TOP 5 CMC 2019

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Which porn whore was this again

More important question is who is more handsome Talal or Yazan?

Fucking pajeets will you go shit on another board? Nobody gives a fuck about Jibrel

Talal by a million miles

Yazan ugly

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yes i would like to buy the jibrel please tell me more

don't know

Yazan by a mile.

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This is an elaborate scam to get their modeling careers off the ground. Mark my fucking words.

I want to buy using Fiat. On the other hand I want eth to drop even further so I can accumulate more before this gurarenteed coin takes off.

fucking all makes sense now

>Nobody gives a fuck about Jibrel
apparently Don Tapscott, Changpeng Zhao and the Al Maktoum family does
but surely your opinion weighs more

Kill yourself

1k eoy

hello everyone buy bazinga coin as well


That feel when my fellow JNT holders are ruining this coin with all their bad shillings.

Please stop guys. Please.

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Thanks to, datboi, Frank and wojack the retard Trio.

talal is the most handsome crypto figure by far

>ruining this coin
Who cares, it’s bound to moon with or without biztards

ok i'm listening.. what makes you say this.

i swear, this motherfucking lowlifes have no other thing going in in their pathetic lifes
someone ban them from the telegram, you make gaylal cry
you turned this whole thing in a joke and i hate you, all of you
so much

the wojak guy is literally one of the dumbest losers ive ever had the displeasure to encounter. he's literally a piece of shit who literally thinks spouting Veeky Forums memes all day is funny. he also asks some of the dumbest goddman questions, it's mindboggling

Considering this coin is not going to moon before some months if not 2019, are we going to have this stupid shillings every days?

How do they handle so much stupidity?

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Assets are already being tokenized.

man the early days were a blast. sad to see datboi go

kek, fudders btfo

youre next faggot

where the fuck have you been user?

I assume they just mean jcash but not the other 250 mil

300 MC when

we ded

Mum, is that you?

This, Im suprised noone noticed yet

Next Chain Link

you assumed wrong

yazan has more symmetry
talal looks off if you take a pic of him dead center

I personally think Talal, but it's honestly a hard choice, both are extremely handsome.

I despise these 3, they are so far up their own asses...

on biz, ignoring jibrel threads

so staying poor. why?

you gonna shill me on your shitcoin or what lad
quit wasting time

Realistic price predictions eoy?

My guess is anywhere from $10-15

this, fucking retarded idiots. Just pm the admin with the wishes of getting them all banned, sooner or later they will.

$3-10 bucks

I personally know those 3 guys. Pillar's of the Jibrel community.

Wojak is not a brainlet, as some have claimed, and the questions he asks are always of the highest calibre. Rumoured 9 inch x 7.5 inch pen15 also.

i like the tech and idea behind this coin, but it's way too arabic/muslim/jewish for me.

Fucking "Jibrel", what is this, the fucking biblical era? No, fuck that shit. Fuck this filthy sand nigger mufasa mohammed smelly curry beard alluhah akbar shit.

I'm fucking out

holy fuck $15 would be insane, I mean I only have 4k jiblets but that would still be 60k would save my life. Not too bad for only putting in like 1.5k Cad

You must be fun to be around IRL

oops sorry that wasnt me

i love all people

jibrel is an awesome coin as well

Why so low?

It wouldn't be too hard for it to get to $15 in my opinion. It'd need an market cap of 2.25 billion dollars. Remember this project aims to have jCash to be used in the UAE and MENA regions. Also Dubai aims to be the first City to run on blockchain technology by 2020. Honestly $15 is a low ball, I fully expect this to at least hit $50 sometime in 2019.

Trips confirms it's true

sounds about right

source: my ass

60-100$ in 2020-2021 maybe even more. Bonus; buy property in Dubai taxfree with your Jcash, property doubles in value over the next 3 years after that cause of Dubai 2020 Blockchain city futuristic edition and you will be set for life.

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This guy gets it.

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Don't get your hopes up. All sorts of funky shit happens in this market. We probably won't moon until 2020.

Trips of truth

Holy shit someone saved my OC. Thanks jibro. That made my day.

yes but then I'd have to own a house in dubai... no thanks

no one needs a blockchain anymore when there is hashgraph
all your shit is becoming worthless

weed legal in dubai?

>anything fun legal

you're welcome, it's nice OC

No, but I think they have special areas for westerners to drink without getting thrown in prison... so there's that?

Meant to reply to this

Because I think the project will grow more in 2019 than 2018.

2018 will be just inaugurating the potential of Jibrel - 2019 will see even more adoption.

3 dollars is still like a 10x - you guys should temper your expectations

How much in 2019?

about tree fiddy

EOY 2019 10
EOY 2020 30
EOY 2021 80-100

Talal said so.

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Much higher if things go well - I dont really like to get hung up on price predictions there isn’t anything beneficial to be gained on speculating what the orice might be a year from now

Its a really good project and will grow a bunch. There is huge potential obviously and as long as I maintain faith in the team I’ll stay invested in it.

