What is the slowest and most painful way to commit suicide?

What is the slowest and most painful way to commit suicide?

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watching your portfolio hit zero and THEN killing yourself

how the fuck do you FOMO in at absolute high?

I mean it's only 20k dude ffs retards on youtube like jake paul literally make that in like a day

get some perspective, figure out a real way to get rich besides speculating on useless ponzi schemes like crypto

unlike crypto, it may involve actually, you know, contributing SOMETHING, no matter how inane, to society


by staying alive

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living a long life

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I lost 400k, 100k left

Feel better?

Didn't even cash out

hypothermia, drug overdose or poison.



thanks just bought 100mL cyanide

That's fucking nothing faggot.

Hypothermia honestly sounds comfy near the end. Apparently your body gets all warm despite freezing to death and you just go to sleep

speedball (heroine+cocaine)

Living a long and full life.

Start smoking cigarettes

Just keep living

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at least you're still at 40K.... i was up to 80k, now down to 19K!!!!!! kill me now.

Put all your money into cryptos

do it faggot OP. live.

Bitch please I'm down 65% and my ATH was 300k

With Bleachcoin of course....

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Goblina has nice milkers under her clothes

I'm back to October levels, boys.

It's not about the quantity, it's about how much in proportion. If anything, you have an easier time bouncing back and making it.

Holding Chainlink

by reaching your 90's you fucking dummy

>hold link
>lose money
>trade out of link
>lose money

it's a lose lose situation
i actually hate link now

Novichok Nerve Agent

how come your porfolio did so well? it's barely crashed

This. I cashed out in early Jan but what I had left has crashed like 80%

becoming a wageslave and getting married.