Tax evasion thread

No kikes or cucks allowed in here.

Enlighten us with your evasion knowledge

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Government does everything for you provides you with health care and all you think is how to evade taxes? you should be ashamed.

Anyone who bought/sold with Coinbase is fucked lmao

>provides you with healthcare

I see what you did there

I hope your being ironic.

crypto-to-crypto tax is theft.
I'll glady pay taxes on my crypto if there are decent laws about it.

I forgot.
Your an americuck

What if I just bought and moved it to a chink exchange

u ready?

*deep breath*

do nothing.
the government arnt going to bother chasing up 4 million people to see if they have bitcoin or not. even if you used coinbase with your bank account linked and passport so what? you can just say you lost it or gambled it or whatever. When you send btc or any crypto to an exchange the exchange sending the amounts in packets of like 25 different wallet addresses at the one time. Finding your wallet and the amount of funds you have is nearly impossible, and actually impossible if you use xmr for transfers. the government will never suspect a thing unless you give them a reason to. Hence, do NOTHING

taxes good: roads muh healthcare education.

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If you decide to do this option, you better not cash out into fiat, or you're fucked. That's basically the only real problem here. If you use crypto for everything you're fine, it's just that we haven't really hit adoption yet so you'll be waiting a really long time.

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Probably okay if you never gave them any sort of ID.

tfw you're taxed almost as much as eurocucks, yet get jack shit for it. We do have a fascist police force that shoots citizens in the face and some cool missiles so there's that at least.

Please tell me how I can do this with Monero
I shared my wallet public key with someone and I suspect that he keeps his eye on my wallet.
He also has my identity.
I need help to make sure that he cannot report me to the tax man
If you help me out I'll tip 0.05 eth


Seriously anyone help me and i'll tip 0.05 eth

I don't really get it though. I buy let's say $250 of ETH on Coinbase. I transfer almost immediately to Binance and buy Link. They're both very slowly going down in this process. Are those niggers really going to tax me for that shit?

I don't understand what youre supposed to keep track of for crypto to crypto trades.

If I buy X for $200, it goes to $20000, then i buy Z , that's technically taxable, but with what? If you cash out the amount from X to pay the tax, you create two more tax events but going into btc and then fiat, so it's tax on your tax? It's retarded.

I can't imagine the IRS giving a fuck as long as you pay taxes on the fiat profits.

Moving the funds to another wallet would be enough to make them vanish.
Don't tell people you have or trade cryptocurrencies.

If you make enough money to raise a red flag book a flight to some third world shithole and open an offshore bank account.

Bringing the tip to 0.1 eth

I'm thinking of doing it like this:
Send my coins to binance --> sell them for eth --> send eth to shapeshift --> shift them into monero --> send monero to binance --> sell back for my coins --> put on wallet

or just
send my coins to binance
generate new public key
send coins from binance to new public key

Only if you moved 20k at once fag

it was my fiscal lawyer... that's why he also has my ID.
I paid him with crypto so he sees my wallet address.
He is pro-crypto but now I am choosing the evasion route so I don't want him to see my wallet anymore
I am also kind of worried about my identity

>he forgot about FATCA
you can't escape uncle sam

the day I pay to feed niggers will be the day I end it all I tells you hwhat

It does not matter who he is, move your monero to a new wallet and they will be untraceable.
What incentive he has to report you? Fiscal lawyers are basically thief that get paid to help people pay less taxes as possible, reporting customers is VERY bad for the business.

just convert everything to monero on an unverified binance account or on shapeshift. if you want to be extra paranoid use a vpn.
then keep your money in monero or convert it back to whatever you want. then DO NOT expose those new wallets

you're welcome

IRS doesn't understand how crypto works. They just saw people making money and started salivating at the thought of lost tax revenue

Look up coin mixing services. Some are on deep Web as well. Be careful. 0x2df1Ab4638304656803139716C02E9F3E366254C

That's true ... maybe I'm too paranoid.
I am stressing so much about this tax thing while normies don't stress at all and get away with it.
Thank you for your advice

