How does it feel to be rich Veeky Forums?

How does it feel to be rich Veeky Forums?

t: $104 in total savings

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it's annoying because all i can think about is doubling what i currently have.


not happy i own all i want, i traveled to various countries, which is my best invesment yet... but while not traveling is boring as fuck. going to restaurants all day, going to gym, playing video games, buying useless shit... gets boring man

$100,000 in savings, $40,000 in crypto, $25,000 car, still doesn't feel like nearly enough.

what can you invest in with $100?


It feels like shit and you start to realize buying things doesn't mean anything in your life. I learned that all the best things in life you can't even buy (love, intelligence, good health, achievements).

Throw these to and reinvest till you rich. It's based on smart contract in ethereum so nobody can steal your cash (if vitalik won't fork network)

i've got $140 in my name that has to last me until mid april

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Yeah, don't invest in this. The creators fucked up big time and just now learned how to code and test contracts.

Head on over to instead.

Hedonism is essentially empty, meaningless and leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Responsibility will give your life meaning and make you feel so much better.

I'm up 3 dollars on my $100 Robinhood account I opened last month and let sit
Serious gains, to the moon


Dunno mate, I've got $100 in BTC
>$1953 overdrawn on bank account
>$252 overdrawn on my other account
>$1197 on a credit card
>$1500 on a 36 0% intrest credit card

I earn $40k a year in my full time desk job with no kids or gf, I shouldn't be this fucking poor.

How the fuck are you that fucking poor? What are your expenses??
Im in the exact same situation as you almost down to the same salary, but I'm miles ahead of you

You're an idiot. Read some fucking Mises or Rothbard.

Feels real good.
t. $19k

I live with parents and they recently retired on shitty pensions. They've run up some 15k loans and I had to bail them out a number of times when they incurred bank charges they ignored.

I figure its the least I can do as their son till they can sell the place and downsize, but they are dragging their feet.

The one saving grace is that I can get a single bus to work so I can just about scape by after paying their mortgage and bills ($2k/month). $400 a month doesn't sound like much, but when you consider that can be blown away by some random charge/expense its fucking annoying

It's never enough user. We haven't made it yet

I hold +200 bitcoin. I just live as a NEET, eat out with my parents, make youtube videos once every few months, play video games and watch anime.
It's alright.

read books

how do you have 200 BTC?

I traded well.

What can I use if I don't have robin hood in my country?

Stop LARPing.

With $104 I'd stop asking people what it's like to be rich and start asking people for spare change


Hello fellow patrician

- around $20k in savings,
- $120k condo (paid 50% down)
- shitty 2014 Kia Rio
- around $10k in gold and precious metals
- maybe $2k in checking
- around $600k in crypto (down from a peak of $1.9 million a few months ago)

>$20 000 in crypto
>$200 in bank account
>$900 car
>$100/week rent
>making 20k/year working
>having fun w/ all my spare time

learn to live biz

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18 with almost $30k in the bank and no debt. Feels pretty comfy

How much did you put into crypto?