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Which drugs should I take to change my life around? I'm a complete loser in practically every way except for crypto gains, and now that the crypto dream seems dead, I think about suicide daily. I've heard some people say mushrooms, lsd, dmt etc.

Which drugs have changed your life for the better? What are you taking right now that helps you?

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LSD all the way


Tianeptine. Changed my life a lot for the better and i mean a lot. Just be careful to take the recommended dosage because that stuff is addictive at higher dosages.



Take some MDMA with a bro and talk about your feelings while gently caressing each other

no homo

I hear DMT is fun

In what world is that not homo?

Why MDMA? What will it do for me and how should I take it? I'm gonna order some drugs based off of recommendations in this thread.

This. Might be scary or scarring but also night turn you into a self aware, empathic human being who's able to do mental gymnastics all day. No need for this constant fear and negativity normies spread

It can be scary but OP will do fine, I always do it alone and I have so much fear and i never ha d a bad trip

Doing some kind of psychedelic drug (shrooms, LSD, etc..) once in a blue moon can really help you put your life in perspective. Get a decent sized dose and find a nice setting, with someone close to you who you trust if you feel like it.

MDMA with close friends for emotional issues
LSD for hard life issues
Mushrooms for depression and addiction.
Cocaine for social anxiety
DMT to find God (can also have the opposite affect.)
If you use drugs as a tool they can be very helpful.
Research shit thoroughly before trying it. Its easy to fall into a downward spiral.

DMT is some crazy fucking shit, don't do it before trying LSD or shrooms

>DMT to find God (can also have the opposite affect.)

most people spend the majority of their time not finding god. furthermore inducing malfunction into your brain (which is you) is brain dead and degenerate.

Go to 420chan and they tell you all about it. Basically it releases the stuff in your head that makes you happy, serotonin, while blocking a part of the brain that regulates fear. So you are able to feel happy and talk about stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable or sad, or just walk around talking to strangers realizing they are actually very nice and chill.

How are these malfunctional? Aside from MDMA and cocaine all you're doing is getting a blast of serotonin and some cross feedback from your senses with those drugs. There's nothing malfunctional about these drugs either, it's just releasing neurotransmitters. The psychedelic drugs don't even have a mechanism for addictive potential.

any drugs i've done has just made me more depressed (weed, ket, md)

it just caused depersonalization and i been lacking a lot of motivation lately.

also would appreciate any advice its kind of fucking with me

dont do coke or mdma if you feel like a loser your gonna get addicted feeling like a king lmao

maybe shrooms can help not sure about that tho

you need to change yourself fag

A good dose of reality

It literally resides the brain. Just do it, do the things you said and after the high you realize things you feared before aren’t so bad and you could do them sober

Fucking phone posting - rewires not resides

>He fell for the meme
Druggies are dumb depressed retards trying to drag guillible normies down, go seek a doctor and get real help. Stuffing yourself with more of this shit will only make you feel worse.

Just know that if your brain has the power to put you in that state, it had the power to get you out

even an imbalance of naturally occuring neuro transmitters can be considered a malfunction. for instance a stark increase of dopamine in your brain will result in visual and auditory hallucination - which in the jungle or where ever humans used to live might result in you getting hit by a truck. additionally the imbalances result in additional dopamine is neuro toxic and lets your brain die dum dum dum. another example is a decrease of serotonin, which blocks the exciting effect of dopamine on your neurons: you have less self control, meaning you're more likely to act in ways that disadvantage you and in some people are prone to violence.

you'd be stupid to not call these effects malfunctions.

Had the same issue as OP and took some molly. It was a bad idea. Drugs will not fix this.

Stop doing drugs as it's not beneficial for you. Try working out or something. Drugs only make you feel good for a short while, but the dip is way too bad if you are already in a bad state of mind. And MDMA can be lethal if you are on antidepressants anyway (serotonin syndrome). Just run 5 km every other day, you will feel better.

