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are you happy?

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Software Dev

fuck yeah. mostly because I didn't lose too much in crypto, and I've got a good gf, and a super chill job

>Campaign Manager
I guess I’m happy



Engineer 70k
Depends on what fucking day!



> 25
> neet
> with small business I can make 20k per year

Living with parents, no gf, Im depressed

>High School student/part-time jobs

Not so happy

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56,000 USD

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dev in finance + cryptos
like 120k/yr after salary, bonus, and regular cash outs

>Lumber yard forklift driver

I want to kill myself everytime I go to work, life outside of work is good though.

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I have a feeling you are going to make it.

work as a civil servant in the foreign office (UK)
36k GBP

I've never been happy in my life
the job is quite good though, I enjoy it

What's your small business?

on paper yes but I am socially inept and not Veeky Forums. I was a fake normie in college but that's long gone now.

Nice try NSA

What are your long-term plans?

>t. NEET with $100 in LINK that he doesn't want the IRS to know about

>Age: 33
>Occ: computer engineer
>Inc: $117k (with bonus)
>Happy? Meh


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What do you guys use to trade in crypto and other stocks?


Amazon or some shit


I fucking hate this. Went to UK to work for 3 months during school break and my father took all the money I made. Got into Crypto in November with 30$ and now I got 350$. Not even telling my dad about this cause he's probably going to ask these money too.

Going into business with my dad, we're gonna buy a product decoration franchise together early next year, after a little while he'll pull back his involvement and then I'll become the full owner. Looking at hopefully getting up to a total of 3 or 4 stores and being the owner for the whole city.

Nice job, man. 20k a year from ebay is very impressive

computer science student
1k working wagie summer job

>late 20s
>systems administrator

No, I want more gold and that's it

>22 turning 23
>cs undergrad

no. i should have graduated 2 years ago.

not happy. failed uni and crypto is last hope

All you guys here, is uni/college worth it? Got accepted on a networking and security course but the idea of debt and trying to find a shit starting job is putting me of it

Social Education Worker in training

Life outside of work is great. Want to kill myself every fucking morning though.

cyber security engineer
200k after RSUs

forgot to mention I work from home and life is awesome. I build SIEM systems for big tech companies

PLC Programmer

I am angry all the time.

swingtrading options
roughly 200k per year so far
im suicidal as fuck
im lonely
i wish i went to college

>Trainee accountant

>yes and no, currently no because of sinusitis.

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> 23
> Consultant
> $70k

Oh yeah I’m pretty fucking happy aside from the crypto market.

>student (BS business management and Mechanical engineer, but taking quite a while to complete because of available hours) and parking attendant for the Hospital/School
>14 an hour for a 9 hour shift M-F
Pretty comfy, not going to lie.

teach me the way

>tfw you always post ITT but no one ever comments on your post

fuck knows, I've lost all count. Any remaining touch with reality is long gone, the only thing that matters now is designing better and better algos.

>Small business owner

Why won't people come to my store? What am I doing wrong? I don't know how much longer I can work 92 hours a week trying to turn my store into success. I'm feel like I'm going crazy.

IT Security


Sex sells. So does “Blockchain”. Try some mixers in your store to get people in there. Like or some shit

Bro at least you have the guts to do it. 99% of people, including myself, are too cucked to even try. Even if you crash and burn, the fact that you tried to follow your dream puts you ahead of us. Respect.


man you should ask for a raise
PLC programming around here is 70k minimum

STEM student
12k gibs

At least education is free

>Play stupid games
>earn stupid prizes
Don't commit crime then.

Fuck off, kike

Yeah, that’s only for the Chosen.

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Are you retarded?

IT strategy/consultant stuff
~$230k/year (includes avg bonus and stock)
pretty miserable

What's your shop? Also you should make a separate thread about it, it's nice seeing IRL stuff on Veeky Forums sometimes.

consulting what?

why hasnt Harvey Weinstein been arrested

oh thats right hes gods chosen and hired mossad agents to spy on his victims

Have my own small company
320k Euro

I just come to biz for memes I have no coins.

>I should have graduated at 21

Science sales
35k + comish
I'm happy

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Over 40
Airline pilot
260K USD

No, not really. Bored as fuck. Not suicdial bored so don’t get scared I’ll fly into the Alps like that German Wings FO did, but I am pretty bored.