If nobody sent you any tax forms, nobody sent any to the IRS. Yeah, you can't get away with literally not paying shit, but if you pay taxes on what you cash out like you should, you won't have a single issue, especially this early in the game. If you're rolling in millions and trying to avoid taxes altogether then you may have an issue, but all of these brainlet small fish worrying about their $10,000 are just worrying about nothing.

tl;dr: Pay your capital gains, they'll have your coinbase info eventually. But for now they can check your bank accounts and everything else

Just pay your taxes

lol. Nigger you die on the streets homeless if you get sick what

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Why are you suggesting this? Binance sends from one address anyway so what's the point in converting it to an 'unverified account' etc? Your suggestion doesn't make sense unless I'm missing the point.

Wouldn't it be enough to just:
1. send my VEN and LINK to Binance
2. Create a new wallet address on my Nano S
3. Send coins to the new wallet

He surely can't track the binance wallet right?

After this question i'll send you the eth

Legal action against you may not begin until after you have either replied to an official notice or been officially served papers; just burn all of your mail, ignore the doorbell and use only anonymous "burner" cellphones paid with cash ($30/mo @ Cricket Wireless).

If arrested for tax evasion during an unrelated incident such as a routine unconstitutional traffic stop, lawyer up, because it's illegal to jail a person for civil matters (fines alone are supposed to punish failures to follow civic regulations).

You can just mix the ETH, but you are also definitely overthinking this entire thing. Nobody's going to worry about your addresses yet.

Breathe in the gas KIKE SHILL.

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this doesn't hold up in real life.

Threadly reminder that deducting any losses can both help lower the pain of losing money and increase your total profits.

think logically. Say you transfer those funds to an exchange or monero wallet or where ever untraceable then what is this person going to do? he can contact the irs and say "my friend had a large amount of btc but now its gone" you can literally say that you lost it or gambled it away. Crypto isnt magic but remember that all the laws that are currently in place for this type of thing are written for fiat, not crypto. it is a whole new ballgame for the government and they have no idea what they are doing. There are people that mined hundreds of bitcoin back in the day on offline wallets and their funds are totally unknown to anybody. The government is only going to come snooping around if you give them a reason too (ie pay crypto tax so now they have a record of you dealing with crypto and they can investigate more) Thats why it is important you never reveal your powerlevel to anybody.
even IF you cash out into fiat, i am not sure about how laws are like in your country, but in Australia you can deposit or withdraw amounts up to 10k WITHOUT having to declare it on taxes or anything, my bank allows me to go to any branch and deposit 10k cash if i really wanted to no questions asked. But not all banks are the same in my country only a couple still allow this.


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Start a blog and accept donations from people. But donate that money to yourself when you're cashing out. I don't think that's taxed.

I didn't do it in order to evade, but my business is registered in Cayman Islands, so I don't pay direct taxes

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Come to Switzerland, tax evasion is not a crime here

Well, theoretically it could be possible to link the transactions if you do what you described, but that would be a lot of work. Not happening imo, unless we are talking really big amount of 'not so clean' money. but i don't think you would ask here if that was the case

you do realize coinbase has millions of customers right? last year the IRS requested info on 500k of them. that means half of them are too poor to bother with. (like myself). the other half might have to worry though.

>The government is only going to come snooping around if you give them a reason too (ie pay crypto tax so now they have a record of you dealing with crypto and they can investigate more)
If you don't pay tax and you've cashed out they definitely will come sniffing around and you'll be under extra scrutiny. That doesn't mean they're prepared to audit every blockchain etc but don't for a second believe they'll just ignore you

They already got coinbase records for 14-15 I believe, it's only a matter of time

a verified accound is linked to your ID. you do not want this

you think the IRS is going to randomly subpoena Binance because OP pays his taxes? they barely have a handle on crypto at all, paying anything at all at this point is going to earn you good boy points

Literally just pay capital gains on what you cashed out and don't overthink things

>you've cashed out
You imply they would know that you cashed out, while they are not able to know shit

>sniffing around and you'll be under extra scrutiny
If you directly wire crazy amounts into you bank account, you deserve to get buttfucked

>You imply they would know that you cashed out, while they are not able to know shit
If you've done 10k in any single transaction they'll know. Otherwise I don't know how they would know, but I guess if you've been paying on things, buying things, etc., they can start to build a case. If any entity issues you a 1099 of any kind they sent that to the IRS as well and from there if you haven't paid anything they'll start sniffing around.

