If anyone was here for digibyte, this was chainlinks "citi" moment...

If anyone was here for digibyte, this was chainlinks "citi" moment. Even Jonny from linkpool is saying smart contracts are 3-5 years away. Pivotal tracker says they're at least a year away from turning the main net on, they haven't started writing the contracts, Sergey is no longer doing conferences.

Hate to say it but this is over. Coins have one shot, like assblaster said sergey had one chance getting the code out there, but evidently it didn't get enough traction and there smart contracts are just not far along in adoption and interest for chainlink to matter much.

Let's all move on to something else and forget about this mistake.

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>smart contracts are 3-5 years away
>being depressed each of your LINKs will be worth $600 in 5 years from now

You people have terminal illness or something?

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>smart contracts are 3-5 years away
smart contracts on ethereum run normally from quite a while
rephrase what you wrote as it is pure gibberish

I was in Chainlink presale, so I didn't lose any money, but this project taught me one of my biggest lessons ever in my five years in crypto. That is, never fall in love with projects, and above all, INVEST IN STRONG TEAMS. A two-man team (of which half in this case is a fat, useless, Big Mac eating retard) was NEVER going to pull this off. If almost any other team in crypto were running this project, this would already be a top 40 coin at least.

Should have been obvious right from the start, but lesson learned. Dump your bags while you still can anons.

Whenever I read through these threads I always Ctrl+F Big Mac so I can see which posts are obvious posts that I can skip over.

>going down with the ship
Hey look on the bright side, at least you have SIBOS 2019 to look forward to, kek

I learned to just invest in alts in accumulation, and until further notice these bullshit fundamentals people think they know about dont matter. I dont hold bags, Ive been making money the last month and a half while people have been losing like crazy. Why? Because I dont believe in speculative FA. Worst meme in crypto is FA.


Link marines stay strong

Haha, Chainlink IS like DGB 2.0.
Thanks for reminding me OP. Time to laugh at Linkies again.

>Chainlink IS like DGB 2.0.
With the difference that it didn't went x130.

Feels good dropping bags.
Bought in at 0,70 sold at 0,40 and reinvested into something that will actually boom later this year

Link might go down to $0.02 first though

Of course.
Too bad linkies didn't have their time to shine. Hell, DGB was a top 10 coin at one point.

Nice, you bought high and sold low.

Copypasta and fud. Link is still the best project out there. Go take a nap, fudders

Wait what? You guys rly believe its dead?Dafuq

Actually yes

No, people are just fudding either because they want it to dip a bit further or they just like to fud.

You're right, but this won't stop the cult members from daily delusional posts

Sounds like DGB retardation earlier last year. Go back in the archive and read DGB threads around there, you'll get the same exact delusion.
Might shine some light on your situation.

hey faggot. how about you wait 12 months before you become a millionaire? ever think about that? whats so fucking difficult.

I remember DGB, I also remember buying eth at $6 and I'm all in Link now

Fundamentals between DGB and Link are VASTLY different.

Digibyte is yet another blockchain tech claiming to be better in some way than bitcoin.

Link is the market leader for a new product (decentralized oracles), that will itself lead to new products (smart contracts using external data)

Comparisons are invalid

Best FUD yet. Impressive.

How about that 2 team member thing that sounds kinda tru if u think about it

Pretty much all full altcoin implementations are years away.
Yet they're doing very well, while Chainlink is back on its way to the 100th rank.

Face it, it doesn't matter if Chainlink is good or bad, it's damaged goods and will never moon like so many others did, regardless of how incredible its partnerships and use cases become.

Yeah must feel real good to lose money...

Google, Microsoft, Apple, ... all started by two-man teams.
Amazon trumps them all and was started by one guy.

Don't be dumb.

I'll be holding my 90k Link until I'm a multimillionaire.

I know it will come, but I don't know when.

Could be this year or 3 years from now, but I will be laughing my ass off at the retards that sold Link below $10.

Here's some more golden autism for the archives.
Keep 'em coming. I'm sure you'll be posting about how right you are 10 years from now when Chainlink gets pushed sideways for an eternity.

I fell for the fucking meme, even dogecoin is doing better than LINK. This coin is a joke, sergey is a joke. This project doesn’t announce anything because IT HAS NOTHING TO ANNOUNCE.

No partnerships, no roadmap, no new developments. Fuck this shitcoin and everyone who shilled it.

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There's no doubt that Chainlink has one of the very biggest use cases, the very best industry exposure and connections, and the most ethical team (eschewing empty hype etc.).

But none of that matters, Chainlink got burnt at some point, and now nobody will touch it anymore.

