What made you all turn into such fags regarding Link all of the sudden?

What made you all turn into such fags regarding Link all of the sudden?

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people who got in late and hold sub 100k, they're better off jumping between trades.

Because it’s one of the last chances for a 100x-1000x return in crypto. At least for now, anyway.

because its fucking shit user

The price dipped after sxsw and everyone expected a pump

10k is a good number to hold to make it. It’s what I hold, and I can’t really afford anymore. $100 LINK is possible by 2019 making me a millionaire, plus I’ll probably be making at least a few hundred/thousand bucks a month running a node.


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>$100 link by 2019

Maybe for your whole 10k stack

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Everyone is slightly disappointed with how fucking retarded the market is in regards to Link...

Link should be over $10 fucking dollars right now and the positive posters are slightly fatigued after a big dump and the poor fags and retards are out in full force fudding.

Nothing has fucking changed. Link is still the most promising project in crypto and will fucking explode in a year or two.

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>over 10 (ten) burgerbucks for an erc20 token

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Whales are picking up link bags left and right at a discount right now. If they can drive down the price a further 5% by fudding it on biz which are the only ones who hold, of yourse they are going to do so.

Link isn't a ERC20 token

what is it then, satan?

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Can't wait for this faggot to blow his top off in a year.

ADHD 14 year old crypto faggot wants to be a youtube star. Never heard anyone talk nonstop dumb shit for 25 minutes. lmao


I wan't to refute. but you have trips and im holding 10k of these since ico.

I'll just leave this here -

Time to talk some real shit
This market is likely going no where... besides down
We fell for the meme
Early adopters were rewarded... do you know why? Because they got in when crypto was absolutely nothing. Was not on the media, was not talked about celebrities
It was complete random nothingness, so the people who bought some for shits and gigs
And had the power to hold it that long got rewarded
Now everyone and their mom thinks since it formed a bubble once. It will do it again, so everyones strat is to just buy and cheat the life system and wait for it to explode again
That's now how it works user, we got in late... end of story
You can't find out about this knowing what happened in the past. THEN pick up some coins, you had to have got them when no one knew their potential
It's over

Pleases top spamming your youtube channel.

Hell at least get some non nigger tier production values before trying to become an e celeb Jesus Christ.

>Everyone is slightly disappointed with how fucking retarded the market is in regards to Link...
this. sometimes, I just don't know.

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everybody got burned by this shitcoin that never does anything and the whole market crashing to accompany it
fuck this shitcoin

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>market is now pump and dump central
>sell the news
>coin goes up 1% , people already eager to sell
>he thinks coins still just get parabolic pumps that don't dump
I don't see how Link can ever get past $1.20 when everyone dumps immediately after
It will just keep a rally going, the hodl fags have been BTFO

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Except that crypto isn't like some useless beanie babies, it has an actual use and will prevail in the end, just like most internet companies that survived the bubble are worth more today than at the hight of the bubble. The only question is, which coins are going to make it, and Link has excellent chances.

Just watch

This 100%. Crypto is full of normies who buy shitcoins like XRP and TRX that get shilled by MSM. The overwhelming majority of people don’t have Link on their radar. I even know a few whales who honestly just got lucky buying eth cheap and don’t see Link’s potential.

When we hit people’s attention it’s going to fly

Link has the potential to overtake Eth.

Yeah it is

I've already half way made it from the Bitcoin I bought in 2013 child. You might be new to the game, but that doesn't mean I am.

Just because the market is taking a huge dump doesn't mean Link will fail you retarded faggot. Please sell all your Link. Buy high sell low. I can wait 1-3 years to be rich as fuck because I'm patient and not some 12 year old with 50 dollars invested in Link like 90% of this faggot board.

Link doesn't have the brand and history ETH has.
Since all cryptocurrencies are useless and inefficient, name recognition is all that matters.

Checked. $100 invested masterrace

Hey look, common sense! Haven’t seen much of this here lately

>ETH doesn't have the brand and history Bitcoin has. Since all cryptocurrencies are useless and inefficient, name recognition is all that matters.

