Have you bought yours yet?

For when those bags are just to heavy to carry on.

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I'd jump off the burj khalifa or w.e. the fuck its called

Here's the link to "that" video

Actually no fuck that. I mean I'd skydive and just not pull the chute

It is just an expensive 12 gauge shotgun.

id take out as big of a loan as i could and go tour the world before an heroing, maybe then I'd want to live

A Run helps too - it's fucked up thinking that leads to suicide in most cases.

why does it look so much like that top smg from fo2

There's a story about some dude that was going to kill himself and he went to Mexico ended up doing a bunch of cocaine and hookers and decided he wanted to live

How is it not classified as "sawed off"
Also, this gun looks badass. I want one now thanks to that faggot. Talk about guerilla advertising right?


No, because I'm a leaf. I'll either jump off a building or get run over by a train. I'm not sure what else is free and painless.

Most people who survive suicide attempts ends up wanting to live. Except if you and up as a vegetable of c.

>hookers and cocaine cure depression
best timeline

how fucking poor are you by now?

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you wouldn't.
at that point the depression won't let you even get out of your jammy's let alone out the door

thanks bought an antivirus

steady diet of hookers keeps the depression away.

Almost looks too cool to use

Works great though

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nice TARP

Fuck man

what are they doing with the fire extinguishers when hiding it? replacing them with camo ones? covering them with a blanket?

seriously why put up a tarp for an heroing?

you can see it in his eyes. there was no more life long before the decision fell.
chronic depression is literal hell.

i watched it. i should not have.

>linklet starter kit

do we know yet who the person was that discovered him? i read it was not his mom.

story behind this?

Why didn't he take some pills?

His face turned into spaghetti sauce D:

there is no lasting cure for chronic depression and the pills like SSRI totally fuck up your brain chemistry.
and not even in the good way.

if you have chronic depression you simply lost big in life.

He lived with his mom? What a fag lol

I heard some guy shot himself in the head because he lived with his mom.

>future linkies

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I took those and wish I killed myself instead.

Some people don't realize how badly a narcissistic mom can fuck them up. Even if they're hard working and provide you with everything you need, they're usually always emotionally unavailable and this will take its toll on you in the long run. Also, if you turn out gay forget about it. They're also very homophobic and they make it all about them being disappointed. My mom is like this and that's why I've never been happier since I got away from her after college.


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Good question. Answer is they can't really hide it at all.

can we ban those who glorifying admin here before I ask Steve from FBI department to fucking shut down /biz forever ?

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Have you considered not being a fucking faggot, you degenerate disease factory?

I hate my mother, shes mentally ill, my dad died when i was 12, he was never present though, my mother has been drinking since i was 6, probably even before dont remember, im 26 now, still living with her in a tiny appartment, its hell, i think she hates me, she wants me to fail, she likes it when i am sad, she keeps me as a pet in the house, when we had a dog she would treat the dog better.. i hate her. some days i think about killing her and then pulling an hero.

you're a faggot ass bitch. kys

fucking nigger

Why the fuck are you still living with her at 26? Go get a job and get a room someplace. I'm not saving as much money as I was when I lived with my mom but I'm way happier and more productive not having to put up with her shit anymore, and i will have a good job soon. Trust me its worth it. She will never respect you unless she sees that you don't need her at all. It's the only way.

Before resorting to kys you can try leaving? Seriously.
Let her keep her dog. Everyone knows dog moms are trash.
Just go and if you haven't been to school yet you can start and get financial aid to give you survive bucks while you sort yourself out and can handle working and being in the world and everything. It'll take time and effort, but it's better than kys.

I understand, what about smoking weed?
Did you try it or does it exxaggerate the depression?

lol its a tiered building so you'd just land on some rich arab's balcony

Keltec ksg I picked one up for 650 bux usd. Holds 22 12 gauge shorty rounds. Sexy
And its a bullpup so the barrel is the same length its just hidden in the gun

Or.you can start working out or running. Weed is for degenerates and working out helps you feel good. An inner, real good rather than some extrinsic bandaid bullshit just masking your symptoms.
Working out can be a bandaid cope too but at least being fit and healthy will do you better than relying on some spic herb.

i read that pot bears the risk of psychosis when one is genetically predisposed to psychological illness. and thats the case with depression.

to be honest i dont want a psychosis.

im white brainlet, actually my mothers family is full of smart people, idk why shes like that, her dad was a ww2 vet, who worked for howard hughes aircraft, he worked on the electronics used in missiles, he worked on the first satellite launched by the us, he would regularly go to the pentagon, he died working on his own car.. my mother moved to europe and met my dad...

thats what i am trying to do, where i live its hard to find a job and rents are very high, she doenst help me even if she has a decent salary, 100k euro bank account plus all the money she inherited from her dad-

>im white
>he [my dad] was never present though

I thought I remember reading that was shrooms. I don't know. It's not like it matters. Drugs are bad anyway. Find something better.

Someone in another thread said it was fake, but that doesn't look fake to me.

What if you do both?
I unironically believe weed is extremely harmful if your brain isn't developed but when it finally is what's wrong with it?
I'm not depressive so I don't know what it does, but I smoke from time to time. I never felt that happy about a glass of cold soda before and it alters the perception of music.
I also drink alcohol but I always feel like I poisoned myself the next day.
Good luck anyways!

Who's that whiny voice?

Your brain is literally drugs.

Caffeine is a drug. Nicotine is a drug. Alcohol is a drug. Dopamine is a drug.

I'm not saying you should go start shooting meth and heroin, but disregarding psychedelics is doing yourself a serious disservice. Unless you have a predisposition for schizophrenia or other severe mental illness, where making waves could throw you overboard, it could change your life. It certainly changed mine. Cured me of my narcissism (to some degree, anyhow). At least made me painfully aware of it.

even white people do that, its very rare, infact i was the only one during elemtary, middleschool highschool, to have that situation. it really sucks.. i also would do drugs in the past, i stopped cus i cant afford them, not even weed...

Start school. Pick SOMEWHERE CHEAP. My schools were like 1500 then 2700 per semester. Financial aid will give you enough money to get through it and students loans are cheap enough to give you a little extra if you have a good idea but DONT GO NUTS WITH DEBT.
Since rent is expensive you can buy some car to sleep in while you're in school like a van or suburban.


Not real fake.

why was youre dad never around? was he working for the military or did he do?
when he was present, how was he?

You are right, it can trigger schizophrenia / psychosis. I'm pretty sure it doesn't do it if you use it rarely and I am sure you will be able to read the warning signs long before it happens but that's just me.
I smoked when I was younger and it fucked up my brain, didn't do it for years and now do it occasionally and it really feels like something completely different now.
I think it's about brain stability: if you are young and your neurons are still developing mind-altering stuff can be overwhelming.

Everyone's crypto tanked so much that no one here can afford to buy one

Also found this: archive.fo/6v5LR

Explains the backstory a bit.

Kel-tec makes fun and interesting range toys. If you want a serious HD shotgun, you get a mossberg 590a1 or a benelli M4, depending how deep your pockets are. Everything else is a half measure.

It's still a bandaid. It's too passive. It is an easy temporary fix and chasing fleeting easy things like that can do more harm to you than the harm.of inhaling smoke or whatever else. It's bad for character. If you can keep advancing while doing it it might not be such a big deal.