Bought the dip

Anyone wanna get in this with me?

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I'll get on board

I am also in... shorting neo

See you in Lamboland, friend.

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Im in

you caught the falling knife to unironically $10

I bought 2 at 110 thinking that was the bottom. Then bought 1 more at 85 to cut my losses. Now its fucking 75 and I dont give a shit im not buying more.

>not buying when it’s sub 40

Wtf are you doing? Sub $40 eom just like anons said 2 weeks ago. You’re an idiot.

I bought when it dipped to $130, fuck my life in the ass

I came so close to buying a fucking ton at ~$105

no because the casper prodigy said neo is a shit coin

I just realized I have no fucking clue where the bottom is.

$55-50 and I thought i'd start buying.
I don't know anymore, if the trend reverses for a day or two I still might. I think it will breach ATH eventually but i'm not catching this falling knife.

I bought about 25 when it was $70 and don't regret it. If I had more fiat I would buy more along with other things. All the fud lately as well as the crash is just making this a good buying opportunity. Anyone who thinks Neo is done long term is a fucking moron.

I agree with you, Neo is a good product to bet on.

neo fud is exactly that. it corrected hard yeah but so did a lot of other solid products. billions left the market in this bear market but neo will be primed to make moves up once the money starts flowing back in. who knows when that will be tho. im not selling my neo tho

Lol deluded af

uh oh. master market reader alert. sell everything cuz this guy knows where the market is going.

thats why youre shitposting on Veeky Forums from your yacht in the caymans right? youve got the whole market pegged and already made your millions? fuck off.

I've been with NEO since it (ANS) was $0.45.
I've cashed out about 50% because I'm not a delusional fanboy and I still get GAS. Don't misunderstand, the project has potential but it's far from solid.

I never bought antshares because I thought the logo looked fucking retarded
1 week before I bought some Bitbean just for the keks.

>the project has potential but it's far from solid

this applies to all of crypto, m9. and neo isnt my only holding so im not stressing it. especially since ive more than doubled since my entry.

the majority of the market is wrecked atm but when btc recovers, i think neo will follow suit

NEO is a worthless coin when you realize it can't generate unlimited GAS

Smart guy.


Just to reiterate: Neo sub $40 EOM, screen cap this shit just like two weeks ago.

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it might. im not saying it wont. youre talking in definitives when you have no clue either. you might be right, might be wrong. this is how i know youre full of shit. no one knows

Bought 400 antshares. Traded my way up to 900 neo at some point. Only 40 left sold fucking everything.

Let me tell you this bucko. Neo is vaporware. Only ark is going to make it.

i closed my short. Where's your target?