Heard a sad story today

Heard a sad story today

>guy at work meets girl at work
>they start hanging out after work
>he thinks she likes him
>he buys her clothes and jewlery before they ever even kiss
>she takes advantage of this
>she uses him for groceries, clothes, shoes. he buys her everything
>they "date" for 1 year like this
>she lets him kiss her but they never have sex
>all this time she is banging other guys
>one day he cries and begs her to have sex
>she says no
>they "breakup" ie he stopped buying her things
>she blocks him on instagram
>she starts dating guy and they have sex
>he cries again
>2 years later he forgives her
>whenever she gets busy at work she asks him for help and he does
>he still holds out hope

Who was in the wrong here

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You for beeing a retard. And your crush for beeing a whore

>desperate guys need to do some research to make up for not having experience
>women are obviously aware and use guys when theyre able to, see stevie steves wife who drained his entire savings then divorced him, common enough to be a pattern

The man is a cuck and the woman is a whore.

They are both in the wrong.

Don’t lie. You’re the guy, aren’t you, OP.

him for being a faggot and her for being an absolute hoe

also post some BRAP next time faggot

no but I have a crush on the girl and when I heard this I have mixed feelings about her now. but hey at least he kissed her and squeezed those boobies which I have yet to do desu


Wrong in what sense?

He was dumb, she was smart. Nobody was "wrong", really.

it was the fathers fault
he should gave him a pat in the fucking head

OP is pathetic. His portfolio is probably 99% LINK, 1% TRX

You are in the wrong for wasting your time with her

>>he buys her clothes
the poor girl was working naked all that time?
the fuck even is this dungeons and dragons bullshit?

i dont understand how guys let themselves get absolutely played like this.

no fucking way am i buying ANYONE clothes, groceries, and luxuries unless its a random one off gift.

You're in the wrong board, cuck. Try r9k.

If a guy buys groceries for a woman just once, and they haven't already done the sex then there's little no chance it's going to happen. What self-respecting male would think 'If I pay for her washing-up tabs and bin liners she'll be on her knees with my cock in her mouth in seconds'

this is some kind of mental illness right ? seek help user.. seriously

How can anyone be such a cuck

Only in a huge cucks larping larp

Get aids nigger faggot OP

both, moreso the guy for being a fucking retard

hookup with sidepiece this week. ask how her weekend was. says she met a nice single dad that took her on a date. i kek to myself as i proceed to fuck her and then not talk to her until she texts me next week just to hookup again.

I think the problem with the so-called beta males and cucks is that they simply don’t understand what women are. They aren’t magical divine angels or the princesses you heard about in stories growing up. They are slightly less hairy Apes. They like to shove food in their faces, have as much wealth as they can, and yes- get dick in theirs mouths and vaginas as much as possible. It doesn’t make the female sex bad... we are all animals.. but don’t approach them as if they are some sort of magical species. I’ll lie to them and tell them they are species and I love them as a form of aphrodisiac, but any sane man should know there is no value in romantic love. Get money, fuck bitches.

Oh my god the most beta behaviour I've ever heard that little bitch to stop fapping to porn and go to the gym

Dis nigga knows. Took me a long time to realise this but women literally do not know what true love is, so don't waste it on them. In fact women don't know what they want full stop.

>mixed feelings
Mixed feelings? Mixed? What type of behavior would clear it up for you?

We aren’t animals you dumb nigger
We have consciousness which what separates us from animals.
Your excusing female hypergamy and financial abuse is the sure fire sign of a ledditor atheist cuck faggot.

That's why you never date coworkers

You are such a fucking idiot. I bet you believe in the fairy tales mummy and daddy told you about the desert people

*tips fedora*

Look at your reddit spacing you literal cocksucker
I bet you believe nigger science guy that the universe came from nothing
Stupid dumbass prick

>We aren’t animals you dumb nigger

Well we are actually. Homo sapiens are primates, nearly %99 genetically identical to chimps.

To think we are somehow superior and -for the purpose of this argument- that women are somehow superior to screeching, shit throwing, lice infected monkeys, is just setting yourself up for a world of disappointment.

Then what are we? Plants? Or stones?
Oh wait, I forgot, we are so special, hurr durr, we are so different, dare I say individual. We are all made of stardust.

Also the guy is a fucking faggot.

I would pray for your immortal souls but I know unrepentant homosexuals like yourselves will burn hell

Aren't we also like 80% genetically identical to plants? Hey I have an idea. Let's actually make an effort to distinguish ourselves from chimps. Let's hold ourselves up to a higher standard than creatures who are just smart enough to know how to masturbate in public.

Lol I thought we were made in god’s image

Corrupted by sin my lust filled heathen friend.

He was.

go back

>Hey I have an idea. Let's actually make an effort to distinguish ourselves from chimps. Let's hold ourselves up to a higher standard than creatures who are just smart enough to know how to masturbate in public.

Why? I mean, that’s where all the pain comes from- trying to be something we are not. I used to get soooo mad when I’d fall for a girl and think she was the world and then get crushed when I found out she fucked the la crosse team in college, was secretly married, only wanted money etc etc. I’m 36 now and have best sex life I could ever hope for because I expect NOTHING from women but good sex and an ego boost. I could care less about their past of futures. I just enjoy the animals they are and how they satisfy my bilological desire to get a nut and feel like an alpha chimp.

wish i was bought with a vagina
money would be so easy to acquire


The guy’s in the wrong.

