PBR Pick in 30min

Poor Veeky Forumsnessmen.

I am in posession of a PBR Subscription.
For 50$ BTC i can add you to my Telegram channel where i will announce the Pick the moment i receive the Document.

Leave your handle.

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It's rcn


sitting on the edge of my fucking seat right now OP, keep me posted!!

Also don't pay to this pajeet
Follow this twitter, the guy has a bot that automatically posts the coin before anyone else


I'll be monitoring it. Wonder whos faster. Bot is useless because you have to search the Document for the Right article.

its storm. both anthony dioglio and charles hutchinson are billionaires. ada went 8000 percent at its peak in december


it's trx

its aion.

It's Bitbean.

What is this

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Do you accept blowjobs?


He's been accumulating KNC at 1$. Just watch it moon.

when do you enter this pump and dump pajeet fest?

Is it really aion? Wtf

>it's well under 50 cents
>jk its aion retards

ultimate pajeet

what's the buy up to?
come on faggots

Currency Pick: Buy Aion (AION)
Buy-up-to Price: $10
Stop Loss: None
Buy It On: Binance
Store It On: MyEtherWall


thanks, good place to buy the dip.
gonna flip it in 12 hours

Great time to buy, usually his picks settles 30% above pre-pump price before slow-mooning again. Right now it's below 10% over.

>Stop loss none

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