If you don't have morals than ya I guess there's nothing wrong about it lol. You know there are actually girls out there who aren't completely worthless whores, right? And how smart is she if she is a known whore? What kind of guys do whores attract? I think this slut fell for the sex in the city meme, where girls can whore it up for years and then still have a fairytale ending.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> /pol/ is that way

I bet you that whores as a populations have a higher IQ than non-whores

doesn't matter. their offspring is statistically more likely to turn out a (she-)faggot, thus diminishing the genepool of ultra smart whores. return to normal.

Get off of Veeky Forums with this shit, jesus fuck, nobody cares about your analysis of whoreonomics.

If intelligence turns them into whores then it is vastly overvalued.


Intelligence is passed to the child from the female.

t. feminist

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Go look at the stats showing single fathers raise overwhelming more intelligent and successful children, DAUGHTERS especially.
Stupid claim.

>non sequiter

>Children inherit their intelligence from their mother not their father, say scientists

embrace the whores. look at the difference between arabs and jews. jews are female dominated, arabs by men.

Why do you guys obsess over this sort of thing? Who cares who people have sex with, if you don't like it then just don't be around them.

It was actually a study that claimed this, said children get intuition from the father (whatever tha that means) but they get processing power from the mother.

I think it's because deep down they truly care about the future of humanity and it hurts them to see it go down the drain.

>Supposedly X chromosomes caring genes that relate to intelligence come from the mother and may be deactivated if they come from the father.
"Embrace the whores"
God you're retarded, please eat a bullet.

>your pick, Jews or Arabs
Do you have an option that isn't absolute shit?

nice argument bro. your mother is mentally disabled per chance?

Betas want to have sex too. sexual freedom favors 10% of males to the detriment of betas.

>girls can whore it up for years

There is no recovery from this. Once a whore, always a whore. Don't marry whores.

>processing power

You makes a stupid wrong claim.
I call you out.
You change your claim.
Your source doesn't support your new claim.
I'll pay for the noose.


100% this. There are no other answers, everything else is bullshit. Especially cause Veeky Forums is beta bucks central.

You fuckers happy? I'll fuck the girl before you, cum inside her and then you'll take her on a date and eat her out.

you quoted something without understanding. that doesn't constitute an argument dear third grader?

>my kids will outsmart your non-whore kids with ease
>my whore parter will pass her social acumen to my kids and make them into society dominating machines

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Exactly ... If you fuck a socially savvy (i.e whore) chick your kids will also be socially savvy and therefore your genes will get passed on more.

Is this too fucking hard for brainlets here to grasp? There's a reason all these unsuccessful NEETs are so damn jealous of everything

>my kids from my whore mate
>my kids that somehow don't resemble me at all
>my kids

Who gives a fuck, I married a non-whore and she divorced me all the same. Just don't get married, I date a total whore now and love it. I told her I'll never get married and will always fuck other women on the side, she's basically like a best friend that I can fuck.

I recommend everyone read "Sex at Dawn" we get away from the marriage meme and start enjoying sex

>my kids will outsmart your non-whore kids with ease

Zero percent chance specifically. I could agree with you generally as you'd be competing against a general population.

However, if you truly want to compete versus the top 2% of the population, success is going to follow genetics and environment. In my social circle, I'd guess 75% are married to non-whores and they are the happiest.

Non-whore wife's father in-law top .1% chemist in the world, me upper 6 figure income, 8 figure net worth. Son 150 IQ, MIT bound. Daughters, non-whores, high self-worth because of achievements, have skills and intelligence, but want to be moms. Utopia.

Intimate relationship with a non-whore that I trust implicitly. Fantastic mother that has raised great kids. Could retire anytime but never will because the brain requires daily stimulation and I enjoy challenges.

So i guess the answer is determined in the size of the game you are playing and your definition of making it. If you middle of the road, whores are probably better, but at the tips, no way. Check your paradigm.

Intact families have proven over and over to be the statistically winning strategy financially, emotionally, and socially. We are seeing fewer and fewer families make it as whores have become more and more the norm so maybe that will change, but intuition tells me it will just give intact families greater advantages and the gap will widen.

Post pic of family or larp