Are these guys for real?

Are these guys for real?

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i cant wait to doxx CCR
i will honestly fucking fly out myself and harass him in person if I ever find out where

how fucking stupid can this community be? what the fuck is wrong with them?

this is borz

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no way, this can't be real

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I dont care about borz, he actually looks like a downie or something, it's CCR i want to get information on

Do they want more money, didn├Ąt they scam enouph ?

Where are those defending this scamcoin where Veeky Forums told them the truth ?

>Own the entire xby supply after buying from exit scam coin
>Sell xby supply to community
>Here's another coin called xfuel, it's not on any exchange but we'll pay our devs with it
>We might issue shares, which we will sell to you
>guys we are running out of funds! donate other crypto to us and we'll give you this coin which is still on no exchange

Funny how they don't accept their own scam pre mined x-fuel token. Huuuuge red flag

I cannot believe how stupid people are. I am sure everyone is looking to exit. They don't want to go out at a loss though. This is sad

Last I heard he was in a sports car

>patent is coming guys

Ceo must of laughed about getting paid in x-fuel


Oh look its biz fudding xby again. Look at those replies one right after another. It couldnt possibly be someone IP rotating...someone that has a grudge against way

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We are all one guy named user

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Oh look, an XBY fag thinking every criticism is some great big conspiracy from one person and not a group of sound minded folks raising legitimate questions. Go kill yourself faggot and steal someone else's money jew nigger.

If you're really invested in XBY and not trolling, I truly wish you good luck

thanks, just donated 100k btc

I dumped my XBY at 7x on some retard, I hope it was you

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Biggest piece of horse manure with a minefield of red flags around it. Hope it crashes and burns soon.

I guess dutch-fag is back for vengeance guys

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oh no! look out guys it's someone who thinks a random dutch guy from last summer still gives a shit and is out to get xby. go be persecuted elsewhere fucking faggot. likely one of the new new discord fags who would gladly gargle ccrs cum while giving dedpull (andrewk) a handjob. cannot wait until all you faggots kill yoursleves from depression at not being able to see the scam, clearly. oh please dear nigger jesus bring that day soon.

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Scam 100% who's stupid enough not to see this?

>had $400k worth of xby in january
>didn't sell


I told you, idiots, they would conjure up another way to fleece funds.

this is what xfuel was meant to be for, but notice they can't release an audit on xfuel? Because they have skimmed so much of gullible fools buying it.

No tech
No patent
Scheme after scheme to fleece funds from the community
777 cancelled because community started asking real questions
EVERY BIT OF DEVELOPMENT IS SOME NEW GRAPHICS, wow reddit flairs, wow xcite mockups


Full blown scamcoin, shout out to the anons who allowed me to get out of it a bit after it's pump. Anonymous devs? Are you fucking kidding me guys come on

Willdono is a big enough of a loser to IP rotate and pretend to be different people on biz and frantically bash a rank 200+ project all because poor little Willdono hates CCR and Borzalom and can't let it go.

Get help. Oh well we know you won't. You're pathetic.

I remember you posting your portfolio, advice: Just sell on good gains, especially above 100k there are tons of other things you can invest in with that money.

bahahaha this faggot mika thinks it's all will. you dumb old fuck. most of these people are the old board members, you know, the people who know much more about the scammy nature of this project. oh no! monster will is here to take muh scam xby! someone save me from the kid will.

here's the truth. your scam coin is over. you project is finally dying and it makes me so happy mika to know you didnt sell and you missed out on all those gains. stay poor in korea faggot.

Invest in smart contracts before they blow up

How was buying over 1k sats? I bet your one of those faggots who went all in at 5k and you're clutching on your only option of hope to break even one day.

Fuck off nigger