Chainlink SXSW recording, thanks rory! Part 2 is coming soon

Chainlink SXSW recording, thanks rory! Part 2 is coming soon

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Wow, it was fucking nothing.
No wonder that shitcoin is near planet 0.30c

Excellent, thank you

Thanks rory!

Veeky Forums... fastest info available... faster than source

Gracias OP

based Rory



too little to fucking late Rory

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we moonin' soon boiyos

is he really just mentioned "digital gaming goods" as fucking example of how smartcontracts work? Holy shit, Vitalik plays WoW, if Sergey is nolife gamer too then im buying 100k, unironically

Excellent. Thanks!

rory posted it as the source first newfag

Rory is in this thread dumbass

Smartcontract is like IFTT wtf and the face of sergey @ 8min06 PLZ GIF

lets see some proof rory

I've literally watched it all and its NOTHING!!!

Sergey just fucking talks about cheese and makes jokes.

Who do you think post 20 threads a day on this shitcoin?


Boring stays mirroring Sergey
hopefully the fucked

Thanks Rory, we were shitting on you yesterday, but you came through in the end. Thanks brah.

Wow useless glad i never bought this shitcoin

Doesn't some user owe another user 10,000 Link because Sergey said Chainlink the first chance he got?

confirmed rory is the one spamming link threads to promote his shitcoin

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it....

my boy KILLING it. nice job sergey. keep up the good work

fuck that was me. I didn't keep the thread alive cause there was no stream and I forgot. Fuck that guy he wouldnt have delivered anyway.

He talks too much

Hi user this was me, where do i send the link?

would like him to not speak at all? he explained everything perfectly.

he speaks so confidently

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Goddamn, whoever said he was sperging out was spot on. Let gonser shill the smart contracts, he is viewed as biased in this panel.


Did Sergey Oracle parsed Boring's Api? What's the decentralized LINK network consensus?

No he rambles and doesnt explain shit clearly. He just talks about cheese

Sergey did a push and pull request in Boring's github

Sergey is a quirky guy. Shows he's extremely intellgent and beyond most people.

Sergey is probably smarter than Vitalik. If that kid can create the worlds second biggest crypto in terms of market cap. Imagine what Sergey is going to do.

I'm hodling, and I bought 110k at .0007 stats.

I know what I own. This will be worth $100 a token easily...When? That's hard to say.

But I know I will see it in my lifetime.

So that's a great thing to bank on.

If you're impatient. Oh well, your loss...I'm sitting on millions of dollars right now. I just can't access it yet.

Sergey on panel with the founder of this...


Ken Moyle did. He is the obv chad at the table.

>Theoretically we're all made of cheese
Based, Boring tried so hard not to laugh

This. Note the body language and conversation back and forth between gonser and Sergey. You're a fool if you don't think he isn't in on Chainlink by now.

who thinks chainlink would greatly benefit from hiring some slik tongued jew to sell chainlink on panel like that. Sergiey is great and all, but attempting to hear him speak is tireing and people stop paying attention very quickly. the content is ok.

the repetition of words sentence by sentence. speaking everything that comes to his mind without clustering it into a nice cogent package. speaking to quickly.

Yeah, it cant be a coincidence that Sergey shares a panel with these big players, if they are not invested in link, Im so bullish on link it's not even funny.

shut the fuck up and stop trying to sound intelligent.

trust in sir-gay cryposcillatahhh

he doesnt need to be a Chad conversationalist. You think VB was any good when he started? Once the ball gets rolling in a few weeks the marketing team that they are getting will be in charge of that. All he needs to do is make sure the main net launches without a hitch. That's his biggest goal right now.

He is trying to explain things in a simple way to make even brainlets understand what the fuck he is talking about.

kys brainlet


>boring: "Insurance-(looks at sergey and pauses) is a really good use for smart contracts


Reminds me of Elon Musk. What a loser that guy is.

Found the dumb cunt

for those who are even thinking about investing in Chainlink and on the fence about it, take a look at their github and get notifications directly. the past few weeks they have been constantly updating commits and have been hard at work in the early hours of the morning. if you want to make it in this market, you need to have vision and patience, something a lot of these turbo autists and neets dont have

sergey is perfect, thanks. and go back to /pol/

Just became a stinky linky, lads. Are we rich yet?

