What is this lesson here? Never try?

What is this lesson here? Never try?

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man up

just be yourself

If it's too good to be true, it is.

Ah nice, good advice.

This isn't true, though.

There is no lesson, just like how life is meaningless, even eternity comes to an end

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but it was true for early adopters....

Wow, nice one! Really insightful!

Improvize, adapt and overcome

it was true you just had to sell

man what up?

The lesson is, HODL HODL HODL

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Know your role and shut your mouth


Stop whining.
Stop blaming the world for your problems.
It's not Jews/Niggers/Muslims/SJWs/Socialists or whatever the fuck the next scapegoat it. All your misfortunes has been due to your own lackings.

Now that you realize this get up from the ground and start turning around your life. Hit the gym, teach yourself a skill. Stay social and try to hang out with people outdoors more and everything will be okay.

when the next chance arises, dont fud out
Link 1k eoy

You didn't try. Trying involves an attempt to produce something of value. All you did was give money to scammers over the Internet

Am I the only one to buy more ?

Man myself? You mean like jerk off? What the hell are you on about with all the rest of that shit?

stop being a fucking pussy and hold

trying and failing is in many cases worst than not trying at all

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fuck you

Be fearless, seize the moment, go with the flow and don't try fight the universe, have patience.

I'm sorry, I just fucking despise people who play the victim all the time

i siphon energy off of the tears and despair that crypto cucks are giving

Learn to not look at 5 minute graphs but zoom way out and see the bubble and then the bubble inside the bubble that just popped.

trying? What did you try at? People who actually tried in this market did worse than people who are fucking retarded. People that bought shit like ripple, IOTA and TRX made some of the biggest gains.

idiot, you're going to have to learn something about this world that you have not yet realized

who were the people who bought ripple/iota/tron before they pumped? Before the retard normies fomod in? Once you realize who and why they did it you'll make it in life financially. But you won't be "successful", you'll be wasting time but earning money.

early adopters didn't see it as too good to be true. it took bitcoin a long long time to rise to where we are now. also one large bubble already happened (~100 - ~1000 and back down). this is the second one.


If it's too good to be true, it is.

To delete blockfolio

The lesson here is that luck is everything. Those who bought early profited greatly. Nobody fucking knew how much it'll take off and those that were in the right place at the right time reaped the rewards of being lucky.


the lesson is to buy at least three months before ATH

You guys really think that the biggest ecosystems in crypto are done? That cryptos will not be used in the future? I mean, 99% of the crap out there is doind down the toilet, but you sure didn't invest in those, did you?

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If you're at the top of the pyramid, congratulations. But for every early adopter who cashed out 1 million you need 100 guys who invested $10k and lost.

What a fucking sperg. Lmao eat shit loser.

the lesson is if you went all in and lost you were at the bottom of the food chain and fell short and that's fine. if you put in an amount you less than 100% you were never going to make it because you didn't have to balls to risk it all to make it. Only once you truly risk it all or your life is when u truly make it.