Who here buying this juicy, juicy dip?

Who here buying this juicy, juicy dip?

Retards panic selling over buttcorn price movement, losing sight of the imminent mainnet launch. Top kek.

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>Buying French tech.
>Also owns shares in the Maginot Line.

The delusion of Reqdit fanboys. Peter Popoff couldn't work a scam as well as these Frogs...

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should crack .50 cents at main net, hopefully, which is in LESS THAN 15 days. anyone not buying heavy rockets under .20 cents is a fucking brainlet.

>he doesn't know

Are you retarded? French fags are smart as fuck. French-canadians are some of the smartest fuckers I've met. iExec RLC is full of phD frenchies and they're creating some great tech. Keep buying chink shitcoins, kek.

Who's selling? The only volume on binance are bots washing through the btc and eth pairs.

>Thinks a Citroen Duck is a Lambo...

If you think it'a going to pump at main net, you guys are downright retarded. Remember icx?

Req will have its own time for sure, but it ain't gonna save your ass this month.

i sold this for link
why did i do that

>thinking mainnet launch is gonna cause a pump instead of a dump
>when literally every other mainnet release caused a dump
>thinking this time will be different

Mainnet is already priced in, user, you can even argue it's one of the reasons that it's currently dumping.

It will pump when 2 things start happening
1. partnerships get announced (which is happening in Q1)
2. it starts seeing real world use (which is also happening in Q1/Q2)
So yeah, right now IS the time to buy

The difference is that REQ told us that they have a big partnership with a billion dollar company that they will announce AFTER mainnet. So people will probably hold through mainnet to wait for that partnership announcement. I however don't expect it to pump.

>big partnership with a billion dollar company
Do you have a source for this? I only read that there is one partnership that will definitely be announced in Q1. Nothing about the significance of the partnership

a Lambo...

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It was said that the partnership was gotten through their YCombinator connection and that it was a big business. Could be payment option on AirBnB or if we're extremely lucky Request Network is the architecture behind the coinbase button.


It doesn't mention anything about ycomb or the size of the business though

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I'll buy (more) when it hits 13 cents.

I have 2800 now.

I have 3k to put in this shitcoin next week, but only if the mainnet is announced tomorrow, because that means the price will probably pump and dump over the weekend.

I’m going to wait till after mainnet to see what happens. I’m already set with my bags with 123,666 REQ, so either way I’m happy if it goes up.

If it dumps, I have 1.5 more eth to put in.

Same here. If it drops I'm putting in fiat and sell my other holdings to go all in into REQ as it's one of the only genuine projects in crypto.

I think user was talking about that, combined with the hint here, that “There should be outcomes in the near future from our collaboration.”

It just seems logical that YComb would open the door for them to speak with their other companies.

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I have 20K REQ... will i make it?

35k here, wondering same