ICX hodlers BTFO

Ian balina just dumped $300,000 worth of ICX on the open market KEEEEEEEKKKKK, it's over for you boys the moon is done.

>might reach 8$ by Christmas if you're lucky

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lol based gooks

price unironically went up? u w0t? people buying his bags?

do people actually find this goblina attractive?

Let me translate this to you buddy:
"You guys keep hodling till my 500 eth worth of this shitcoin order is filled at a profitable price".

>Gooked again
>muh ICX hasn't mooned yet
>ICX already billion dollars you stupid fucktards.
This shitcoin will burn to 500m soon

I'm not your buddy, friend

I do. How could you not? her body is thicc

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kind of looks like ian goblina desu

holy fuck. based gooks LOL

Decent body but she's fucking ugly, she has a chipmunk face.

>Team doesn’t want to be associated with a nigger
Should I buy?

looks like a monster

No, not attractive at all in the classical sense, but HIGHLY fuckable. This girl is a prime example of a HEHP (High E, Highly Primitive) female. Ideally every man would want an HQNP (High Quality, Non Primitive).

Would bag and tag this bitch for four hours non stop
And like all holes these days, kick that hoe out
>pump and dump only

$7+ ICX buyer
No need to be upset fren

Unironically getting huge FOMO

>that dumb negro shilling was only red flag i had on icx.

>it turns out they want him to gtfo


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Was just doing this

If only our thought process was in sync, and I continued with that ffs. Another opportunity for a Legendary moment gone. Sigh

Of course you would! That's because she's High E. So would I, and most people ITT. But remember, no respectable man would ever put a ring around this goblins finger. A true respectable man will always lust for a real HQNP female.

As soon as I make it, I will start my journey to find a real HQNP female to make many babies with. Maybe I will begin by fucking a couple of High E goblins, but my mind will always be set on finding a HQNP female.

Maybe next time fren

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This is GOOD for the project you brainlets. ICX told that nigger they wanted nothing to do with his shilling and army of faggots who listen to him.

Does that just mean "white"

Hahaha. Well, not necessarily. It's hard to say, but I would guess that the vast majority of HQNP females are white, but obvious not all whites are HQNP.

I live in the west and therefore I can't comment on other locations around the world. My journey will start in Southern Europe and then Eastern Europe. I believe the biggest concentration of HQNP residence here. Northern women have become such whores that I would not consider calling them High Quality, but they are still certainly Low Primitive.

I believe Southern and Eastern Europe has the best mix of HQNP females. Eastern European women, from my understanding, are a bit more Primitive than Northern women but they are definitely of Higher Quality.

>dumped $300,000 worth of ICX

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Not an icx hodler but he did the same thing with eng, sold before it pumped. He's the ultimate weak handed nigga.
Sold cheap to some whale so it mooned earlier. Top kek.

Post picture of HQNP

You'll break even maybe by xmas fag

Where did you learn these terms? I enjoy reading about gender dynamics myself.

Also EE is a good start. My current is hungarian and is the definition of HQNP as you describe it.

Best new of the year for ICX !!!

These terms originates from forums such as PUAhate, Sluthate and (the now most active of the three) Lookism.net.

The phenomena of gender dynamics was my first redpill. I used to browse these forums a lot.

This is a great thread with lots of examples: lookism.net/Thread-Aspie-What-makes-a-Girl-HQNP-Semi-SRS

I would say that Taylor Swift is a good example of HQNP.

Traits of HQNP: Intelligence, no tattoos, doesn't dress like a slut, isn't aggressive and manly, doesn't dye her hair like a feminist, doesn't show ass and tits to get attention etc. Most guys know what I'm talking about and could instantly imagine a HQNP female in their mind.