6 days

Who else here /comfy/, fellow arkies?
How much are you holding?

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already priced in

What's happening in 6 days? I'm an Arkie and I have no idea.

The price WILL tank at this point to sub $0.10, and most probably sub ICO levels. From that day forward the deluded Arkie wagecucking engineering nerds who bought this coin thinking it had fundamentals will go back to their jobs, with no money in their current accounts, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages. Deluded ARKies will hold bags FOREVER, with no job, no money, and no crypto. I warned you ARKies. There’s still time to get out. Sell NOW. Don’t be deluded, don’t be an ARKie

google "ark con" ark is hosting it's own conference on the 21st that is supposedly going to have government officials attending it (in france)


Im starting to doubt my stack. Have 5k but might try for 7.5k

Proud owner of 100 Ark.

This will moon like antshares/neo, but unlike NEO it won't dump because executing smart contracts won't cost $20,000

they dont know yet. please say no more.

Is that sminem?

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>I'm still buying

240 here, biz voter

will I make it?

ask again after ark con and we'll have a better answer

>encoded listener

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advanced shilling by arkies

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Will be there fellow arkie

Just bought more. Now Im at 10k
Lets go!

/arkgirl/ pics now

How can I but without having my identity stolen? Seems like a good way to survive late stage capitalism.


Capitalism is in its final stages.