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>drops another 500$

This could actually turn the tide, barring a complete failure

Literally inferior tech.

1 - sounds like bullshit
2 - LN is shit

Will be really useful when bitcoin is at $2k and blocks are half empty.

Yeah! Centralisation and KYC FTW!


>see this tweet
>fomo kicks in, rush to check current price to see if it's mooning
>bitcoin dropped another 300$
it was pretty funny

I thought it was already on the mainnet

>Releases LN at a point where fees are literal cents
>you have to pay dozens times more to open a channel

This announcement is just dumb.

noone cares sorry

Did he have to add those fuckins astronauts and a rocket? That's so fucking cringeworthy holy fuck.
Fuck this community.

It looks like the little rally earlier today was caused by rumors leaking, and now people are selling the news. I do think though some large entities are trying to push the price down. All this obvious clear as day intentional astroturfing FUD you see on this board and elsewhere is also part of the effort naturally. ((They)) think they can win against the laws of economics and the future of money by their little market manipulation games.

Lightning Network comprehensively and irrevocably BTFO by based Rick Reacts. I can already taste the bcore cuck tears.

You're definitely a fucking retard. Bet you can't even explain in depth about lightning. Kill yourself retard.

>LN on mainnet
>Beta for developers only

good ti see the cashies triggering so hard in this thread. fuckin' A... LMAO.

alpha. this is beta.
Alpha caused people to lose all their money

>FAS reacts
Absolute state of cashies


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Who is this joke ?

literally who

it's been live on mainet for over a month now. there have literally been like 100+ nodes running that shit on the mainnet and it's been fucking up left and right and losing money. also it's only so far been adopted by some obscure sanfran coffee shops and pizza parlors.

lightning network is a scam, do some research

Noticed they used a white woman and black man emojis. I SMELL KIKERY!!

any videos of the shops?


Does anyone who is shilling LN even use it? Do you know how to?

still won't work well with 1mb blocks.
remember the original LN whitepaper said they needed at least 133mb blocks to have a decent margin.

also it's centralized trash

The tweet that saved crypto

i use for shitposting


that's asian woman emoji, whites btfo

>f-fuck niggers :'(

>Rick Reacts

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Fucking this.

This would have been great 5-6 months ago when all of that fresh, normie money was pouring in and the network was so congested that people were looking at $20+ fees. Releasing it now, after the crash, and at a time when the trading volume is so low that it's completely unnecessary is just pointless.

People bought on the rumors this morning, but they're going to sell on this news. The people in this community are trying to crash this shit

Corekeks confirmed only 2017 retard newfags

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Rick Reacts will fuck you up, faggot.

Come at me

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support big banks you faggt

make your own channel then

Of course the astronauts have to be a woman and a nigger, when White males did all that.

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Oyyyyy vey!

it will cause it to drop even more.

no such thing as good news in a bear market

Buy the rumor sell the news, we're about to take a dive. Maybe a fake pump first but then a selloff, same thing happened when cme were launched

that nigger cosmonaut is actually a pajeet

You say potato and I say potato

Too late. The damage is already done.
Bitcoin Core jews killed crypto.
Fucking piece of shit.

Too bad all the major merchants already dropped corecoin


Lol the market is telling you how much they give a fuck about LN. We've been telling you no one wants this banker shit and now the complete non-response (actually dropped) from the BTC price should drive it home to you.

>let me just pay 70 dollars to open a channel with a business to do transactions with then when im done il pay another 70 dollars to close it. Then wait 2 days for it to confirm
Sounds too good to be true senpai

it's only in beta

im thinking that everyone will open channels with their cities big channel instead and deposit money into it maybe once a year

>no one wants instant transactions without fees

Corecucks are this deluded, I really can't tell if it is parody or not

when it drops, bitcoin will only do worse, sadly.
pick two random nodes, then realize, in order to transact there must be enough money on each hop of the route.
>yfw everything routes through central nodes which possibly can't have enough outgoing money to work.

There are lots of other cryptos that fit the bill and don't require me fucking around with some settlement layer bank middleman. Peer to peer, do you speak it?

it will be done automatically by your wallet without any work.
Did you really think it would be complicated with the BEST development team in ALL of crypto?

ok now I know you are trolling

bcash doesn't even get developed. They just forked and were done with it. Why would anyone buy that?

The Discord Pump group that is unstoppable,,,

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

On the top right of this post there is an arrow, click on it and select "report post", thanks.

The group is full of scammers

great so now this shitcoin is officially dead?