> T. Used a shitload of drugs. Runs.

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my drug phase was crazy. smoke dmt once and then find a mild stimulant and depressant that works for you for your day to day stuff. also smoke weed. thats all you need really.

sry for the grammer, I'm wasted.

my dude, micro dose with mushrooms - get 1/8 oz, pulverize in coffee grinder, put into veggie caps, take 2 every 2-3 days
if you have depression or anxiety it'll help like miracle-level, and just generally it'll widen/deepen/clarify your POV in ways you can't imagine

Do mushrooms user, trust me.
It will change your perspective, also eaven after 20 days you will still feel the positive effects from the insights you have gained during the experience....then it will bè in you to keep that feeling.
Go to erowid/experiences and research what you will take first

Being active is definately important, I always start my day with a 60 min walk around the local park. Getting some fresh air is a lot more important than most people think. Plus it gives you some time to just think about stuff, which most of us generally don't do when we're at home because we can overload our brains with entertainment in the form of internet, tv, games etc.

Also work out, being ripped is nice but it's also about the feeling of progression that you get from becoming stronger, faster, better looking etc. I've noticed that as long as I feel that I'm progressing in some way it makes going on a lot easier, it's always when I feel stuck that I personally get depressed.

Yeah , overdoing MDMA is not nice. I felt drunk for a week after taking 5 doses in 1 night. I was basically in a supernatural world, and couldn't sleep for 2 days, and had nausea.

lentinula edodes aka Lions Mane mushroom. a nootropic that boosts cognitive function greatly. 30g wet (not sure dry) every other day, or daily with a 2 day rest/tolerance reset period once per week. 100% legal, considered a gourmet delicacy fresh. I grow my own but you can buy online (its kind of expensive tho). shit boosts my programming, trading, and general thought and awareness greatly. zero aftereffects

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Also. Try meditation. 10 minutes a day really helps. Headspace is fucking golden. Not hippy bullshit but focussing on yourself and managing your thoughts for a bit.

If you want to you fan also grow the mushrooms, it's tons of fun (sometimes it's eaven more fin than taking them), you can get the appreso for 2eur from the free spore ring europe (fsre), and the rest of the equipment is easy and cheap to find

look up terrence mckenna
Don't overdo it - he over did it and fried his processor.

5g shrooms in dark + 5-10 tabs of LSD + lots of weed. Gota be in the dark the whole time and you gota fast before.

Fucking /thread

I wanted to write this advice too. meditate every day, no matter what. even if you are tired and feel like shit and depressed, do it. don't expect the benefits to show instantly. it takes time, for me it took months, but it's worth it.

Take a look at Igor's shirt

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Has anyone tried Modafinil or something similar? Where can one get something like that?

Spoken like a true virgin

What's wrong with you, telling someone to do 5g of shrooms and 5-10 hits of acid in the same sentence as "don't overdo it"

If you wanna be scarred for life do what he said.

If you want an actually mentally positive and constructive experience as a psychedelic newcomer, do either:

a) 2.5 - 3 grams of mushrooms, or;
b) 100mcg of LSD

100mcg is actually a lot, if it is a true 100mcg tab that you've gotten from the .onions or from a friend.

One LSD trip can change your outlook forever, in the right settings!


Literally the worst drug for your brain.

>Don't overdo it
>5-10 tabs of LSD

This. LSD and other psychedelics won't help unless you can learn to control your mind. I've had great results with the app Headspace, it's got nice guided meditations.

For me it was LSD. I used to be below average student, just waisting my life doing nothing. Tried LSD and while tripping realized that I ca turn my life around. My trio was right between B.sci and M.sci. my B.sci average was below 3 (5 is the highest). My M. sci average was perfect 5. Continued to post graduate studies, got a job, wife, kids, etc. Try it OP

>DMT to find God
I've done DMT dozens of times and the most it does is make you zone out and see waves moving through objects, it's not some magical miracle drug and the high lasts 10 minutes

MDMA and go and see a GOOD techno DJ. It will all make sense after that.