Except for yesterday when it was literally fucking useless

look up Sergey's couchsurfing reviews and you have your answer

>marketing team that they are getting will be in charge of that
oh god yes

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So boring but so hot

There are only 36 people in the world actually doing this (using the watch feature on the repo).

Looking forward to part 2.

LINK is without question a brilliant idea. The use cases are numerous and if it gains traction the profit potential is large.

In a world of shitcoins LINK is a gem.

damn right. they aren't going to market an unfinished product and ruin their progress with NDAs up their sleeve and partnerships that are going to be finalized upon launch of the mainnet. you think these guys wanna be another Vechain/Waltonchain failure?

>helped us with our bags

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sergeys voice gave me an orgasm

This panel is incredibly interesting, Im glad they have a lawyer on the panel, to give us some perspective.

Im a lawyer too, and he is raising some issues that I have thought about, that I never saw any developers talk about, so this is really good, it's a union of subjects that I never thought would be forced to cooperate between each other (coders and lawyers).

16:25, Gosner literally sets up sergey to shill chainlink

They were going off each others statements and everything

sergay-boring when

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Wow this is fucking boring.



You're right, he knows exactly what he's doing

Theoretically, we are all made out of cheese.

Sergey slowly takes her clothes off. He says something like
"in the industry, from our experience, smart contracts work best when there are trust issues."
The roastie with trust issues realizes that Sergey is a living smart contract. She becomes instantly wet and strips off Sergey's shirt. For some reason, and to her surprise, it smells like dried whisky and Ethereum brand laundry detergent. She slowly reaches for his oracle, but is stopped because the contract terms have not yet been met, so execution is not possible. After sending $32m worth of ethereum to reach the """hard""" cap, she gains access. The singularity happens. We reach $1MM per link. Sergey ascends to heaven, leaving his mortal body as the roastie looks on in awe.

This is the future. This is chainlink. We are the link marines.

The strong. The knowledgable. The Sergey.

There is an user here related to Docusign somehow, he's posted comments in some threads before. He said Gosner is invested in Link. Makes sense now. I think he was legit.

This gave me a boner.

I was wondering it if was just me or not

Watching this now. Sergey sounds professional (he really needs a new shirt though). This project is still incredibly promising (duh). I'm not selling.

Holy shit my dick is girthy as fucc and also going green!?!
I-is this normal, guys? Is the singularity finally upon us?

im drunk user.

You wish you had the fucking speaking skills that Sergey has. You probably clam up when talking to your own mother.

I have to agree - I am 15 minutes in and very impressed so far.

It fucking breaks my heart to know that just a few minutes after this absolute chad fucking performance of shilling chainlink use cases for the whole world, he is met by a balding FUCK that holds a sign saying "/biz" effectively sucking the life out of our Sergey.

This is when he needs us the most, marines.
Report any memes and/or FUD on the official ChainLink channels.



Mine too, i-it's going up.

Fuck me, unzip the fuckin fly, this thing is GOING TO THE FUCKING MOON




>It fucking breaks my heart to know that just a few >minutes after this absolute chad fucking >performance of shilling chainlink use cases for the >whole world, he is met by a balding FUCK that >holds a sign saying "/biz" effectively sucking the >life out of our Sergey.

Couldn't agree more. Be kind to our savior.

hue hue hue

this will be our downfall

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This thread is fucking gold

Stopping in from Reddit r/LINKtrader. You guys really fucked up. Don't bother telling me to go back I'll show myself out. Just wanted to let you know you most likely just killed your last chance to make it.

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>Also, I'm retarded.

>tfw you realize this was a practice run at shilling smart contracts to lawyers

they're going to do multiple panels like this at more important conferences

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It's almost like they're trying to build a legitimate business, not just run a pump and dump scam.

almost but not quite there

Too true


Almost! Hmm, I wonder how autistic memes ruining online presences, for example on twitter, would look like for potential customers...

Dont forget to subscribe to the channel, apparently it's an official one, it was created today.

Same shit
Same shirt
Same dump

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Never forget this asshole

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