What do you do to take your mind off losses?

What do you do to take your mind off losses?

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haven't lost anything I bought SND =)

You only lose if you sell.

Balloon party.

Lifting weights is the greatest anxiolytic.

This is what retarded hodlers say to themselves to cope. Seriously this is the worst meme. IF YOUR INVESTMENTS LOSE MONEY YOU LOSE MONEY REGARDLESS IF YOU SELL OR NOT

THC pills.

what's a loss?

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Same as in life, move forward and don't let yourself stagnate. Losses are only real if you cash out.

How does someone lose money in crypto? You literally had to buy in like a 3 week window only and then dumped everything.

Lost a lot of money when I got in because of the fucking retarded circle jerk hodl meme instead of my fucking idiotic brain realizing I should sell and buy when I feel like it's the bottom of an OBVIOUS long dip but no I hold knowing the fucking ship was going down even though I knew it would rise back up and I didn't take the chance to get a better re entry point.

focus on my business.

Lose more

I don't know, I bought a year ago

Just go on with my life and ride it out. It's very volatile market, so prices swing but crypto's not going anywhere.

losses are only real if you give up

I don't invest more than I can afford to lose

Fucking this. It motivates me to make more money to buy the dip

yes, I'm retarded

Just take it easy and take a trade, make a small account with high leverage. You got this. Risk to reward is 2-1

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Not retarded mate. It's smart to buy on the way down and sell on the way up.

i use a stop loss

only lost about 4% total from my ath

now think about how much money you dumbass hodlers have lost

I'm up 2500% by hodling, so yeah

adderall and hearthstone you nigger

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