Oh, but to be clear, one day they will get your Coinbase info and they'll know you cashed out even if you did so in small quantities, and by then it'll be a criminal charge and not just simple failure to report accurately or whatever

I have an easy solution for all of this:


lol didn't think it was that simple, did ya?

also your bank will send a 1099-INT and such if you have anything other than a checking account

there are a lot of ways they can get your scent

I agree. Once again, if you wire any money to your bank account you deserve to get buttfucked. There are other way to cash out. Either you do it professional or you just pay your tax rate. 20% for the burgers, right?

Just saw the headlines from this week.
Not gonna support some poor afghanis to stab and kill my people.

I'll gladly pay taxes if I knew that it won't pay some fucktard with 3 wifes and 20 children luxury houses while old people are left to die.

kys Faggot before we make you extra crispy.

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Your attorney can't really report you to the IRS. Unless he was somehow involved in you evading taxes (you lied to him about something and he reports it to the IRS) he cannot be called to testify against you.

What do you even have the ol' jew for anyways? Did you get caught in the past?

think why would they come sniffing around? Traditionally if somebody lives in a shit apartment but drives an audi and has no job the taxman is going to come around and start snooping based on your assets. But if you are smart and dont live outside your means why would they ever have any reason to suspect anything? This is not to mention all the people who have bought 100k worth of mining equipment and have their own private goldmine in their garage that mines to their own wallet which nobody is ever going to know who it is owned by.

>but don't for a second believe they'll just ignore you

realistically we have to look at the extent of the IRS reach. If you were the IRS who are you more likely to go after? roger ver or some black guy who paid for his swimming pool in btc in the midwest. There comes a point when even the irs has to allocate resources efficently in order to catch criminals, dont forget there is an entire other financial world that just had the biggest bull run in history out there which dont like paying taxes much either.

Create a blog
shapeshift to monero or monero to ETH
donate to myself

taxfree up to a certain amount here as far as I know.
I'm not gonna pay crypto-crypto taxes I never cashed out that arent't existing anymore due to the crash.

Tax kikes deserve to get fuck. We founded this country to avoid taxes and we'll do it again.

>MFW I'll live to see the day when public hangings and broadcast in the news.

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Are you trading X for Z in this scenario? If so, then yeah, you need to cash out enough to pay for the tax and the cash out. But if that's not what you meant then remember that you don't pay taxes until you cash out or exchange currencies.

Get fuckied IRS Nigger the day of the Rope soon apporaches,

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I just plan to cash out less than 38K or less per year or whatever it is to be in the lowest tax bracket for capital gains. I already got my taxes done and the bill is pretty small, comes out to less than 5% of what I made last year, and most of it is because I live in commiefornia, would probably be less in other states.

>No kikes or cucks allowed in here.
I wish they did. I can't afford to get sick.

I bought like 4 - 5 years ago and never gave my ID (but did my real name). This was before they required it.

They never sent me an email saying they turned me over to the IRS. Am I OK?

If they roughly the same value when you made the trade you are fine. Taxable event is when you brought the eth, sat on it for a while, whilst the value grew, then traded it for link. You will be taxed the difference in value of when you brought the eth and the value of eth when you traded for link.

I'm not an IRS nigger; I told another user how to commit tax fraud without getting caught. I was just giving that guy advice, since there are a lot of people on Veeky Forums who think you need to pay capital gains on an asset you haven't cash out yet. It's just the legal version of tax evasion.

Fuck this is great:

You can receive 15k€ in a 5 year term from a non family member.

If you have a blog, or crowdfunding or whatever stuff that involves donations, it is tax free up to 15k per person in 5 years.

Will check this with my tax guys.
So there is no need to even tell anyone you have crypto. Nice


I've bought 20k worth of BTC from Coinbase, but I sent it all over to binance.