10 micrograms of volumetricly diluted LSD every third day. I suggest this as a safe spot to "dip you toes in the water."

Probably none of them will. I've used just about every recreational drug (not research chemicals or obscure stuff though) and the effects don't stick with you. You can have insights, but the feeling doesn't last. You're just going to have to fix your life the hard way, there are no shortcuts.

Ayahuasca my man.
For the issues you're dealing with.
My wife Just did it last week after years of anger/fear issues. She got her ass kicked but so far has turned around 180.

I have also tried mushrooms a few times. In my opinion their are far more scary than LSD. Perhaps my LSD dose wasn't that high since I felt all the time that I had way more control than when e.g. being semi drunk.. I don't know.. with mushrooms there was always the sense of something being very wrong in the world.. hard to explain

Maybe the continued microdosing could do something more.

Meet Your Master Ayahuasca

thanks guys.

Mixed Piracetam+L-theanince with Adrafinil for about 4 months until i realised coffe is a lot cheaper. Although if you are still curious go to newstarnootropics.com/ i think that was the cheapest one

Venvanse 70mg

experiment with psychedelics until you find the ones you like. i fucking hate shrooms personally but lsd has helped me with depression and just general perspective on life. stay away from any hard drugs tho and always do a safe dose

you still haven't done it right, then

Do LSD but please don't over estimate the drug, it's not what you'd expect, but in a good way. Some say go for 100µg but i'd actually say go for 200µg, that way you also get a great trip out of it with vivid beautiful hallucinations and deep thoughts.
Great music- Pink floyd- years 1966-1975
quicksilver messengerservice- happy trails
Throw in some Infected Mushroom -The Gathering


Great artist for seeing the feeling of said drug lol

I went on adderall at the age of 31, 3 months ago. It has changed my life for the better for sure. I only take it when needed, generally 4-5 days a week. Time down is important, I only take 15mg a day. You don't need a crazy crackhead dose when you allow your body to recuperate. Tedious chores that went by the wayside have become no problem.

This. But of you take LSD you must Learn from it.

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You're deeply retarded if you think that's all DMT does. You haven't even touched hyperspace yet.

Properly vape 50mg and let me know what the elves told you when you come back.

There are 0 drugs that will turn your life around for the better. Fix your lifestyle habits, get some help if you need it but do not do drugs.

I personally believe that people with well-developed emotional centers can experience lasting change from entheogenic experiences. It's because emotions are what impress upon you in a lasting way that you need to change your life.

If you are schizoid or otherwise emotionally retarded though, you probably won't see anything lasting come from them. They're beautiful and amazing expriences... then they wear off... you return to who you were, who is a person who is not easily impressed or moved by things, and at that point all you have are vague memories of the experience. So you just return to your old life. I don't know what the answer is for people like me who cannot feel strong emotions. it seems hopeless.

Are you saying that caffeine has the same effect on you as Adrafinil? In that case it's probably not strong enough. I read that Modafinil helps people remain awake for 40 or more hours without performance deficits. I feel way less productive after just 24 when I'm not taking anything. Also that site is down?


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not the same effect, but caffeine helped me get much needed energy, which i thought i would get with nootropics.

My nootropic effect was mostly felt as assignments would more or less write themselves, when playing guitar i wouldnt have to think about playing too much, it just happend kinda naturally
I am most definetaly recommended nootropics but it's just more expensive than drinking coffee and more time consuming

thanks for reminding me to order some more protein powder, had totally forgotten

mdma does an F5 to your brain. You start seeing things from a different perspective
you will most likely stop being depressed after just 1 time taking it
but no matter what you do, don't take it a second time
if you do, you might get addicted which will deplete your juice and you WILL get depressed harder than ever before

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testosterone injections nigga

>This. But as you take LSD you must Learn from it.
This 1100%

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mdma but somewhere recreational like at the beach or park with a good group of small friends or a buddy.

try to keep 6 month gaps between trips.

