Lost my job today Veeky Forums

Lost my job today Veeky Forums

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Were the machines too complicated?


What happened?

He lost his job

He screwed up one too many orders of fries

Sorry user, what happened desu

holy shit

i got a plaque today thanking me for my 15 years of service

Same OP

We'r going to make it anyways senpai

People only get fired on Fridays dumbass. Nice larp though

well i wish you future success.

What happened nigger? tell us so most can lol @ u and a few of us (me incl) can empathize

lmao right on dude i quit my job last week


Did you touch someone you shouldn't have? I got fired for that once. Which was totally wrong because company policy classed sexual harassment as repeated unwanted or unwelcome behaviour that makes the recipient or an observer uncomfortable. Repeated. As in, you should get one for free before you have to pay for it. And I was fired for a first offence.

start a business

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it.!

I'm quitting my job on Monday. But I've been "off sick" all week because I cant be fucking arsed anymore. beer, Veeky Forums and vidya for a week before i start looking for a new job.


he's just a nujak poster, trying to spread his cancer. you all fell for the bait

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Get a new job, you dumb slut.

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I was fired on a monday, last day on tuesday. Which makes me think you never had a job.

were all dead.

Technically I wasn't fired, but I was told not to come in tomorrow and that they will "call me when they need me"

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It's not you it's us. We can still be friends through.


quick rundown pls

What job?

welcome to the grill station bro

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