I need to make $300 in cash by the end of the month...

I need to make $300 in cash by the end of the month. I'm trying to find a job but I live in a 3rd world country with an unemployment problem and most places won't take me because I'm a college student.

Crypto failed me and I won't even be able to cash out what I have in time, suggestions?

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why 300$?

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I need to pay the debt I have with my college from last month, if I don't pay it until March 31st they'll lock up my registration until 2019

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What country OP?


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yo i wanto to move to brazil
how are meployment options in languages= german/english/poertuguese here

If you're north american or wester european and already have something lined up, than you'll do just fine. People over here tend to suck dick to white 1st worlders.

if i dont have anything lined up but want to go over as a freelancer, how big yould you say is the demand for language professionals?

Pretty huge, even for basic english a lot of people that i know who say they speak english can't hold up a proper conversation in english.

And nobody knows german except for people who've lived in germany or live in the south with german heritage. There are a few companies that deal with german suppliers that will hire you just for knowing the language, you don't even need a college degree.

What fucking companies user?

I know english, spanish and german and I'm a brazilian fag too but I can't find a job where I live.

You realize they don't speak Spanish in Brazil right?

freenlance teachers make shit money unless you got connections and shiet and become a private tutor.

I paid my college bills by teaching math, physics and english to highschool faggots.

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you can probably make that on mechanical turk if you do it 24 hours straight for the next 15 days

I'm brazilian you moron... I fucking know how to speak portuguese

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