Help decide?

I want to add 1 more thing to my portfolio but not sure what.

Between these picks, what would you add?


I'm leaning towards NAS or QASH...

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HASH is solid long term you might wanna buy in slowly
NAS is solid but needs to go down closer to ico price

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What was the ico price? Looking to get in on NAS soon.

I would also like to know. And, I couldnt find HASH, am I retarded?

NAS for sure. though i may be biased because 75% of my portfolio is NAS

you need to add GOOGL to your portfolio

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a little

Attached: logo_big.png (512x512, 30K) way it's bleeding down that far.

I agree, I dont think I see NAS going down that far. It may be a decent time to buy in now.

Ah so HASH is QASH, gotcha.

ICX and NAS are the best choices here, honorable mention to QASH. Hard no to ADA and VEN.


Man add powh3D
It's gonna moon

Gate or huobi for NAS? Haven't used either yet.


Unironcly this is my portfolio.
Ven, Qash, Nas, Icon in that order. Ven is guarenteed win and it would be weird to not have it. Qash imo has the best risk/reward. Nas is just cool. But I hope they won't be to late in comparision with the competition. Just bought icon cuz its low.

Just sent over some money to buy some NAS on Huobi. Whats the best wallet to hold it on?

Also, I'm considering selling some of my NEO & GVT to hold some ICX as well. Thoughts on that?

I sold my neo for icon think it will rebound harder. Who knows tho.

Wise picks user. Just hold them both on MEW (ledger preferably). Though you will need the ICX wallet soon (download from their website) for mainnet token swap.


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NAS MAN ZIL, my top picks. this is not financial advice, stay poor forever

who is this semen demon

Ok, so here's the entire portfolio. I feel like I should be consolidated a little more by removing at least one of them, but I cant decide if I should and if so, who gets the axe? Any opinions or advice on how you would reallocate funds if so?


Also, cant remember, just a random picture. Let me see if I can find out.

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Thanks for the help!

No luck man, sorry I cant remember what I googled to find her.

mia malkova?


this is financial advice dont do your own research you will not lose money

mia malkova

High IQ poster.

NAS will launch mainnet later this month and after that they will be available on the big exchanges, this is the cheapest it will be.

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I am now actually considering selling my NEO to move more into my other projects. Sure I like NEO but ICX may get better returns quicker, and I'm actually considering splitting the amount between ICX and NAS to have more of both. Or possibly just diversify it among my portfolio fairly evenly. Thoughts?

Safex. New blockchain goes live next month.

Ya lost me at TradeSatoshi and Cryptopia for that coin.

Did the same. fuck neo.

I think your right about the ICX thing. I think itll rebound with higher returns than NEO. Will it happen as quickly? Maybe not, but I think it has more potential to go higher so I'm with ya on that! (Don't get me wrong, I still do like NEO however)

Lmao this faggot again asking biz for advice

ICX for best ROI.


Needs more NAS

there are zero news coming to pump icx in price, keep your neo and accumulate more nas

Nothing Asian

Consider swapping ADA with EOS or at least grabbing a small bag

NAS is top pick fallowing ICX.

NAS easily. The connections are insane. It is NOT a chink coin, they are literally based in San Fran

but retard, connection thing is crap..if they have they would have listed in bnb by this time. but team is not able to do it..

Lol why are you shilling AND fudding this coin?

i like the coin and had in my pf but did not like their incompetent to list in bnb..and lack of marketing.