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Who is the most beautiful figure in crypto?

My vote goes for Talal from jibrel network

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Duncan Coutts

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one eye on the camera, one eye to the game

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she's my guide to spankchain and to grat wanks

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it's also a strange feeling during wanks when you now you invested crypto in the person getting fucked


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talal sexyboi allday

No contest


She looks lot like Ark girl

My vote as well. Really the most handsome dude in the crypto


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the ARK chick was hot...

You're welcome

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probably dom shcnigger from IOTA.

Obviously Yazan. No contest

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for me it's Justin Sun, aka The lone wolf of crypto.

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aka the worlds forgotten son

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Obviously modum CEO

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the BATman

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They clearly win the contest.

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