that not everyone in the world is a balding beta faggot?

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afaik there was only one case of a guy who said fin gave him permanent erection loss; it's possible he had some kind of accident and is just trying to get in on some sweet lawsuit money

There ARE people that claim that their erection is gone but only 2% of people that stopped due to erectile dysfunction have said this.

Men in the general population also have around 2% erectile dysfunction so that makes me believe like they would have it anyway and just coincidentally developed it while on the medicine. Anyway don't be afraid the chances are very low and stopping taking it will 98% fix it.

And again only 10% of people have side effects in the first place.

I see you have a lot of gayges, sir. Do you have a gayged asshole too by any chance?

>being this scared little NEET bitch
wow so this is what genecologycally superior 4chinner is like. i bet you are an overweight midget

why did he write "god&mom" on his forehead in hebrew

yes just jump in the back and will start your interview

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