LSD is the mightiest teacher ever but only if you have a good foundation,
It's like a catalyst.
If your brain is full of bullshit before then LSD won't be able to change this.
Also: Don't take megadoses your first time: insanebraintrain.blogspot.de/2011/07/massive-dosing-lsd-thumbprint.html

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I'm about 4 weeks in on a 15 week 600mg test e cycle. It's helped my depression for sure.

I've got tianeptine but it just makes me tired. Am I doing it wrong? 25mg sulfate.

I don't know where to buy anything like lsd, mdma, or psilocybin.



Oh man you can get lsd so easily there from a trusted team.I envy you.

Any tips on how to prepare for a first time LSD trip. Especially if I am not going into it to just have fun, but to learn from it and gain lasting positive insights.

- Have already started to meditate. On days of no brain fog, it is wonderful.
- Going to go through it with one of my best friends, who has past experience himself.
- ...?

I suffer from anxiety ,and so job interviews, and other pressured scenarios seemed overwhelming to me and held me back in life. Then I discovered Phenibut,you can't take it often as it's effects decrease dramatically with its tolerance levels being insane,also it can be addictive and for me if I take it I get a bad hangover type feeling the next day, so I can't imagine the withdrawals from prolonged use, but its effect absolutely kill any anxiety I have. I only take if it's necessary,which isn't very often,perhaps once a month on average. Anyway it's helped me with my career greatly I'd say.

or maybe LSD idk

preparing the proper set and setting is key. lsd is pretty speedy, i have problems taking it and just hanging out on a couch. you want to get up and do shit.

do it during something like a camping trip, or if you're at uni, drop in the morning and go ride a bike and explore shit.

but honestly if you're looking for a learning/therapeutic experience, i'd recommend mushrooms over lsd 10/10 times. much more cathartic.

As somebody who had its first time:
- don't fap for at least a week,i'm dead serious here
- load in relaxing music
- go through alone on the first time assuming you'll take a small amount having somebody else near you might cause unseen issues
- you'll need at least 2 days but 3 days is the optimal for the whole thing
- read about more information on other chans,sites

> or just walk around talking to strangers realizing they are actually very nice and chill
>on mdma
wtf user

So there is no paranoia of being outside and thinking if other people are figuring out you are high as fuck? Like with pot.

Where can I get some? No idea. Need it to help myself and friend with depression.

LSD all the way. i went through a tough breakup, went broke, lost hope, all that typical sad neet bullshit and my only friend at the time said he wanted to get some lsd. (it was 1plsd which is way smarter if youre gonna order it OL) we did 3 tabs each and wowowowow was it helpful. Im now self motivated and going back to college, and i have to accredit 50% of it to the things i found out about myself and other peoples interpretations of me while on LSD. use a notebook for memory though, will help you alot. godspeed user

dude dont fucking listen. if you've never taken psychedelics you take that shit with a friend (sober would be best, also experienced with psychedelics) at home, and if you want to go out go into the woods and not talk with random people that can't understand your tought since your brain is racing with them

forgot this
Yes you can have a very bad trip on psychs, only take them in a comfortable environment

my dubs 66 trumps ur pleb subnumerals

5g shrooms+5-10 tabs of lsd in the dark with lots of weed.

That or nothing - you either want to take the cure or you're really just addicted to the pain and suffering and use ''soft medicine'' to alleviate - for a reset on the high of pain.

Anyone got experience with ordering shrooms off of the deepweb? Are the police gonna crash down my door for ordering an eight?
This shit actually works, I started taking it every morning and my memory became a lot stronger. Before I wasn't even able to mentally visualize anything but now I am able to visualize shit perfectly.

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why are the experiences here so abundant when i cant find 1 guy who has anything but weed
not even heroin which my town deems an epidemic

find other potheads, psychedelics are more popular among them than other drugs.