I'm convinced that Swift could announce full Chainlink implementation tomorrow, and the price would barely crack $1.

>I am certain there will never be a competing product that will ever challenge ChainLink. It's literally impossible.

There are a bunch of mutual competitors among the top cryptos.
Having competition doesn't mean you can't soar.

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It sounds good on paper user
I'll give it that
But.... that is on paper
This crypto market is dead for the time being, and even if it was alive Link was never.... that coin if you will
I was going to buy the dip, but at this point i think i'm gonna cancel my buy orders
Since that conference was an absolute fail

what do you mean "in accumulation"?

Someone should really make a Veeky Forums indicator for TA.
>buy when FUD on Veeky Forums is high
>sell when FOMO on Veeky Forums is high

>No partnerships
They're still developing, major partnerships right now would make very little sense.

>no roadmap
Only thing that matters is the release of the main net, the timing of which depends on many factors.
If you want a flashy feelgood list of whimsical """milestones""" that read like a new age chakra index, go check out OMG's """roadmap""" lmao.

>no new developments
Alpha release last month.
6 weeks ahead of deadline.

Nothing has changed except the price, which is due to the entire market going bearish.

The fundamentals have actually gotten better, the team is getting bigger and they're constantly updating their github.

If you think smart contracts will be big, Link will be big

We told you autists yesterday that if you show up to SXSW and anger Sergey he will market dump his link. And what do you do? Take a picture with him with a fucking biz sign.

That's sucks user, donate your linkies to others before going to Vojakhalla

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>They're still developing, major partnerships right now would make very little sense.

AKA they have nothing to show and no official partnerships. I don’t care if they are “in talks” that means nothing. I realize now the chainlink presentation picture with Swift was the equivalent of the OMG skateboard.

The team released alpha which barely sparked interest and mainnet beta/production could be years away. We know nothing as of now, the only reason to hold is blind hope that they announce something in the next year which we both know they won’t do.

Game over, the memes were fun but, that’s all they ever were.

>AKA they have nothing to show and no official partnerships
Startups that are still developing don't typically have many official partnerships.
Chainlink does have a few notable ones, though.

And the word "partnership" is a crypto meme.
Chainlink is a decentralized project, it has users. Not "partners" as such.

>I don’t care if they are “in talks” that means nothing
Yet many cryptos out there like to flaunt their "in talks with" as partnerships.
Chainlink doesn't do that, which is a very good thing.

>I realize now the chainlink presentation picture with Swift was the equivalent of the OMG skateboard.
That's because you're an idiot.

What's so fucking difficult? Jeez, I don't know. Maybe believing that I will get rich in 1 year when everything points in the opposite direction?

Reminder that there is literally a "ChainLink Investment Fund" with at least 2.5 million.

Also even if you want to sell, selling in a bear market is retarded

That has nothing to do with the Chainlink token.

hahaha are you crying because you weren't there and another user got a picture with the serg?

nothing has changed and the conference wasn't a complete fail, what the fuck are you even talking about?
Just because it didn't go as YOU expected it haha
You're such a puss

They have an official partnership with Zeppelin OS which is an OS geared solely to individuals making smart contracts. They are still in the early phase but manage billions worth every day. They will be using Link as the SOLE PROVIDER OF EXTERNAL DATA TO THEIR CONTRACTS. That's just one of their confirmed official partnerships. Req will be using Chainlink, after Oraclize went down many companies were looking at Chainlink, the head of the fucking IMF mentioned SmartContract.com personally. That's not a partnership but it's pretty fucking big.

What happened:

>Veeky Forums is full of pathetic children who thought some panel discussion was a huge event
>They hyped it up like it was a massive thing
>They got mad after it was nothing
>BTC is shitting itself so that made everything worse for Link
>The devs are busy on git with the mainnet so there's really not much else to do
>The price literally means nothing at this point is all just speculation

Stop being ADHD crybabies lmao.

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I'm afraid you didn't do your research

Look through the archives and the conclusion drawn back when we discussed it

I was there when this "news" came out. It has nothing at all to do with the token.

hm.... put it like this
Link will never, ever pass its all time high again
The market may get another pump sure, but that thing that happened in 2017
That's not happening again, you have to be a complete fucking moron to think the market is getting pumped that hard again
And the only way the coin that no one knows about will get pumped that hard again is when this market forms a bubble
I'm buying some coins that have devs that can really shill, and has massive hype
I want money

>tfw holding 30k link and comfy because I never planned to sell before a year anyways cause I don't want to pay short term taxes.

Feels good knowing I'm gonna be rich one day.

