User would you rather be an ultra poorfag (and you'll stay that way) capable of maintaining healthy relationships or a...

user would you rather be an ultra poorfag (and you'll stay that way) capable of maintaining healthy relationships or a financially well-off socially inept permavirgin?

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who cares about sex, its just evolutionary chemicals, you can just jack off

Seeing as the first one is impossible and undesirable, and the second one is reality, why choose any different?

>financially well-off socially inept permavirgin

unfortunately, I' both

How's the unhappiness going, user? You can empty your body of sperm, but sex is more than that. Most animals can and do masturabate, but evolution has made the "need for more" a powerful force.

the 2nd one

probably an ultra poorfag who is loved and happy. not getting your dick wet ever in your entire life seems like hell.

I dont feel emotions from my meds, so, I feel pretty good all the time, thanks for asking. Maybe one day you can free yourself from evolutionary trickery and 3d females and enter reality

evolution gave me shitty mental illness genes and I have absolutely no desire to pass them on. luckily that autism got me a $100k developer job and a $200k crypto folio so I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and buy a VR gf one day like in blade runner.

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My Bad Dragon toys give me all the happiness I could possibly want :D

A social butterfly at the mercy of other people’s opinions? No thanks I’ll take my money and build a army of loyal 2D waifus

Well I'm currently a dirt poor permavirgin so technically either option would improve my situation. Where do I sign up?

Also I'd like to know where to get that finger

>humping my pelvis into another pelvis like a fucking animal is something super special that transcends the chemicals of normal ejaculation into a spirual special-land of godliness and unicorns.

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it's not about sex, it's about having someone in your life

touching another person's bare skin (not even sex, just cuddling) is the best thing in the world

I was depressed until I realized that all I'm missing in my life is some human contact

youre assuming I havent had women in my life
all I felt around them was annoyance, maybe youll understand when youve gained more experience
2d is the only way

Incel detected

Itd be nice to have someone in my life, but I guess I don't care enough to seek out anyone out. I don't even get horny anymore. Haven't masturbated in months. Wtf am I?

You always desire what you don't have. I'd rather be both rich and in healthy relationships, and luckily nothing prevents me (or anyone really) from being both.

Did I ever say women? You should probably try men. Because for me there is nothing better than cuddling.


and I hate cuddling, the feeling of another breathing and heartbeat makes me extremely uncomfortable, I dont want someone to feel mine either

you're sociopathic btw

Does not take away the fact that you're just an animal in heat.

not true I feel very empathetic towards the elderly

You don’t want to be poor and in a relationship because you fear no matter how much she says she loves you, a rich man will come along and take her.

And he’ll tell her he loves her more than you and you didn’t fight hard enough for her and you’re poor because you don’t care about her enough and just look at this bank account it’s me who’s the real man let’s travel the world, baby.

t. Lost last two gfs that way

Shit sucks. I’m trying to not be so gf needy and find a way to make more money so that doesn’t happen next time.

I enjoy the company of women, yet you're telling me you do not. I can only assume you like men/traps/whatever.

I'm sorry about your parents being dicks to you, but you need to learn to enjoy it

the key to maintaining non-transactional master slave relationships is to be completely oblivious to what's really happening at all times, and to willfully stick your head in the sand

meat robots are totally predictable, disappointing, and self absorbed, to understand them is to hate them

as a poor socially inept permavirgin I've got the best of both worlds


really hurts the feelings :(

heartbeats dont make you uncomfortable? Youre the sociopath here, have some compassion to my sensitivity jerk!

cant believe this wasnt the first and only topic being discussed

Thats fine and all that, but living alone is much funnier. You can have a gf living at her own if you will. Also no financial risk that way. Women love differently, they love stuff. Men want looks and sex, that will eventually always fade in a relationships. Long term relationships are quite unnatural for humans

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99,7% Sociopath

Real women are just pathetic creaturers. the 2d is created to be perfect in all aspects
I dont even care about sex, I have 0 sex drive,, real women cant compete on any level to the 2d

>being in this depressing market and not being invested in

Ok, I found the creator ( Anyone knows where I can buy this shit?

The fuck is the point of that? Is it like if you're a magician you can pretend to cut off your finger?

I don't even want looks and sex that much, I just need a pet and/or rubber duck. Women are quite capable of this.

In fact, women love being treated like a pet, it makes them feel cute.

Why would you want that? Aren't rings supposed to help you cruise for strange now?

good job user.
seems perfect for me to creep people out. why would you not like to have these?

lmao you are truly pathetic
lmao you are truly pathetic

>people like different things
>lmao your tastes are shit

re-evaluate your life


the way that you say things is pathetic to me, has nothing to do with your taste

mostly this is the most pathetic thing Ive ever read
hek hek hek

>he doesn't know about board IDs

I'm retired from crypto gains, so I do quite all right

i dont' believe u

>ultra poorfag (and you'll stay that way) capable of maintaining healthy relationships

too autistic to realize being poor + healthy relationships is the dream.

no you misunderstand mr larper

I replied to that guy first because I found his post to be more pathetic than yours, he gets my full attention, because it was so pathetic it made me laugh

You on the other hand, are very pathetic, but have no redeemable qualities. Its sad, even in a competition of being pathetic, you couldnt even win that

I've posted proof of BTC amounts before, it's really not worth my time

people don't even respond when I prove them wrong

the second one, that's basically me but with more money

once again, I dont care about how much money you have, I dont think I could care less about anything. Are you still trying to win the pathetic competition? You are the underdog afterall

They are art pieces apparently... so not possible to buy them easily.
I found those that are lovely too:

Oops, I meant to quote

famous quotes by Giacomo Casanova. ... [Marriage] is the tomb of love