Can someone shill me on this project?

go fuck yourself ricardo
you are baiting your fuckbuddy datboi to post a copypasta
just get a life you fucking autists

holy fuck the volume is so low on the gate eth pairing. i've never waited this long for a crypto trade before. should have gone with btc pairing or just used bibox

Investable smart contracts are about to blow up, just wait for it www.p3d.trade

I see your point. Project Pinocchio won't be done until Q4 2018, so most of the magic will start to happen 2019/2020.

the dao is just going to be manually done til then, project pinnochio just means dao and full decentralised.The whole aim of this project is to tokenize assets and thats being done now, this isnt a neo, cardano etc project that will make money 12 + months in the future, this is happening now.

I kinda see where the other guy is coming from still, even if they can tokenize assets now it'll take time for them to gain customers. Remember if they're to be believed they've gotten so many offers that they can choose which banks they work with so it's going to take time for them to build their customer base and it'll take time for financial institutions to get comfortable using jibrel network

quick rundown on pinocchio?

All that matters is how much these tokenized deals reflect on the marketcap.The one deal they announced so far will add 6x minimum.Thats ONE deal.You think they only tokenize one deal all year long?You think they want to tell potential clients they need to wait 10 months before they can tokenize assets?Is there any reason it would take 10 months?They will want to do this quickly.

the DAO will be full automated

pic related is yazan's answer

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I think we'll see a lot of deals his year but if I had to guess which year we'd see more growth between this year and next year I'd pick next year

Bog bow to the wooden puppet-boy....

fuck yes i'm at least in with 2.3K... pushing for 25K over the next couple weeks. wish me luck jibronis

could you imagine? unreal


>sees Antshares for ten cents each
>"What is this? A crypto for ants? I'm out"

basically. this coin is literally a ramp for middle eastern institutions to early-adopt blockchain and profit while doing so. can't imagine the amount of wojacks that will cover this board in a year or so.


Gib moon

I have 25k of these and stopped accumulating link for this. I think its a better buy than almost anything else for awhile

Jibrel Network is not a licensed bank nor does it follow any financial regulations. They have a rather grandiose roadmap that mentions the phrase "full regulatory compliance" without even attempting to spell out what exactly that's supposed to mean.

Jibrel Network Tokens (JNT) aren't backed by anything. It's yet another ERC20 token with a pretty basic contract. I am not going to read it in full because I've got better things to do. You, however, put actual money into this and unless you understand exactly how this contract works, you cannot claim to understand what you wasted your money on.

CryptoDepository Receipts (CryDjR), which are the supposed point of the entire project, don't actually seem to exist yet. I might be wrong: Jibrel Network's launch announcement is pretty unclear on what they actually launched. In any case, CryDRs are redeemable in JNT only. This means that if you happen to hold CryDRs pegged to some asset and the real-world value of that asset goes up, you will still lose money if the price of JNT takes a nosedive.

On the team: none of the developers have a public record of successfully delivering or even just leading large-scale projects. They don't seem to have anyone with a long-term, high-level involvement with financial products nor anyone with the necessary expertise in financial regulations. I can't say that I share your optimism.

In summary, you have exchanged your hard-earned cash for an ERC20 token that as of today is pretty useless. You are putting your trust a team that has no significant public track record and, as far as we can tell, lacks the domain-specific expertise, and furthermore has so far produced very little that would convince anyone that they might, against all the odds, turn their vague, lofty roadmap into reality.

got 9.4k, not much into trading unless it's a bull market cause i'm wageslaving. so buy and hold shitcoins, the "worst" advice in crypto.
if i'm stuck holding 20 cent bags two years from now at least i'm in good company. i'll have you fags to laugh at. and linkies too.

Nice just unironically sold 24k

this needs to be circulated in every JNT thread. it's the smug pasta from some faggot redditor and we need to have it on hand when we hit 100 per token around 2019.

i want the man who typed those words to very strongly consider taking his own life when this coin goes to andromeda

Do you have the link for the Reddit post? I'd like to take a look at the context for the lelz

but he's right about some things
>checked out token source weeks ago
>didn't understand any of it, but saw 900 lines of code
>good enough for me
i don't understand any of it, but know that it probably does more and has more thought put into it than other tokens because other tokens have less lines of code. anyone know solidity or we all brainlets?
>vague roadmap
yes but i've worked in consulting with a little bit of exposure to banking(technical sales/proposals, basically a fancy administrator). a lot of what was written was top down from the team, maybe with a little consultation from clients. a lot of it was their ideas on how to make money in the space, and not all of it was set in stone. that's why the focus of the project seems to keep changing if anyone's heard of it from the ICO stage. ideas is one thing, but once they start shilling to clients, the clients may want entirely different things and change the scope of the project. happens all the time. selling stuff like this is very demand-driven to use a stupid buzzword
that's like just his opinion. he has no faith in the team, jnt holders do, obviously.

but user that's literally the best part

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Based Arabro

Fucking this

Another day, another JNT thread, another Jibrel bleeding.