What are we gonna see from tomorrow's update? Not even caring about the price while buttcoin bleeds to death. This has to be one of the best projects in crypto. Who hodling strong?

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Thanks just sold 100k.

I'm holding it but I have lost hope to be honest.

I'm holding because if I sell and it turns out to become successful in a couple of years I'll kill myself.

Been holding since .04. Update will probably not affect the price at all, so neither pump nor dump. If the market doesn’t switch up soon, and it likely won’t, we can expect to see a dump once mainnet releases. Lot of faggots who still think a mainnet release will pump REQ in this bear market will dump, dump, dump.

20k REQ here, will hold til lambo

Waiting for a dump, if no news, dump, if mainnet release, dump, because every single mainnet launch caused a dump.

It's not gonna pump until we get out of this bear market and Q2/Q3.

I am all in holding 50k REQ. Comfy as hell. Remember why you bought REQ in the first place. This will go parabolic when the time is right...

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I've been trading req/coss based on price ratios but I'm all holed up at this point with about 120k req (and 45k coss) and won't sell even if everything goes to pennies. Anyone who has been following req knows this is the crypto that will eventually return to 1$ and then 10$ and so on. In the meantime though it's impossible to predict prices

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But user, they are already pennies

I hope it goes to .10 so i can get closer to 10k. 6K poorfag

True. But I haven't sold either

120k REQ. God, I get so jelly of anyone over 100k ;_;

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Remember. .05 by summer. .01 by September 28 2018.

You have a lot of time on your hands fag plz r9k yourself

Remember. .05 by summer. .01 by September 28 2018.

Sure user, sure. The only people that actually think that are people that bought REQ at ATH or salty OMG holders with their $2 billion skateboard vaporware.

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6k here too user, we will see $100 EoY and who knows 2019

$100 by 2020 is even fine for me i dont need 1mil to make it i just want to buy up some houses

>Market goes up, REQ goes down.
>Market goes down, REQ goes down

How fucking delusional are you faggots? I bought REQ and sold just before $1 and told people they should sell at $1 or a little after because it was going to crash.

Bad team, whitepaper is a simplified joke, and they have literally nothing to show for themselves. They mysteriously had a project finished ahead of schedule and posted it the moment the coin had a random hypetrain and there has been nothing sense.

If you can't see that they are going to take your money and run then you are a complete brainlet.

Being the something of something means you'll be nothing and you're using references to make people impulse buy who are too stupid to actually think about the practicality of your product.

mainnet launch will be end of march
tomorrow we will see another partnership i think

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The sad thing is that people on here will read this, take it seriously and sell. The absolute state..

Biz has been spreading FUD on REQ for at least 3 months now, and if I've learned anything on biz, it's to do the opposite of what you retards say. So I've been holding until now, going to double my stack once we see some green again.

I sincerely hope they do. Clears my conscience, I predicted the crash back in December and I was telling people like crazy to sell because there is nowhere but down from there.

Remember this post before you kill yourself and know some people want to do good.

No, you didn't sell near 1$ retard.

Thanks for your contribution to the thread Mystic Meg.

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Like the same thing you assholes did to ETH? Eth didn't hype anything for the moon kitties (teenagers) and then it kept bleeding and bleeding but then one day they were rewarded

Don't take my advice and weep at your annihilation come September 28.

You were warned.

Not sure what the fuck you're going on about. I bought ETH when it was $7 a pop.

rumor is that a possible partnership with revoult is in the works

look it up

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>weep at your annihilation
>implying I invest any serious sums in crypto
>implying majority of my holdings aren't in stocks

Where did you hear this user?

>implying .00 on a particular stake isn't annihilation of that stake.

What a fucking faggot, Holy shit

You're welcome.

>implying it'll actually hit .00
>as in actually disappearing
>2 weeks before mainnet
>actually writing "weep at your annihilation" and expecting anyone to take you seriously
How's life bud, can I help with anything?

oh no. this is shit

What is this September FUD? What is this 5 cents by Summer and one cent by September bullshit

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>Own stock and never heard the expression sell the news buy the rumor.

By your own fucking logic REQ should be green right now. If you think the price is going to go up when mainnet goes live then your more delusional than you think.

EVERYONE'S MAINNET IS GOING LIVE THIS SPRING. REQ has nothing special that is separating itself from the market.

Mark my words:
Market will go up, REQ will go down.
Market will go down, REQ will go down.

Remember. .05 by summer. .01 by September 28 2018.

Based on your brilliant reasoning I can only assume the rest of your portfolio is filled with similar shit from shit logic.

See you homeless on the streets, space cowboy.

Dra'nakyuek is posting from the ID XZdUQGOs
Dra'nakyuek is posting from the ID XZdUQGOs
Dra'nakyuek is posting from the ID XZdUQGOs
Dra'nakyuek is posting from the ID XZdUQGOs

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please don't i sold it yesterday

people like you are better off killing them selves, you would do the world a great favor

Haha you're actually retarded. How can you become this emotional over a cryptocurrency that you supposedly don't even own? You have issues.