I also can’t fucking stand the only girl who’s been tolerant enough to stick with me long term. She depresses me to no ends but I doubt I’ll end up with anyone else willing to put up with me

Sales (AV industry)
60-80k depending on comms

Hell yeah I'm happy

>Bragging about income

I'm 25 years old
I run my own company and I'm an active investor
I'm happy

Depends. Uni pays off if you get a major that has good job prospects and/or you get a scholarship/part time job/work study.


should be making more at this point but took a shit job a year ago and ragequit

Biomedical engineering student
-$9000 per year in tuition
I am doing ok. Constantly wondering if it is better to get a girlfriend or obsessively pursue wealth and entrepreneurship. I am leaning towards entrepreneurship.

>uni student, placement doing machine learning research
>consistently made at least £40k/y for the last 4 years with internet marketing, last year a bit more b/c of crypto

Happy most of the time. I look about 15 years old though so pretty low down the dominance hierarchy

>40k I think

Depressed as fuck.

army officer
31k GBP

Not happy. Girlfriend is costing me all my money and I haven't saved a penny for almost a year now thanks to her

sometimes work in a bar, plan to go to some amazon factory to move boxes
in the bar I earn around $3-4 (tips included)
fuck yeah im happy

Switch to traps. Better with money and in bed.

I own and operate a used video game and movie store. my key problems are my location sucks, the market is moving on to PS4/Xbox One/ Switch games, but people almost never bring me any of those to trade, and I just don't have the capitol to compete with the competition in my City.

Right now I'm just deciding if I want to get a line of credit to finance and revitalize my inventory with current gen games and pop culture merchandise, or just start winding down the business while I'm still able to pay all the bills. Do I keep fighting to keep the dream alive, or do I shut it down before It becomes an unsalvagable disaster? My expenses are around 11 grand a month average, and I make about 12-13 grand a month average. Enough to fritter along and pay all the bills, but with things fluctuating month to month it's not sustainable or going to allow me to grow the place.


Suicidal. Pray for crypto to give me escape from the wagecuck life. God help me.

I want to stay with my gf but I want to spend less money. She gets mad when I talk about money. She earns about 5 times what I do also.

It keeps me up at night raging at the injustice and her audacity at insisting I pay for meals out, etc. Her primary justification is the cost I cause her in bills etc when I stay over, which I do most weekends.

UK education system:
>Finish school at age 16
>Complete A Levels (+ 2 years)
>Complete a degree (+ 3 or more years, in my case 3 years)

I was too depressed in school, which lead to me fucking up my exams, which also lead to me being setback 2 years.


>corporate tax

It's ok I guess.

he some kinda degenerate? or is he taking the money cause you live with him?

>Product Manager

Pretty fortunate to work at my company, the perks and flexibility make it a comfy lifestyle. Biggest cherry on top is I rarely wake up before 8AM unless I have presentations or meetings with devs or associates

Sales manager

I'm happy enough. Cost of living is low where I'm at.

IMO apart from some really culture-focused shops that industry is dying. I used to work in bike shops in college and that's the same thing. The only one that survived was the one that developed a really strong customer culture - like regular meetups and so forth, as talked about above, where you have a core customer group that keeps returning for the culture rather than cheap prices or range etc.

I.e. go for cool. But it's all a risk.

work in stock research
$115K salary + bonus

not enough $$$$
fuck no

from what you've described, sounds like a strong sell? And what do you do each week in a single shop that takes 96 hours?

>Forklift operator
>are you happy?
Nope. Due to being bipolar, and lonely.

For those in investment banking/at a trading desk, does it depress you that you do a job with zero social value?

web dev / ecommerce
90-100k this year
depressed right now

Apprentice Electrician

butblasted about literally everything everyday

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kill her, transfer everything then find another.

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> 33
> software dev
> 300K
> yes

>Control room operator
>Fuck all
Still live with my parents, have abused a lot of substances over the years, don't really have many friends and I'm pretty socially autistic. I have no idea what to work towards and as I get older that depresses me even more. Fuck.

starting to study mechanical engineering

Im depressed and poor as fuck

where brah?

> 35
> Army
> Roughly $115-120k

Mostly. I hate sitting behind a desk, but 6 years until I can retire, keep my bennies, and get paid for the rest of my life.

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Yuru camp is fucking great

Nice. I do cyber security too. Fault tolerance alogorithms on attack analysis systems.

DC area