But i bought in low sats, sold higher sats :^)
I don't see that as losing.... i mean i was 99% sure it would dump during or after conference
Now... i can buy more. Pump and dump is the name of the game friend, you better learn it
>Muh 10000% growth

That's the reason why BTC has more than double the market cap of ETH despite being technologically inferior in every single metric.

erc677 nigga

You’re correct that first mover advantage is everything in this space, but Link I’ll establish itself the same way btc and eth did. This about this- smart contracts are only useful in 10% of use cases without some sort of external data feed, and Link is by far the first and currently only 100% sound mover in crypto. Once it caters to every blockchain it can easily surpass Eth.

People need to remember that it's still early days, considering if you take into account the amount of money flowing into the entire market, and the fact that it's a 24/7 global financial market.
Volume on CMC is stated at $20bn, but that's obviously not the real fiat number, considering that a lot of that is BTC being exchanged for alts and vice versa (without selling the BTC first). So the real volume of fiat that this market could see has not even come.
Then consider how little of that is reaching LINK.
If LINK works, and gets fiat pairings, then we'll see the real price discovery of LINK, as its network grows

>I've already half way made it from the Bitcoin I bought in 2013
>I can wait 1-3 years to be rich as fuck because I'm patient
No, you're not patient. You're just in a good position. 99.9% of this board is on the verge of killing themselves and working 14 hours a day as a cashier at walmart and have to pretend to be nice to subhumans and fake smiles so we can buy some rice to not die and pay rent.
Fuck you

Our predictions regarding SXSW were informed by our experiences of SIBOS: everyone expected the price to dump during & after the conference; the only reason I held instead of dumping is because I believed there was a greater-than-one-percent chance of our predictions being 180 degrees off-course from reality.

>still comfy

you're right

The Discord Pump group that is unstoppable.,,

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

It is an erc677
A special utility token created by Steve Ellis which allows transfer of both token and data at the same time. github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/677

BACE is an exchange working in a LINK/USD pairing

Yes, forgive me, you are correct.

This same thing would have been written in 2014

>Now everyone and their mom thinks since it formed a bubble once. It will do it again
but this is what happens every single time with bitcoin since it started
best about this is that everytime it crashes retards come out of the woods saying "uh oh its over!", then we have a bear market and then the shit pumps again to new highs and retards fomo back in at the top and get dumped on.

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Literally every thread I've been in before SXSW was "unless it somehow beats history, it's dumping hard, time to accumulate then".

I've also looked into BACE and have high hopes for it. They even mentioned Chainlink in their whitepaper

everyone expected a dump, like literally everyone
I was holding since you're supposed to do the exact opposite of what Veeky Forums says
how did it actually dump? This is bullshit

but it takes a fuck ton longer than anyone here thinks. 2013 saw bitcoin mania get to levels similar to 2017 in the media. yet by 2 years later it was off of most people's radar completely. the market has a lot of bleeding to do to get back to that.

You realize you're in the infant stages of investment experience, right? What you just said is what the vast majority of people who try to get rich quick investing say. That is, until you realize your "knowledge" of price movement ahead of time (i.e. "99% sure") is completely without basis, and you get burned because you were sooo sure you were right.

Investing in fundamentals and holding until it pans out is the ONLY way to make it in the long run. Technical analysis is, at best, voodoo: it works if and only if enough people think it works.

You’re gonna be rich then right? I mean there are only three outcomes: bitcoin goes up, bitcoin goes down, bitcoin stays the same. The final option is virtually impossible since it would imply bitcoin has completely succeeded in being a store of value, and since you know it isnt going up, you can open a 2x short and when btc hits 1k youll be up 20x your initial. I mean you know its gonna crash and youd only be liquidated at 16k which as you yourself say isnt happening. So youre gonna be rich right user? You wouldnt just be talking out of your ass...

>Says nothing of value for 20 minutes

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Because it was supposed to be doing better than this by now. Seriously it's still at 40 fucking cents. No announcements or partnerships. Nothing to look forward to. It's fucking ogre. At this rate we'll be lucky to be $1 EOY.

could take a few years, maybe just a few months to get back to bullish. but it always comes back. ALWAYS.
I have no problem with waiting, I made lots of money during the last bullrun that will me last for years.
I also already bought back increasing stacks of my long term holds.

I guess the only people really complaining are retards who fomoed into ICX at 12 dollars lmao

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We’re all dead

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it.