Hashgraph Public Ledger

How come no one here is talking about this shit?
Parent company Swirlds just announced the official development of a public ledger based on their Hashgraph protocol. Looks like really interesting project. They make some very large claims, but if they can follow through, this has massive potential. Any thoughts?


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premined scam, you can't buy the coins as investment

>They make some very large claims, but if they can follow through...
Yeah which is unlikely. Number of limitations in security/implementing

such as?

they haven't released ICO info yet. So far you can only sign up an account and submit your level/reason of interest.

No one is talking about it because the only people left on this board are pajeets, you and me basically. You posted this, I read it, and the pajeets go about their business of gettign paid peanuts for shilling some random whale's shitcoins.
A depressing board this has become, indeed ...

I have it on my whiteboard fyi
They don't want plebs involved at this point

and yet, from what I've read/watched this is significant and almost all sentiment is positive, and is a public release of a technology founded by private company that has already implemented their tech with numerous clients and partners.
only thing that bothers me is the private nature of the company behind it and the hush-hush nature, but that's understandable somewhat if you have some seriously revolutionary tech and you want to reach a certain stage of development before public deployment.

yeah, I also have it on my radar but would like to see them release figures and goals for ICO instead of just having you submit requests and your level of interest and them filtering through that. I am not an accredited investor but don't think that rule is really enforced from what I've read, but I still don't have enough money to put in to attract their interest, would only be putting in a few thousand of my small portfolio so if they are only looking for serious interests, I'll be swept under the rug

Eth can and will do all this gay shit-Wala-dalla-blockchain7.0-biz-bang-boom crap.

>1 rupee has been deposited into your smart contract

>confirmed 100k transactions per second
>yeah, nah

Veeky Forums knows about this and talked about this before.
It's not open source as I recall so it going completely against what crypto are standing for

got me a hashgraph developer job hehe

the public ledger will have it's source code viewable. The explicit reason for not allowing everyone do random shit to the codebase is that they don't want forks.

the real reason is that the creator of hashgraph poured his heart and soul into making thos work.

>by Lemon Beard
can't trust a guy with a name like that

>2/3 of tokens go to permissioned, trusted entities running the network
>1/5 sold in a private presale already
>scraps left to accredited investors they can handpick
>they don't want to let anyone fork it
It's a piece of shit.

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no one talks about this because /biz is now a literal shithole full of idiots who think they are "smart money" while all they do is listen to fucking pajeet "insider" shillers with tripcods

hashgraph is the evolution of the blockchain who will make most of the vaporware obsolete
they even justed ibms hyperledger in a competition for banking systems
xrp xml and all that shit the bagholders here are holding will vanish in the not so far future
because its literally dos compared to hashgraph
maybe they are also too afraid to think about the implications for their shitcoins
but i think they are just stupid

shut up, Lemon

and thats exactly the reason it will gain adoption instead of your shitcoinprojects run by scammers, potheads and punks
sorry you are too poor to get in early, but this is the way it works

have fun with your chucky cheese tokens
they were expensive enough

Bitcoin is ran by scammers, potheads and punks? Do you understand what this shit was built for to begin with?

It's not comparable to a permissionless, trustless ledger. It's in the realm of Hyperledger, cRipple and other garbage.

i'm not talking about btc, no reason to get butthurt
btc will survive nonetheless, for various reasons
i'm talking about all the erc-20 shit that is out there
most of it will vanish
you know this
we both do

Yeah sure, they're the modern-day Worldcoins and BBQcoins, latest wave of shitcoins.

sorry crypto is a scam, enjoy your bags

thanks for pointing that out, it makes sense, especially when you look at the way Lemon describes the interconnected private/public ledgers.

The notion of erc20 tokens creating native currencies for closed ecosystems always bothered me. just the fact that in order to use the distributed cloud computing network platform I need to buy/mine/use their tokens, and in order to use the distributed internet hosting platform I had to buy/mine/use their separate tokens, and in order to use the decentralized social network platform I had to buy/mine/use their separate tokens etc etc, and only be able to exchange these with traditional exchanges or the new wave of decentralized exchanges that can do any for any exchange.
the ability to connect these separate systems and move natively between them is a huge advantage and a nice step forward.
of course I dislike the private company aspect and the closed source system, but their reasons/explanations do make sense,

also, I'd love to invest in both hyperledger projects and hyperleder's major competitors, why put all my eggs in one basket?