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Don't invest in women. Inflation is coming for most of them.

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Same here actually.
My country taxes 0% if you invest "prudently"; i.e. long-term hodling (over 1 year) and no speculative trading.

Literally has the word crypto
Capitalizes L in ChainLink
Investors are involved in tech sector

There was a lot more, can't find atm because phone posting

Damn, here in the states it's like 15% after a year holding.

Probably 25% if I make millions though.

partnerships don't mean shit and half assed announcements of "maybe partnerships" hurt any project more than they do good

Nothing to do with the token.

They named it chainlink, yet denied any involvement with the token. If they had copied the name of the token, they wouldn't be coy about it.

They just chose that name because it's a common and cool name that refers to blockCHAIN.

>They are still in the early phase but manage billions worth every day. They will be using Link as the SOLE PROVIDER OF EXTERNAL DATA TO THEIR CONTRACTS.

This is all inaccurate. 99% of zeppelin OS's billions are contracts representing scam tokens and overpriced vapor ware that represents far less fiat than the market caps of the coins. No serious legacy finance companies are writing smart contracts with the public ethereum blockchain.

Chainlink will be the DEFAULT oracle not the exclusive one. Oraclize will remain by far the cheapest option with api calls costing only 1c a piece compared to chainlink which will be several times more expensive.

Request MIGHT use chainlink and it itself might fail to become big which is very possible.

Klaus Schwaub has a one line throwaway about it in his book because his ghost writer was lazy and literally typed "smartcontract.com" into the address bar, there is otherwise no indication he knows or cares about chainlink.

Chainlink is like any other token. It will probably fail.

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>yet denied any involvement with the token
show me where they denied it

>denied any involvement

I'm gonna need proof for that

ChainLink is "not" a common name referring to blockchain, wtf are you talking about

People of the chainlink fund visited Sergeys Linkedin page repeatedly

Why have a fund that invests in Link but denies that it invests in Link? That makes no sense. If they denied investing in Link, then they likely are telling the truth.

Everyone ITT sounds like a bunch of broken souls
The fundamentals have not changed. It was due for a dump after this conference, nothing besides a docusign partnership could have prevented that.

NONE of us even heard what they said in the panel due to lack of streams.

Link will dump to .28 as that is the whale target. No need to cry and whimper. This was always a hold until mainnet and beyond.

Have you wanted 10K link? If it dumps to .10 you can get it for just $1000! Look at the bright side. No need to grumble like a jaded roastie.

someone called and they denied it.

How retarded do you have to be to believe that someone would name their hedge fund after the literal product name.

There are at least two other blockchain related entities with the name chainlink and chainlink crypto fund makes three. Chainlink Research and Chainlink some blockchain identity company. It's just a word you faggots.

All of this is going to be handled on chain by EOS without fees

>the serg
I feel physical pain from this cringe

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chainlink will bleed hard for months but thats good
i can buy more cheap

um, yeah. i do.

I'm searching through the archives, but this was a while ago.
Feel free to get in touch with them and ask.

And there is no way someone would create an investment fund for a specific token without coming right out in support of said token.
Yet they haven't uttered a word.

"Chainlink" is just a cool-sounding word that relates to block"chain".

Glad that you guys are being a bit more serious again and with less memes. Most of those who have done well on the big bears believe in the tech but you have to learn to adapt. If you really consider yourself an investor in a market you have to learn to adapt.

Gets more complex than pic related but general idea.

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nope, OracleChain is basically a chainlink clone on EOS because EOS does not have oracles natively either.

Reddit is even pissed now because the official Chainlink subreddit just copied the theme from the Linktrader subreddit.

I'll look through it myself.

Feeling great love when there's a bloodbath it feels good to see my port -34k I can't wait to add to my stack to move up in the wallet rankings. My goal is to be in top 100 wallets. Honestly if Sergey would just move on and everyone abandon ship it would make my life easier. I'd accumulate link even if the project was completely over

Reminder that:

- Microsoft Bletchley will likely use ChainLink: reddit.com/r/LINKTrader/comments/7ve3kb/my_research_on_the_bletchley_cryplets_and_why_i/

- There is a Tesla developer working on autopilot maps for Tesla whose contributed to ChainLink source code

Also what is IMO the most important factor, zepplinOS using LINK as its default oracle service

Screen capped to show others after you KYS in 2 years.

Thanks user, sometimes the FUD almost gets me

>survived the FUD for another day
I need to stop coming here

I'll be expecting your post in 2 years user :^)
You better have it
>mfw Link is 35cents in 2 years
Let's hope you are right though

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You are a faggot. I don't even own link.