How can faggots in UK go about investing in Hydrogen Fuel cell tech?

How can faggots in UK go about investing in Hydrogen Fuel cell tech?

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chekd and kekd

Hydrogen fuel cell tech is a dead end though


china is going big on fuell cells

=> Wechai Power - thank me later

>lights cigarette
>car explodes

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Your quads have piqued my interest. Redpill me on hydrogen tech.

>Smokes cigarette in petrol station
>Whole station explodes
>dozens of people running around on fire

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At the moment hydrogen most comes from by-products of the petrochemical industry. It's not going to be a thing in your lifetime. Instead, invest in emerging solid state battery tech. You're welcome.

There are betwen 50-100 fuel cell cars on the road in UK right now.

The first hydrogen refilling station opened recently in London with more planned.

Its all down to cost of production and infrastructure, once those problems are solved this shit will take off.

It most definately will be a thing in our life time.

Energy efficiency is the problem retard, we won't see hydrogen powered cars until we see nuclear fusion

Which part of most of the currently available hydrogen coming from fossil fuel don't you get? There are currently 13 refilling stations in the UK vs (what, 15,000 odd EV charging stations?). It's an experiment that is probably 20 years behind EVs. Look at the EV S Curve vs H. It'll be abandoned for consumer vehicles.

PEople were have been saying the same for EVs before Elon Musk came along.

>muh 20 miles of range
>muh no recharge facilities
>muh 12 hours recharge time

EVs are just one part of our future, eventually they will be powered with a fuel cell rather than a battery pack.

I'm glad you brought up Musk. He is somewhat knowledgeable on technology regarding energy in case you haven't noticed. Here's what he thinks of Hydrogen (it's not a fuel SOURCE - it's an energy storage mechanism).

>smoking in petrol stations

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Hed better tell Toyota, Honda and GM how stupid they are then as they are currently putting a lot of effort into Fuel Cells.

I like Musks innovation but of course hes going to shit on something which will compete with his cars.

You forgot Daimler/Mercedes. Musk is conman anyway.

>EVs are just one part of our future, eventually they will be powered with a fuel cell rather than a battery pack.

You are a brainlet. fuel cell vehicles will never be as practical as EVs because they require an extra step to manufacture the hydrogen and store it. In addition we already have an electricity infrastructure in place while fuel cell vehicles would require retrofitting all gas stations.

You can already drive across Denmark on purely hydrogen

Also Hyundai

>You can already drive across Denmark on purely hydrogen
and what is the cost compared to full ev, no govt or private subsidies?

What is the true cost of a Tesla without subsidies? Asking for a friend.

Not a huge amount but after watching videos about them I wouldnt want to own one outside of warranty.

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Why? Spontaneously combusting batteries not your thing?

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Not just that but the door mechanisms arent reliable ($800 for the handles), some guy had to replace one of his motors 3 times.

Also unbelievably these cars are prone to water damage in the battery packs.

Because of how new they are its a nightmare to get hold of body parts if they need replacing, some cars have been sat in dealers for months waiting for repairs. Theres a business getting bigger of people paying fortunes for totalled teslas because they still make profit on the spares. A totalled Tesla can sell for just a few K less than a fully functioning used model.

I like Teslas and wanted a model X if I 'made it' but I just think its to early.

whats more likely
>hydrogen tank
>electric tank
already bought hydrogen stocks a long time ago