Lol icon btfoed cryptonigger

lol icon btfoed cryptonigger

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holy shit based ICX



hahahah rekt

thank god that fucker is gone. if icon blew off and this guy got rich from it, I'd probably end myself

god damnit didn't mean to sage, have a bump

Check Binance, ICX/ETH

This fucker has put up a 540ETH sellwall

what i dont get, how retarded do you have to be to pre announce ur dumping? whats the logic behind this

Whats the story behind this guy?

at what price?

Sounds like Balina got BTFO. Glad he is dumping on you lemmings.

Good. After that tweet he made for summit he deserves to have gotten btfo by those gooks

i think hes doing this show not to pay tax lol.

>liquidating assets to not pay taxes


Dumb niger out well done ICON team!!!!!!

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Honorary aryans

Icon stronger than Link guys?
SHould i dump my linky and stack more conny?

wow could these chinks be any more fucking racist

in one of his videos this week he said that they were pumped by market makers when they opened on binance, so they got upset

t: in a tele chat with a bunch of crypto ceos including icon

he's transparent. one of the only true transparent personalities in crypto, to his credit.

is this the main icon telegram chat, or some whale chat?

That makes me somewhat bullish on iCON.

whale chat, though not everyone in it is a whale

shot in the dark here but fuck it.
can I get an invite to the chat? I have 25K icx.
I'll post a throwaway e-mail

sorry user
if not a whale you would be approached by one of the leaders as someone with something to offer

All good. anything joocy coming up with ICX?


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day of the rope is coming for this piece of shit.

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Should I sell?

>Team just doesn't want me associated with their project

ICX team is best team

He got paid to shill Nucleus, how is that transparent?

you only know that because he told you about it and showed you his balance

how is it not?

What the fuck? Crooked crypto ceos are in telegram with whales feeding them info?

I fucking hate these whale tales it makes me so fucking salty that these rich fucks collude illegally and get richer just because they're already rich/influental.

>the complete state of Veeky Forums

Half of you fuckers don't even know ICX is korean based. And 90% of you don't even know why they rejected this guy

I don’t follow ICX, why did they reject him. Besides being nigger

they called him a shill

Check this out

Pretty much the ICX admins didn't want this guy to have any influence over them and what they do. Pretty smart not getting cucked but will get hurt short term

I guess that nigger is not going to remove his wall is he?


What's a good buy for ICON? I feel like 1/2 of where it's at here might be good but I haven't done enough research yet.

10 cents

anything below 30k satoshis is when I've started dollar cost averaging in. I feel like this could blow up any day or keep bleeding out.
not enough price history to see where major support would be if it keeps bleeding.

someone aware me on why he really dumped

I might unironically buy this now