what did he mean by this

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Yep.. Already up 100%... Btw He definitely postponed the APPC because too many people figured it out
He said under 50 cents and internet company
What a fucking faggot

Probably just wanted to unload his aion bags

I just don't understand how a pajeet on the internet could lie to me like this...

>said coin is under $1
>desperate aion faggots spam that teeka picked their coin even those it's not under $1
hmmmmm how is holding all those bags?

what the fuck this faggot said coinw as udner 50 cnets that no one ever heard of this mother fucker chemo head fagget

but it is AION.. I'm a pbc sub. You'll eventually find the leaked report, I don't care enough about you little faggots here to share it for free.

It's Aion pajeet, he changed the call, I know the clues he gave yesterday are nothing like Aion but w/e

It was not Teeka, it was Jeff Cooper who posted that one. Teeka's pick will come in 30 mins

bro come on link me ltc adress i will pay you

kek I hope you actually bought this and aren't part of the pajeet shill group with their fake pbc twitter bot. get fucked stay poor

tfw bought AION near the top and now it crashed

EASY -40% for my investment

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Never buy once it's already up 100%
Kek what do u mean

Now you know who teeka is

>Not realizing he gave a false flag leak to see if anyone in his organization is a big mouth...

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proof? is it normal for them to make multiple calls in a day?

ok let me break this down for you a bit slower since you are clearly retarded.
>He didn't change the call
>aion is not under $1 or 50m marketcap like he said the pick would be
>cbpbotf on twitter is run by pajeets
>~2.20 to 3 is not 100%
get fucked I hope you lose it all if you aren't part of these pajeets but if you are one of the pajeets gg fucking the idiots over it was a good one

that twitter is a scam there was no call yet

>aion is not under $1 or 50m marketcap like he said the pick would be
Yes, that's GIFTO. AION is today's call.

2nd wave coming

Another bag for you to hold.

carry your bag sir?

Yea he threw a fake clue to make normies think it was something else rip
Still managed to get out from appc with profits, get into Aion and get out of Aion with profits aswel
Nah I think you're a brainlet and just started crypto two days ago

i think he thinks he has a pajeet spy in his midst

It's AION you phaggots. Forget the stupid twitter bot, some of us are actual subscribers.

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It's only one pajeet claiming it's not Aion in this thread, relax

why did teeka make me lose all my money.
fucking pajeet