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Y is it pumpin tho

doesn't make sense to pump because most of its coins will unlock over the next year. and yet it pumps.

cause that fucking pajeet teeka shilled it

Glad I bought at $9. Thanks Teeka

I really don’t understand the difference between this wanchain and ICON

Unbelievable. I'm literally a subscriber using a bot to scrape the coin name and I was still too slow. Had already pumped 40% before it could auto-limit-buy.

well when do you usually renter after it's initial pump and dump?

The twitter bot?

It worked well last time, I got in only +10% into the GTO pump. And the month before on CND I hadn't written the bot yet, I was actually able to load the page by hand and submit the order and got in at +20%.

But now it's fucking hopeless, there's probably a colony of shitheads with supercomputers and T1 lines camped out 30 meters from the PBC servers. This is like High Frequency Trading on crack cocaine.

I re-enter post-pump at a target 30% below the pump peak, which is usually safe. This one dumped harder than usual to 40% below. I'm hoping the new boomer bucks from his membership reopening will pump this one +100% and not be a disaster like GTO was.

No, it's a PHP bot I wrote myself. It's all spaghetti code since I don't know jack shit but it does the job. I was terrified the first time I used it last month that they would activate cloudfail and block my GET requests but it hasn't been an issue so far.

I got no bots, just a slowass computer and still managed to get in and out with profits after dumping my APPC bags
What's your excuse

i think cuz the order book was super thin. all the bots basically bought that shit out

prove it faggot

He already shilled AION when it was $5 though. Shilling same coin twice

>says coin is under $1
>says marketcap is under 100m
>pajeets spam aion as the pick thanks to a fake PBC bot on twitter
Hope you didn't get pajeeted Veeky Forums but if you did holy fuck you are dumb if you didn't listen to the master pajeet himself. Enjoy holding those bags

Tfw in aion from the start.

yeah, anyone catch the 24h volume pre-pump? I'm curious.

He already shilled CND before and it went +150% the week after he shilled it the second time. Who gives a fuck.

They all work together in the same ecosystem. If AION is gains adoption so does ICX and WAN


dunno, unlucky timeout streak maybe. I think I can improve the algo I use to isolate the coin in his narratives, shave a few seconds off there.

Shhh let them lose their money

It is literally, actually AION. You're a retard.

o yeah because aion is literally actually under $1 and 50m market cap and the pbcbot on twitter wasn't a clever PnD at all. how about you literally kys pajeet

What's the buy up to

lol its because all the actual insiders already buy the shit out of the coin before it gets announced.

There are the people who run this shit and get the premium price, the people who follow it closely and get the average price and then retards who just look CMC and go HUHHH PUMP UUGHGHH MUST FOMO UGHH EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON

Being part of p&d groups still make you money if you arent greedy with profits but you still make a fraction of what the people who run these groups make.

$10 lol

pajeets are gonna get burned HARD

what a fucking shitshow kek
100% in 1 minute

You guys do know pump and dumps are illegal right? You might be safe for know but just wait until the SEC cracks down on these scammers.

He doesn't advertise his picks as pumps. They're just picks. It's the rest of the public who has a cult notion of his ideas as infallible that has created a pump phenomenon around his picks.

Not saying he doesn't realize his shit pumps to high heaven or doesn't take advantage of it behind the curtians, but how would they prosecute him? He even says in his writeups, 'the price goes up after my calls, be patient and wait for it to cool off before buying.'

If it takes a few seconds, why use a bot in the first place? Why not just manually do it?

Holy shit I actually bought the bottom for once last night at like 2$

why did he pick aion btw?

hello teeka
the gubberment does'nt care
i hope you bought a big stack of lube from your gains

he didn't how fucking dumb are you

Just hold onto AION guys, this project could literally be the next ETH. I know that gets thrown around a fuck lot on biz but this is one of the few projects that can be a central force for all blockchains both public and private. I am an AION bagholder but I bought in because of my own research not because of pajeet calls. The beta is absolutely top tier, I can absolutely see this doing a run as ETH did.

can you give me the 10 second shill?
saw this awhile ago but ignored because mcap was already enormous