What service can I use to convert USD to BTC (like coinbase), but avoid giving them my personal info. What are the chink coinbases? Where is the best place to easily buy BTC for USD and not have to give a ton of info?


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> dad was a plumber, mother was a housewife, lower middle class white america
> get 4.0 GPA in high school, take 50k loan to pay for Econ degree from top 100 university (scholarships and side jobs covered the rest)
> acquire enough knowledge and wisdom to know about crypto and invest in it early
> humble initial investment, only made enough to pay off student loans and make 20% down payment on nice house
> realize that i actually have to pay 30% of my profit (that was already taxed once) to We wuz Wakandans and sheeit
> build schools for people who dont care about their education, hospitals for people who don't care about their health, roads for people who don't go to work

Is there a guide for setting up a business in the Caymans? Can you do it yourself or do you need a team of kike lawyers that will charge and rape your ass.

How / where did you learn how to properly structure?

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All you faggots listen up....

When the request network goes live do this.....

Start and online shop where you sell like 3 original articles of clothing...

Make them retarded expensive. Like supreme but for actual rich people. They could literally be a white shirt for 10,000

Pay your business with your own crypto... preferably Monero using the request network.

Pay taxes on your small business instead of capital gains.

Keep more money. Keep of radar of IRS. Keep on livin baby

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For old stuff, they only reported buys of $20k or more.


you ain't getting my tax evasion secrets, retard

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I bought just over $20K I *think* (but can't remember exactly). But the email I registered never got the "we reported you to the IRS" everyone else did. & I ignored and never used them again after they asked for ID

nice larp

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No it's 20k total I'm on the reported list

The funny thing is, before 1913 we had roads, schools, a military, sundry government administrations and departments, and basically everything you need from a government..
..all without an income tax

U don't have to pay taxes till u cash out brainlet

If you use your crypto gains to buy stuff for your business you can write it off tax free

Be an escort. You use your house to fuck girls but don't harge them anything because it's charity. Since crypto bought the house which is a part of your charity business it is too.
Like that?

What if I bought four hundred nigger coin but then when industrial revolution coin comes out I sell it for cotton gin coin?
What then?

You didn't have 7 billion niggers leeching welfare though

Why didn't you cucks meme Ted Cruz into office then instead of flrumpft?

He wanted to abolish the IRS and have a 10% flat tax that you voluntarily report on a single post card.

Ancaps need to be impaled and paraded around the street

that being said, you can burn all your subpeones and they cant prove it. Shoot the kike when he comes to your door

As if Lyin' Ted would have done anything against the deep state

>t. fell for the voting meme
literally 98% of the world is fucking retarded

(((politics))) is WWE if you idiots haven't figured it out yet

it's not real! it's a television show!

I’m curious though, how fucked am I? Most of my ends are in crypto rn, and I live with my rents and am in between jobs. Am I fucked if I just say fuck it and don’t bother with shit for a while until I can afford to care? I buy on GDAX, transfer to Binance and Bittrex - I’ve cashed out a few hundred before (Gdax), but I always put more back in. 23, with parents, waiting to get called for interview right now - $300 (no joke) in bank atm - should I be worrying my sack off or am I prolly not a priority?

But why does no one talk about the fact that he was even talking about ABOLISHING THE IRS?

That alone means he was running on the most extreme pro-freedom platform ever.

I have a fake business setup just to get use tax exemption certificates at most stores
Saving 8% taxes on everything I buy adds up

Also The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

for views, you moron! fucking DUH

Oh look a nigger thread


for views? What?

I'm saying even if it's all a fake television show or whatever, why does NO ONE talk about how Ted Cruz was proposing to abolish the IRS. Is everyone asleep?

I figured it out now.
Don't worry and never cash out.
If you decide to cash out: get a plan first and lawyer up
Make sure to have comfy gains to pay for the lawyer and the taxes + fine

Doesn't this only work if you are cashing out exactly what you bought? e.g. bought 10 ETH on day 1, sold 10 ETH on day 366

Really everyone from this thread that helped me
Good anons ... you helped me get through this. I am very grateful

it's all self reported right now
just pay cap gains on your cash outs