I haven't said anything about it going up, I simply called you out on REQ not hitting .00 after mainnet release, which should be obvious to any rational human being. You're the one spewing shit about stuff you know nothing about. I don't think REQ will rise drastically after mainnet, however I don't think it'll dump either. Crypto is illogical and doesn't follow the same principles as stocks, you should know that. REQ has the potential to eventually become huge, and if not, who cares? It won't make or break me.

Get out of this thread, you're embarrassing yourself.

You are an idiot. REQ is the beginning of the dethronement of BTC. Once REQ pairs and ties Fiat to all alts no one has to buy eth or BTC first. They just go on the REQ app and buy the altcoin of their choice.

>The absolute state of brainlets

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Yeah, ain't got shit to say now nigga


Can please try and fud this right here? --->>.

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Oh you mean like an exchange but for your phone? Like some sort of decentralized exchange? You mean like the dozen or so that already exist? Check out waves you fucking brainlet.

They've had a phone app for MONTHS.

It's like you don't even take the time to research alternatives.

Glad to see REQ Hodlers around. Current market is just the Business Insider and CNBC Tradernormies getting out of Shitcoin. The Concept of Crypto is as solid and futuristic as it always was. Problem is that we are still to attached to Bitcoin. The sky will clear sooner or later.

exactly 100k in my portfolio, all-in. trust me, it's not as fun as you think. :-(

I would rather be all in with 100k rather than my 50k

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There's nothing that does what REQ does. Req is a platform not an app YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING IDIOT.

Fucking brainlet garbage.

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I was using your own fucking words you absolute fucking retard. Waves is a platform as well. It's called waves platform.

What a fucking faggot, holy shit.

You didn't even read your fucking "platforms" things. Waves is a multiple currency WALLET. Not an EXCHANGE, not a currency CONVERTER, not an accounting or smart contracts platform. All waves is, is a multiple currency WALLET. Waves would be a great partner for REQ, req allows purchases of anything and waves will let you store anything.

There I shilled for you. Happy now?

So buy wavves is what youre sayin

Nah but Krios isnt looking too bad

Waves is a wallet and only a WALLET. But what's cool is it a wallet for any currency. The smartest thing waves could do is partner with REQ. Req can seamlessly convert, buy, and sell, any currency but there's no single wallet for everything. Yet.

Hooooolllly fuuuuucking shit.

Look at their website you retarded sack of shit. They have a decentralized exchange AND a multiple currency wallet ALL IN ONE. You can buy any coin with money straight from their exchange on your phone or online, NO NEED TO BUY BITCOIN FIRST.


Jesus fucking christ, just fucking kill yourself already.

They are the fastest exchange/wallet on the market as well.

REQ is literally offering nothing new to crypto and they still haven't delivered.

You are 100% wrong. It's not wonder you fucking idiots buy REQ you can't be bothered to do any research on any actually useful coins.

what event is happening on september 28 that makes you believe REQ will be worth exactly 1 cent on that date?

Well then buy Krios if you want a marketing token. Sheiit
Its still in ICO on Krios .io/shop
10 cents per coin is the opening but coupon code MW10 gets you 10% more tokens as a bonus.

These ICOs opening through paypal are safer because if they dont cough up just revoke your order with paypal for being scammed.
Also dividend coins that give profits like this one are the future anyways.

he's just trolling

>Buying into an ICO when you could be buying into a currently working product.

You're shilling in the right thread, these retards will buy anything as long as you say they'll make a lot of money with no clear explanation how.

Here's where you cocky fucks fucked up. Reqs token burning mechanism gives incentive to own the fucking token in the first place. Reqs token burning mechanism makes reqs fees THE LOWEST POSSIBLE. Absolute Monopoly. The only thing going for waves is an agnostic wallet. What's the fucking incentive to use waves more expensive exchange then? Does it convert currency the cheapest? No. Does it do Fiat to Fiat, crypto to Fiat or vice versa? No. Does waves do smart books, audits, residual pay/sell, reputation system? Fucking no.

So go ahead brainlets shit on REQ dome more. Waves is cool for it's wallet BUT THATS IT. You already lost the exchange battle to req. We have the lowest fees. Period.

Am I?

Atomic swaps on waves comes out this summer. What makes you think anyone is going to give one damn about REQ's mainnet once Waves has already done literally everything they said they were going to do and more. Waves is way ahead of the game, REQ knows it and is trying to buy time to get that sweet sweet cash from their mainnet.

It's not working and you can clearly see it with how the market is treating them. They should be in the green at this stage of the game based on all the rumor but they're as red as ever and will only continue to go red.

Face it, it's over.

>"weep at your annihilation"
>LARPing about predicting crashes for recognition on a Icelandic knitting forum
>referencing anime
I can smell your stench across the internet.

Does waves do smart books, audits, residual pay/sell, reputation system?
yes. check their website

Jesus, I admire this pajeets efforts to FUD REQ. Must be hard to get all emotional over a fucking coin.

Damn you had no factual argument to back that up, just "huehue reqs never gonna catch up"

Oh you're doing atomic swaps? Cool still costs more than REQs platform would.

