Bored out of my mind

Bored out of my mind
its 11:02 pm here, girlfriend out with friends
one friend is sick, other has a work related party and another has something related to university tomorrow morning

what do I do? I don't wanna browse Veeky Forums all night..
I have a bike, I have lots of money, tell me what to do please.

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>girlfriend out with friends

girlfriends.. they went to some stupid Mexican restaurant...

>mentioning gf
Kys faggot

Your g/f is cheating on you.

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Go to a local concert
Approach a thot
Put on a headlight and go for a run in the woods
Program something

I am so sorry. Have you thought about embracing your open relationship? Cuckolding is the thinking man's fetish after all

Shes getting spit roasting by a pair of mexicans right now user

I don't care man I wanna have fun too
what do??

go out and bang some sluts aswell

nah not horny just looking to have some good time..

not much to do. biz, vidya, some music event depending on where you live if youre into that?

do you like sportsball? watch the ncaa basketball games at a bar and grab a beer

I'm up to anything..
I'm willing to go outside, I'm willing to spend money..

right now my best option is to make some popcorn and watch "Annihilation" that recently came out, but I really wanna do something

Isn't going alone to a bar weird af though? never went alone, plus in the local bar many people will recognize me (not likely friends) and it'll be awkward for me considering I won't sit with them since I don't know that that much

yea I'm introvert af

come pick me up andd uh we'll fly to the Maldives and do some diving, fishing and then we'll invite ur girl and i'll invite mine and we'll have a great merry time how that sound

>but I really wanna do something
Then go do something.

>Isn't going alone to a bar weird af though?
Largely depends on the bar. Itd be weird if you go to some college hangout bar where its mainly college students in groups. Itd also be weird if you go to a gay biker bar. Lots of people go out to normal or higher end bars alone though.

heh i read a lot about people doing this multiple times and it getting better. But i still dont like it to be honest, even tough i dont care as much anymore.

spray painting is fun

bruh i'm about to deposit 750k from crypto to my bank and have another 1.2m invested
currently 200k in the bank, I wouldn't mind doing it desu

my girlfriend can't come though, she has work and can't leave

I just need fucking normal friends. all my friends are poor fucks who can't travel since they're busy wagecucking

>one friend is sick, other has a work related party and another

Have more than 3 friends or read a book?

literally no one needs more than 3-5 good friends..

it would be a really bad idea to go out alone and end up in some club drinking heavily and checking out thots

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haven't smoked weed in 2 months since I don't really enjoy it but thinking of doing it and watch this stupid Annihilation movie..
I might drive to a nearby 7/11 and buy some fun shit to have while watching a movie

sounds good /biz?

also, how to find normal friends who aren't poor and only talk about stupid shit?

new topic - what is some good munch to buy from 7/11 to watch this movie with?
gonna smoke soon, hopefully it won't be as shitty as last time

if you have some good quality knee pads you can go hit the streets and suck off some guys. You’d probably enjoy that to pass the time since you are a massive faggot

why was it shitty? might have some tips

i worked in many bars and i always appreciate people who come over alone to just have a good time, i know this feeling is shared by most bartenders. just chill by a bar on a stool or lean, watch the game or if there are any people that you recognize, you can approach them later with a bear to just say hi, maybe they have some interesting shit to do.
if they're boring go back to the bar to enjoy your beer, the game, and the new situation

>go to /adv/

Donate to Veeky Forums obviously silly

lol just watched the trailer, they send in a fireteam of stronk inapenint wamenz! Looks pretty good besides that.

I like healthy(er) food for munchies, get some cheese sticks fruit and rotisserie chicken. Honeslty enjoy coke zero and almond milk when high, beer and water ok

I literally smoke 1/4 of a joint with not much weed and feel like I'm about to die

I had to lay down and felt like my head is sticking into the pillow and heavy af
couldn't get up and if I did I felt nauseated..
overall a really bad experience and it happens a lot when I smoke


oh, i expected paranoia or something like that. That doesn't sound good, be careful and only smoke 1 or 2 puffs (it's more than enough to notice) and wait 20 minutes.
I know of people that had circulatory collapses because of weed, but that sounds a little worse.

nah 1-2 puffs do nothing...

Gf definitely fucking someone else.

Go to a shooting range?

12:30 pm nigga what shooting range
I already smoked and watching this movie

pretty good so far