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Notice how tom Gonser wants sergey to speak, guys we are going to make it!!!

her name is literally boring
what a snoozefest
chainlink puts me to sleep

nolinker syndrome

I noticed that too, he is proping Sergey up with questions, so chainlink gets a subtle shill.

they ARE sitting at same table and laughing together while presenting us what smart contracts are, i mean what kind of signal investors need?


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16:25, Gosner literally sets up sergey to shill chainlink

fucken homerun! dvv dvv fuck yeah

Who is this user, help please name sauce

Angela White

Wow, they have an official youtube

Which was created today. Stuff is happening quite fast, with the conferences, mainnet, github, etc.

why are all the actual developments in crypto that aren't scams getting released or nearing release in such a horrible market?

Boring as fuck.

yes made a comment on youtube, obvious setup, also 16:05 the lawyer says its gonna be either 100years or 18months...and that he has his own educated guess on the question LMAO

1000$ in 18months guys!!!

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what did you expect it to be? a fucking laser light show?

I have read so much about chainlink and smart contracts in the last months that I only can imagine the clueless faces of the brainlets in the crowd trying to grasp the concept of smartcontracts and chainlink

18:20 he said ChainLink!
$1820 EOY

I cant wait til I can afford to keep girls like her around naked like that all day. Spankings and feeding me food on all fours.

can not fucking wait

dubs checked!

oh chip

googled her.
he was on BLACKED.
kek, roasties are all the same.
invest in sergey instead of roasties.

I mean SHE not HE
Angela White was on Blacked, not Sergey!

our guy a real chad, boring has no chance

did I say her specifically ... she was already disqualified forever ago. Like her... not her

but yeah roasties ultimately are a huge waste of time. Hence you put them on rotation... keep this pass herself around for a month or 3 than when she starts on her silly lil girl games to try to trap and lure me into something more serious I rotate her out for another one. These girls are so stupid and pathetic they keep passing themselves around and not getting a clue. So when I have my fuck me money i'll def be keeping fat titted fat assed sluts around on rotation just for my own personal amusement and the moment one of them gets to be annoying or starts the games oops off rotation and probably never coming back.

But in the end they are barely even worth that

guess you were... one off...

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Dont forget to subscribe to the channel, apparently it's an official one, it was created today.

$1000 EOY