Imagine if a really ugly girl would buy you shit all the time, buy you food, video games, pay for all your hobbies. But you have no interest in sleeping with her, she only wants a kiss now and then.

And then when you call it off, you start dating an attractive chick.

Does that make you a jerk? Kind of. But you’re maximizing your gain here, in a ruthless way maybe, but it’s very human.

People are jerks. So are winners. You all complain about roasties but it’s not like they’re fundamentally different in motivation from some asshole businessman who exploits other people to get rich. This is a business and finance board, we should commend that sort of behavior. The dude was a beta, I don’t pity him. He should have known better, instead he was taken advantage of because he’s a loser.

You sound like absolute trash
No wonder all you find are whores
Enjoy hell, fornicator

He means mixed feelings as he thinks he’s alpha enough she wouldn’t do the same to him but he hates she did that to some other cuck like that.

He was wrong.
In fact in the story he is the slut, the "commitment slut".
You should never spend money and effort on a woman that doesn't reward you with sex (unless it's a family member ofc).

if she knew what he wanted or even alluded to that, she's in the wrong by using him. If she's dumb enough to think that he was genuinely nice, then she's absolved.

Dated 3 last year. Never had any issues. It does require a bit of strategy, but since this is a marketing company, both the in and outflow is huge. The previous 2 got fired soon after our break up anyway.

Did he tell you the story or did she?

This guy is an idiot...
Never give anything to a woman who is not having sex with you.

>I have a crush on the girl
Having a crush is for beta males.
Just fuck and dump her. Don't be a loser like the protagonist of your story.

Wtf has this got do with business and finance
go back to r/relationship

I would do the same if I was a girl

classic succubus user, see her for the demon roastie she is. it would end EXACTLY the same with you.

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Is a guy wrong for having sex with a girl and not marrying her when she didn't even ask for it?

If he knew she wanted to marry him and he led her on only to have sex with her, he's in the wrong.

>If he knew she wanted to marry him and he led her on only to have sex with her, he's in the wrong.

I told what turned into a long term girlfriend up front I would never get married on the 2nd date. We dated for 3 years till she broke up with me for this reason. Was I wrong?

If the girl doesn't want to have sex then there's a pretty good chance she doesn't want to date you. OP or friend should forgive themselves for being a turd, take ownership & not let it happen to them again.

Women fucking guys they know they can't marry & men being "friends" with girls they know they can't fuck are both ways of "flirting" with telling yourself you can have what you know you can't.

No, you were up front with her, so it's on her for continuing the relationship.

Is anyone still making crypto gains in here?

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I would smash and dash maybe.
What the girl did is pretty fucked though. Even If I was confident that I am alpha enough where she wouldnt try to do this shit to me it would be very offputting.

If a person can be manipulated like the guy that obviously isn't a good trait .

I'm pretty sure you already know the answer to your question OP though.

If you get with the girl you will be doing it knowing that she is a bad person. People aren't perfect and will take advantage of others but there are plenty of girls out there that have never and will never do something like what you have described.

The dude probably needs a therapist or some external help to change his line of thinking if hes in that deep. I would consider what the girl is doing to be abuse.

If you have abilities that are valuable you can win without being a jerk. If you need to fuck people over to come out on top than you probably aren't producing much of value regardless of whether you come out ahead.

You might have to run an exit scam ICO while another guy can secure funding for his blockchain project without an ico + bring a good product to market.

I don't blame you if have to be the guy running the exit scam, some peopel are born really stuipid but I definitely wouldnt glorify it.

In OP's situation if the chick was more self actualized there would be no need to scam a guy she has no interest in.

with that mentality you would be bought

You for posting this in biz you dumb faggot. Sage

Grow up faggot. There is no hell.

Hell is very real, and it's reading Veeky Forums over and over waiting for the quality of discourse to improve slightly higher than the standard of a band of monkeys flinging feces at each other and screaming.

I still come back for more though, because what if that one time Veeky Forums gives good advice and I listen to it and it makes me rich.

Flinging feces. Every single thread.

It's just the wordy equivalent of monkey poo.

I would honestly rather be on /pol/ right now, and I'm Jewish.

you're attracted to shit bro. get one to know one

Get in on BAX it's on Idex. There you can leave biz now.

You're the human equivalent of monkey poo. The ovens are too good for you.

These OP

>believing in hell

topkek where does it say that there is heaven or hell for Jews?

I miss /Pol/ but I'm less full of hate now.

double spacing was around long before plebbit and the internet user so stop using that busted up "arguement" of plebbit spacing you look stupid and everyone knows you're stupid for using it

I had a mate of mine of was the opposite of this. He met a cave troll one night when he was drunk,and he went back to her place to fuck,he didn't leave for about 6-7 months. He used to just lie about her flat wanking off and watching daytime TV all day ,while she was at work,then she used to come home and cook,clean etc,and in return all he did was screw her once a month. He really was one of the laziest people I ever met.