Oh your shit is coming out late summer I see? Damn mainnet is on the way..hmm let's see, THIS. FUCKING. MONTH.

What is first mover advantage.

don't forget to join the ReQkings : slash 3TRxfSa

>Here's where you cocky fucks fucked up. Reqs token burning mechanism gives incentive to own the fucking token in the first place. Reqs token burning mechanism makes reqs fees THE LOWEST POSSIBLE.

This is the literal definition of a gimmick. There is no good argument for why they couldn't just have a low cap to begin with. Scamcoin is scam.

>Does it do Fiat to Fiat, crypto to Fiat or vice versa? No. Does waves do smart books, audits, residual pay/sell, reputation system?

Fiat to fiat is coming in the future as well as a lot of the features you are talking about. The fact of the matter is Waves has actually delivered on what they said they were going to do in a timely manner. Where is REQs exchange? Where is REQ's multiple coin/token wallet? Where is REQ's partnerships?

Sasha spoke to Putin and Putin said that the talk interested him enough to think about a crypto ruble. Sure enough two months later and Russia is legalizing Cryptocurrency.

REQ literally has nothing except a mainnet supposedly coming soon. Whoop-die fucking do.

It's over you stupid faggot.

0.1 ruble for your post, thank you sir

REQ has underpromised and over delivered on EVERY single goal they have set forward. They are on time with every single thing they have said they would do, now I know for sure you have not even opened a page of the REQ token.

The low cap would defeat the prupose of REQ being designed to be able to divide the fees up for years. I mean what kind of brainlet comment was that in the first place. Reqs partnerships? Oh you mean the 40 different payment apps already being built on it's platform. You realize req isn't the only thing it's selling. The incentive is that a token gets burned everytime any app, anywhere on it's platform does any kind of payment process, a token gets burned, whether someone is using req it's self, or any app BUILT on the network. I'm sure you can't even fathom the implications of that.


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Standing ovation.

idk m8
that sounds weird and creepy

So you have Waves bags lol. I imagine you're holding tron and verge too

Probably reassurance that it will be released before the next update.

I’d like an architectural overview of how they plan to incorporate ChainLink.

>16 posts by this id
wew lad, I like your dedication

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Exactly. Lil niggas probably googling the best REQ fud he can. Not much.

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>Burns a token after every payment
>It's not a bug, it's a feature.

And remember kids. .05 by summer, .01 by September 28 2018.

You have been warned.

Hun that guy was already in the thread

Market goes up, REQ goes down.
Market goes down, REQ goes down.

Even now, with your rumor of mainnet and bitcoin recovering your coin keeps losing value.

Enjoy being poor your fucking neckbearded faggots.

The point of being into Krios is it's still @ 10 cents and probably wont release until this bloodbath is over.
Plus with the MW10 coupon code the price is 9 cents so you're coming out ahead.

with waves i get to participate in a masternode pyramid scheme and get 0.00001% interest for leasing!
take that reqtards

>being this retarded


>Market goes up, REQ goes down.
It's the same fucking with every altcoin, dumbfuck
>Market goes down, REQ goes down.
Like every other alt for the past 3 months, dumbfuck?

>MFW its designed to favor the rich outright
>MFW if you're rich and you dump your money into Waves then you get a passive income
>MFW attracting neckbeards has no discernible advantage
>MFW attracting the rich is a guaranteed way to not only survive but thrive

MFW I have no face, enjoy being poor.

As a hodler REQ is doing particulary bad though

Is Revolut ''''rumour'''' from earlier in thread completely baseless bullshit or is there anything to it? 30 second Google yielded nothing

tell that to all the other masternode shitcoins
ver is having trouble keeping dash up with BCH also on his plate

Bch was created to prop up dash

"This is the literal definition of a gimmick. There is no good argument for why they couldn't just have a low cap to begin with. Scamcoin is scam."

I don't have a side in this but this shows how much of an absolute brainlet you are. It doesn't matter what a coins "cap" or circulating supply is in the beginning; the absolute value will be the same. If my shitcoin does an ICO raises 50 million and has a 100 million evaluation week 1 it doesn't matter how many actual coins there are. If my coin has 100 million coins then each coin will be valued at $1 or if there are 1 billion coins then each coin will be 1 cent. This is arbitrary and has no influence on fees or overall value etc. What the coin burning mechanism does is allow the price per coin to increase over time by restricting supply.

Your retarded argument is that a project with a large circulating supply employing a token burn is effectively the same as a project (all else being equal) just beginning with a smaller coin supply.


What happens when there is no tokens left because of the burn

so would Revolut partnership be good or bad?

Good but that tweet is a bit of a stretch

Should I do a REQ split with another shitcoin, or just go all in on REQ?

The prophecy has been foretold. Buy REQ.

REQ too the moon

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I don't give a fuck about the current bear market price, I know we'll see $100/req in 3 years.

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>3 years
if this thing catches on with the normies even a little bit we're gonna see that way faster
or at least we should, crypto is stupid

$500 per REQ token by 2020.

Honestly (and this is an optimistic outlook) I think we'll see $5/REQ in 2021.

Nice FUD faggot.

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