Why do they still bother? Do they honestly think people will care about btc if it crashes?

sry I meant this:

why does everyone always ignore my post?
I'm giving you a way to prove for yourself LN will never work.

What? It recently got Cash Shuffle (CoinJoin 2.0) and in May they are reinstating like two dozen OpCodes. They are also releasing Oblivious Transfers in May which will put the privacy of Bitcoin Cash on par with Monero, ZCash, and ZCoin.

We will see if it works when they release. The math doesn't seem to work out so Lightning seems impossible. But let's wait and see.

let me help you understand

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You are an idiot thats why no one is answering. Imagine a forum for car experts and someone comes in and says "look I can prove your cars won't drive" and then posts some dump shit while everyone's already driving around in their car

Because you're retarded.

Bullshit. no one in here even uses LN.
I bet you can't transfer more than $50 over 2 hops without opening a new channel.


Also: at a price of 0.02$ / GB you would have to spend 3.471.336 $ on hard drives to run a note.
If you would be able to download 1GB / second you would spend 5.5 years downloading 1 year of blockchain.

This is the total state of bcash fags.

>You are an idiot thats why no one is answering. Imagine a forum for car experts and someone comes in and says "look I can prove your cars won't drive" and then posts some dump shit while everyone's already driving around in their car
The Bitcoin developers have even said that if the transaction has more than one hop they start running into problems. I would bet the final version is hub and spoke (and therefore controllable through the hub nodes).

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again the only response has no substance.
Prove it.
If you can manage to send $10000 using a route that requires 6 hops I will send you 1 BTC

>crying about bcash while core keeps dropping 500$ a day

why isn't bcash mooning then? Remember when it used to do that?

>I bet

it's extremely vulnerable to DOS attacks too. Since all the tx's must go through about 10 central nodes, just DDOS those 10 nodes and the entire network grinds to a halt.
Take me up on my challenge? you stand to make 1 BTC for free.

Send $10000 using a route that requires 6 hops and I'll give you 1 BTC. you don't have to give me anything if you lose.

You're just showing what a useless stupid braintlet you are. A 5min Google search shows a lot of solutions, f.e.:

My thesis was about a routing algo in an edge directed digraph. Hows your MC Donalds job doing?

we're not talking about "muh routing problem" brainlet.
We're talking about the elephant in the room no one talks about

use testnet, retard

>Send $10000 using a route that requires 6 hops and I'll give you 1 BTC. you don't have to give me anything if you lose.
The whole point of LN is to use it for small txs. Transaction costs are 0.1% when you pay 10$ to transact 10k onchain. But when you pay a Coffe for 2.5$ its crap. Anything above 2k should be transacted onchain anyway.

>use testnet, a forum where no one has to put up real money and there is infinite bitcoin.
You must perform on mainnet, where bitcoin are scarce under real conditions.

Ok then I'll give you $100 in BTC if you can send $100 over a route requiring 6 hops.

$100 is a small transaction, right?

they won't be scarce when it's usable though...
Completely pointless experiment

gee pointless, you could make $10,000 right now yet it's "pointless".

cognative dissonance, eh? or you just hate staying poor?

>Ok then I'll give you $100 in BTC if you can send $100 over a route requiring 6 hops.
You dont search a route by hand, thats not how it works you absolut imbecile.

bcashies are scammers

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.
LN is death to crypto.

brainlets, please.
I can see thee network.
Set up a channel with two edge nodes that are far apart from each other.
That way I know the only way the transfer could have worked was if it went through at least 6 hops, i can see the shortest path myself.

are you babies going to make me step it through for you on how to do it?

There's a jew at the head of blockstream who is on video saying users should use tabs. Blockstream is financed by Digital Currency Group which has the same chairman as the FED. They have also taken money from Mastercard. Bitcoin has gotten slower and more expensive to transfer as well as have removed the ability to do zero-conf transfers which destroys "buy a coffe" with bitcoin functionality as well as lots of other "positive" features since blockstream took over the keys to the repo. /r/bitcoin is more tightly controlled than north-korea. All the original devs support bitcoin cash...

Yet... People still defend bitcoin. It's amazing really.

you would save a couple dollar if you used tabs with bitcoin cash transactions too... Crypto is trash

Stop huffing paint.

bcash roger ver bitmain jihan

Irrelevant, I have the choice between slower transactions that are more anonymous or faster transactions with a bank middleman, guess what I'll take the slower one.
>B-But you don't have to use LN
Yeah, I don't have to use bitcoin at all, I'll stick with something 10x as fast as BTC is if you opt out of LN.