The IMF is smoking crack

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund says transactions on bitcoin and ethereum are impossible to trace and therefore a vehicle for terrorism funding and money laundering.

This is the bullshit theyre trying to push to stay in control.
Day of the rope when?

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>she wants to use blackchain to track blockchain

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>and she wants to use that blockchain without the underlying asset that even moves it

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She's right

yeah but there's only terrorism because kikes like her meddling in everyone's affairs

But she's right :^) bitcoin is driven incomprehensible cyvermancy, I tried reading it once but it's not in American so it's impossible to understand where the money went..

Common core everyone

Shes right you know

I cant wait for the moment when technology gets adoption going to a point where people finally understand the advantage of public blockchain to create a more inclusive /decentralized/meritocratic economy.

This is when shit will hit the fan and blood will run in the streets. Its gonna be fun anons.

Will you join the fight?

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Lagarde is the very reason why people hate on europe institutions.
Those euro burocrats kikes should be fucking exterminated.

IMF was created to weaken emerging economies in post soviet era in order to sway them towards free market economy prevent another USSR from happening

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Wrong. It was created to help defaulting countries out of misery. Stop spraying bullshit

first they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

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>Not understanding how these organizations are used for profit and control of power. The post

>m-muh Rothschilds
Keep believing in conspiracy theories, serves you right


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Of course, its maintaining the basic necessities of society to function. Youre all well-fed kids living in the best period of mankind, your complaints are pretty weak desu


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Wow, whos the brainlet here


Did she mention there’s nothing they can do about it?

If she'd only used ETH:

Christine Lagarde in court over €400m payout to French tycoon
IMF chief goes on trial accused of negligence after approving Bernard Tapie settlement as France’s finance minister

Christine Lagarde avoids jail, keeps job after guilty verdict in negligence trial
Judges opt not to give any punishment to head of International Monetary Fund, who was given support of IMF board after the verdict

>Shills shilling shills
>Pissing is a sea of piss

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>Israel along with Saudi, Qataris, Clinton supported ISIS and Al Queda to destroy Syria/Libya.. aka the only countries that werent enslaved to the IMF at the time
>Kike from the IMF has the audacity to talk about terrorism
Gas them all. Serious question biz, when did you realize that Hitler was right about most things even if his solutions were a bit extreme? When did you realize that it wasn’t a coincidence anymore?

Shut up.

>not everything is muh jooz

You should read and watch documentaries about economic hitmen and then come back to this thread when you’ve spent time outside of plebbit watching vice documentaries about donkey fucking.

>Israel, Saudi, Qataris, Clinton, ISIS, Al Queda, and the IMF all blamed
>You only get butthurt that muh jooz were mentioned.
Gee, I wonder why?

U are rite...

I hate when pol fags like you deliberately type faggoty plebbit shit with that spacing for a (You). 2/10 made me reply.

what a lovely lizard pendent on her coat. and the dude in the background legit looks like a fucking vampire

I mean i don't disagree. But this whole gas em all is just silly.

I'm well up for a purge of the system. It doesn't have to be a racist which hunt.

The guilty are the guilty and they know it. The issue is voting normies giving concent every 5 mins.

Its easy to say anyone who voted is complicit.

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I'd re read that if i were u lad. I think you have me all wrong.

more like they're easier to trace day by day and the full transaction histories are out in the open permanently for continued analysis by AI. to me, this flat out seems like some kind of strategy to deal with monero. there's no way they actually want to ban bitcoin because its too "untraceable" they just want enough people to think it is so that they dont switch to monero. if monero became the number 1 coin they would REALLY be fucked

>even if his solutions were a bit extreme?
Fuck off mate he dindunuffin wrong.

Fuck off

Muh Authorities, Muh centralised institutions, Muh Economic theories


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good goy, sell your evil bitcoins for (((fiat)))

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Ancap faggot, you should be thankful for how much society has given to you instead of bitching about centralization

more like 'first they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you're in prison receiving diesel therapy for 20 years while jamal fucks your wife under the new inclusive multicultural baby law for the creation of new social democrats'

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I don't believe the jew conspiracy, but the IMF definitely has a strong and sinister political element

crypto is not for you. go, play with your government sanctioned plastic playing blocks.

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just look at her face you can tell she's retarded... why do they even let old people discuss new tech!?

You do realize that cryptos are gonna end badly, right?

so does their rigged game. we all will hang.

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Extortion and slavery are necessary for society to function? Fucking brainless slave.

Oy vey goyim, you don't love your slavery? Always with the kvetching

21000 equilibrium is a good thing you idiot.
you shoud be kept far from anything of importance.

are you too autistic to understand image communication? go back to wherever you dusty old farts congregate to jerk each other off to the thoughts of 3% profit per year.

Yeah, they sure helped out Jamaica, didn't they? It's not like Jamaica's economy is fucked until the end of time because of IMF.

Ive watched economic hitmen it was good. The money masters is really good too I recommend it.

Uhh, bobsled much?

That cat is out of the bag, there's no scenario where criminals and terrorists don't use the blockchain for their activities. A criminal does not need bitcoin to be worth 20k$.

So banning it would not stop those activities, it would stop the non criminals.