LINK is dead

I'm getting out of LINK for good. Not market selling, but I feel like my 160k link can be used elsewhere for more secure gains. I'll be keeping 1k just in case this shit does """moon""". What should I do with my money? I'm thinking of getting out of crypto almost entirely and buying some piece of shit land and holding it. Is buying and owning land the most chad thing ever?

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legit buy SND coin their starting to quarry sand ahead of schedule
it's gonna moon hard the get out and buy land currently looking at Nebraska good farm land and the area is starting to grow

What the fuck? This sounds retarded. Nebraska? Quarrying sand?

Kill yourself. You must be poor.

Try not to kill yourself when you check the price next year

Thanks for contributing to the discussion. I'm sure your 3k link stack will make you rich.

Dubs confirm my 10k stack will make me rich.

Seriously though, you seem like a nice guy- do yourself a favor and hold it till the end of March at least. Thank me later.

>sell the dump
sounds like a good pla champ

April 2nd is our day. Dubs confirm

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Thanks ranjesh just bought 200k

Wow OP you're a fucking dick. Whatever bad things happen to you in the future, know you deserve them.

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the absolute state of the crypto market

How? He didn't contribute anything of value.

This dump will change things.
People will look deeper in what they are buying. There will start being less and less p&d shit.
Hodl user, I know I will.

>selling after the dump
>acts like a smartass


I want your bags, I'll pry them out of your weak cardboard hands

I 2xed off link and just said I'm not market selling. Profit is profit.
Time value of money.

b u m p

Yes you are right, moon mission window for link has passed, Jibrel is the next moon mission

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it!!

>being this uninformed.

construction grade sand is rarer then diamonds due to pollution most sand is unuseable due to heavy metal mixing with glass grade sharp sand Russian government is increasing military factory construction as well as infrastructure improvements as well as a railway to china
Sand is used to build roads and foundations
SNDcoin happens to be backed by an extremely large quarry of preimium grade 1 and 2 sand
each sandcoin is is back buy 1 cubic metre of sand which easily goes for $50 dollars on the market
therefore once quarrying is in full swing 1 SND=$50

Nebraska is experiencing huge migration due to cheap housing and land prices
alot of California farmers are moving to Nebraska due to water shortage in Cali

Nice try pajeet

EOY 1000$

even ironically that's retarded

I hope you decide to take my advice

i just don't know what to do at this point

Listen to the man and hold your LINK. If you're seriously holding that much you're going to be beyond fucking rich if it even hits $10 which is practically guaranteed. Don't be stupid and impatient.

is absolutely right. I have a few whale sources telling me to expect something before this month is over. I obviously can’t confirm it but if you’ve come this far just wait until the end of the month.

Also, Link can very easily hit $100-200 by 2020. Just be patient and hold my friend, you’d have over $16MM and a passive income mechanism netting you thousands a month.

This just sounds unreal. Something like that can't possible happen to me. i'd be happy with $1.50 EOY

LOL stop shilling this in every thread Pajeet. What the fuck does sand need a blockchain for?

>1 link has been deposited into your account for your fud

another pajeet spamming the same copypaste in every thread

probably a bot.

I don't get the point of this one though, not even shilling anything. Just a FUD bot for the short sellers?

You made the right decision, OP. LINK was always just a meme anyway. Pay no attention to these trolls.

Should probably switch to Iexec RLC

Check the volume in the last 24 hours before you go user. Something's brewing.

Idk, why would Wyoming of all places aggressively legislate in favor of cryptocurrency? John Galt's hand is writing on the wall, for those who have eyes read it

Without Link, smart contracts will never see real world adoption. Only 10% of smart contract use cases are viable without a solid decentralized oracle network. Ethereum’s market cap is $60B right now. $100 LINK would be $35B at current circulation- for a project that will make eth 10x more useful, and can be used with ANY blockchain...

The potential is insane here. The only reasons Link isn’t $5-10 right now is because there has been 0 marketing and mainnet/big partnerships haven’t been released yet.

$1000 EOY is obviously not going to happen, but $50-100 is possible.

I’ve seen someone else post this too saying they had insider info. Guess we’ll just wait for a while. See what happens.

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I've got 278k link OP good call I'm selling too. After that one dude holding up a biz sign with sergey it hit me. No way is this shit going anywhere.

The general rule that has yet to fail me:
When a crypto has a few daily Veeky Forums threads maximum, each with a couple dozen replies and a fair amount of FUD...stay away
When a crypto has dozens of daily Veeky Forums threads, and three or four of those daily threads have hundreds of replies and a shit ton of FUD...BUY IMMEDIATELY

Is it possible for a utility project to surpass the platform it's running on?

> I have a few whale sources telling me to expect something before this month is over.
Can you give us a hint? This is obviously a larp but I'd like to pretend my 200k stack won't bleed like crazy.

You'd be nuts to sell LINK right now. The concept is tremendous. But, if you don't think they can deliver...

If you do sell look into ShampooCoin. It's a system that you install at home (about a $10k investment) and it tracks how much shampoo you use on blockchain. It's going to be huge!

So it's just crowdfunding. What stops them from ditching the whole coin thing once the project starts rolling?

>The average market price of 1 cubic meter of sand is $5.30.

So why would they buy back their coins for 50 bucks a pop?

This guy knows whats up.

Certainly, bigger things are always achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants. Remember that Chainlink could move to its own blockchain and issue it’s own token very easily

Truthfully all I’ve been told is something big is going to happen before the end of March. I would’ve considered it a LARP too but it came from a reputable source.

I'm starting to realize there's to many fucks that want a twitter update every morning before they take a shit. Fucking pussies. I'm out just market sold all my link. I'm not going to be associated with you niggers. LINK IS DONE.

>this market
>moon missions
OP good luck trying to actually make money in this market

> I'll be keeping 1k
I was going to try to argue to keep some but at that point basically take them all out. I'm deluded enough to stay on this shit but good luck man. I inherited land and I don't know what the fuck to do with it, holding land has its maintenance costs but can't get rid of senpai stuff that easily..

>This dump will change things.
>People will look deeper in what they are buying. There will start being less and less p&d shit.
>Hodl user, I know I will.
you couldn't be more wrong. YOU feel that way. Joe Fuckface down the street is going to avoid crypto all together until he here's it went up 6 gorillion dollars overnight again. Then he is going to fomo like a homo, get dumped on, and call for regulation along with all the other asshats that lost from fomo fever.
You do realize the vast majority of crypto money is literally retarded, right? Look at shit like TRX and XRP. Crypto is a lottery ticket to them, not an investment.

samefagging to fix autocorrect retardation.

These post SIBOS vibes, I'm digging them.

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nice pasta

Bullshit fud.. op probably has no Link.

If you’ve already made money off link, get out while you can. Oldfags are laughing at you for hodling their memecoin.

Now is the time to be DCAing into projects you believe in for the next bull run. This could be a short lived near market or it could last a good 18+ months. Either way, just keep buying slowly. There are people who will give up on crypto and wake up one morning months from now and see bitcoin at 6 figures- don’t be one of them. Build a solid portfolio and be ready .




That is the dumbest shit I believe I've ever heard

> John Galt's hand is writing on the wall
and it says

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Nice rundown

my iq is lower than most id imagine...but this seems like it would be huge. i think i might buy some and hold it for a 2-3 years. id like to see how this all works out and if it is a success i sure do not want to be sitting on the sidelines. thanks