Dec 2017 invested 12k$ livesavings into crypto

>dec 2017 invested 12k$ livesavings into crypto
>ath 22k$
>now left with 3k$ -> all in NANO

motherfucking JUST
if i dont get a solid 5x in 2018 im srsly going to kms

what is the easiest way to die?

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It's always nice when you see someone posting one of your shittiest meme contributions. Makes me wish that I had blended the layers more.

>if I don't get a solid 5x in 2018 I'm srsly going to kms
Not worth it, user. Someone on r9k already did that, it wasn't pleasant. Do you really want to be remembered as a faggot?

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Youre lying, you didnt make the image, I know this because I literally made it


Faggot claiming stolen meme that isn't even his.

BTFO'd by me

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None of you made it, or are gonna make it user. Unless you tethered up to buy back in next week ;)

>stolen meme
Never said I had any legal rights to it. It's literally shit, do what you want.

Im suing you

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Intellectual property lawyer here. He may have grounds to sue you. I recommend you exchange contact information to settle this outside of court if possible.

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Trying to assassinate a politician

>June vs October

he just outted himself, this case is in the bag

Dump NANO, ride BCH to 0.2 sats, dump it for BNB after the conference and go all in BNB.

Judge here. It would get thrown out of court.

Bollocks! I'll lose everything!!

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>what is the easiest way to die?

Just google it. There are a lot of ways.

>investing more than you can lose
>not taking your initial investment back as soon as you double it

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>investing more than you can lose

What does this even mean? I wouldn't wind up in street if I lost all my crypto, but it sure as hell would hurt a lot.

>What does this even mean?

It means it's a high risk high reward gamble so don't bet more than you are comfortable losing and you'll feel fine.

If you don't feel fine, you are out of your depth and take this as a learning experience.

>investing so little that you don't care if you win or lose
>still feel the need to secure it

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What if I do feel fine now but would feel unfine if the project I have money invested in suddenly disappeared?

What's your investment horizon?