This is a man

This is a man

How does that make you feel, user?

Also: are traps a solid investment?

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it's all camera angles and posing. his butt isn't even that great. ps: fuck off faggot

Anyone that doesn't raise an eyebrow at this pic is an idiot. Just look at that elbow

I don't get it

why would you say it's a man

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you gay man

Of course it's a man? If you are attracted to this you are obviously gay as fuck.

>cannot be unread

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It’s not a dude, OP is lying.

This bitch is gross. Has an ultra-masculine face and lets niggers fuck him raw-dog.

even though it looks fleshy like a woman theres something not quite right. If in doubt its a trap. Although the skinny spinner with the ears and fishnets google eyes and tongue out i didn't suspect was a trap

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any hole is a goal :^)

If you want kids we're not. But the kind of experiences we have encourage our self-reliance.

it is you faggot, reverse search that shit, his name si Bruno

What's her name

the ass looks 80% legit, not sure about elbows

this is a lie and its not a man

No it’s not you dumbass nigger, her name is scrandle, she deleted everything about herself long ago. I reverse image searched it better than you apparently.

lol what youre a FAGGOT theres literally nothing below you for you to turn your nose up at

I'm gay and I prefer more shapely asses

Is there a trap thread somewhere un Veeky Forums? Can't find one

It's the waist/back that's wrong somehow.

That’s because it’s not a dude.