How much LINK do I need to get a girlfriend like this?

How much LINK do I need to get a girlfriend like this?

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Bestiality is legal in your nation?

Fucking disgusting

you look like a broke motherfucker, here take some 80% bonus coins:

one watermelon

200k and wait 2 or 3 years

Damn, Serlesbyan looks like THIS???

More every week

You don't need any. Just "spit some game" at her and she'll let you make her a single mother probably that very night.

IMplying she isn’t one already


I use to post in /pol/ and kind of get it.

Now anything /pol/ just looks mental. Like the ravings of a dumb old man at a family party. Opinions no one asked for and no one cares about being spouted ad nauseam.

Only once dad takes that fucker back to the home the party can finally start and you can invite friends over who won't think your grandad is a cunt.

Get the fuck back. We don't like refugees - just like you.

in which country can you find girls like these?

Kike detected


0.00476 LINK

>dont agree with me, must be a kike.

Sure buddy.

nope shes not wearing a burqua

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I'm officially done with link. No NiggerLoving here. NiggerChains.

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no im from europe i never see black girls actually

Can't c face

bout three fiddy

every minute more and more