Chapter 6

I want memes of XTCC also

If i like them ill ask for your addy to give you tokens


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He's definitely a dev.
Tomocoin devs did the memes for money thing a while ago.

who's the faggot that just bought .005 XTCC? lol

Are you still gonna pump it to 1$?
It's been at 2 cents for too long

Faggot scam group. stay away.

I've been saying this since the first thread: Look at the fucking order books. The buy side is thin as hell, and as you can see it's already been dumped.
Hope no anons fell for this, and you wouldn't if you have half a brain.

thanks for the bumps, dumbass

Still helping us out I see

t. discord group scammer
I'll bump your shit all day so everyone knows you're trying to dump on people. it's fucking pathetic kek, if anything you lost money because there's no buy orders.

Dump it

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if any user buys, it's his own fault. This screams SCAM so loud

Really nice "pump" you got going there. OP is a faggot trying to dump on you.

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Thanks for the heads up, feel free to leave now.

Man you're an idiot lol, I already made 20,000 xlm, given I started at 0.003 buy price

I see you workin willy

yes sir I made 1 million as well XLM sir, good scam sir pls buy my bags

made 1M from just looking at the scam, WOW

>I see you workin willy
>I see you workin willy
>I see you workin willy
>I see you workin willy
>I see you workin willy
Discord shills eternally, unequivocally, BTFO

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go ahead and die already, this is fucking Veeky Forums. ride along back to plebbit on your shiny white horse, you cuck


It's ok to be mad, I would be too if I was you.

faggots buying the wall

HAHAHAHAAHAH How's it feel to get completely exposed with screenshotted proof? Discord scammers will never recover, holding worthless bags forever.

"This is Veeky Forums, the wild wild west of crypto. Moralfags beware!"

Give me a break. You're just some aspie faggot who lives in his mom's basement trying to be edgy by participating in some scam. Literally kys. No one will ever love you.

probably afraid he'll miss the scamgains, like a preacher who molests children

fudders are fucking up the buy walls.

ITT: buttfrustrated homos

all fudders btfo get in or stfu

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why would my mum let me stay in the basement forever if she doesn't love me? check mate faggot

oh look it's mister moralfag and mister IMMA STAND UP TO THIS CUZ I MATTEr. bhahahahahahahah no you dont you dweeb. you're an irrelevant loser that will never be anything or anything in life and you being a buttgaped sissyboy over people making money is the highlight of your life. This is the biggest and most famous in life you'll ever get loser.

Now fuck off and shut up we're making money or enjoying this thread without some autistic dweeb that gets thrown into lockers at school trying to moralfag us when he has no room to talk or preach. So unless you are sinless and perfect you dont get to preach at us about morals jesus. now go chill out and take your autistic meds the group home told you to take 3hours ago. dont wanna get stood in the corner again do you lil retard?

There were never any buy walls faggot hahahaha, If you actually put money into this it's FUCKING GONE LMAO

Since my post exposing you discord faggot scammers, the order price has dropped from 0.07 to 0.04 and dropping, haahahahahah feels so fucking good to watch you fags lose all your money, probably thought some buy orders would come in but nope..

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This is 100% a scam. If you bought in sfyl but you deserve it for being a greedy retard.

Ppl in this thread are either shills or other idiots hoping you'll be even dumber than them and buy their worthless shitbags.

>If you actually put money into this it's FUCKING GONE LMAO
>t. Not smart enough to profit from what I perceive to be a scam

this fucking guy. like an annoying butthole that wants you to scratch whenever it spews out.

>what is bot trading

nice bait faggot.

How's 7th grade treating ya, bud?

No buy orders, no buy orders, no buy orders.
You haven't made shit, neither has any other faggot in your group. that's why you've needed so many shill threads.
RIP niggers, back to 0.006 where you belong :)

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I could dump out literally right now and be at 20% profit.

hows being a moralfag virgin and an autistic unloveable faggot treating ya bud?

no buy orders to dump on. You got exposed and now literally no one wants to buy AHAHAHAHAHAH, fuckin BTFO

Willy here.

This fud is definitely helping me shake more people out.

HODL if you got the wits.

Anyways this might take a little longer then expected.

Ill keep you all updated.


Where the fuck are the memes?

Damn you got all that from me lighting your money on fire? How perceptive!!

you have five reasons to dump now, so do it

>tfw you just exposed an entire group of broke bagholder scammers, and you get to watch the price dump while your coins pump
feels so fuckin good, OP SO BTFO HE WON'T EVEN REPLY LMAO

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"Hodl so I can dump first plz"

Anybody who bought in early enough will see gains as long as this shit hits an exchange. If the devs are complete pajeet shitlords that will abondon the project then oh well, it only costed me 512 linkies.

>pls deliver devs.

You shortsighted faggots don't realize that the more volume this coin gets, the better and sooner it gets listed on CMC.

The sooner that happens, the closer we'll be to a better exchange listing.

Awwww faggot, where are your buy walls to dump on? anyone selling now would be selling at a massive loss..
It's almost like you aren't a whale, just a scamming faggot who got his group to inflate the price with fake sell orders. No one's falling for it :)

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I love how there are a lot more people screaming scam than two weeks ago, you stupid people are going to constantly say the same thing. You keep saying even a couple months from now and it's worth a ton more. I already made back my initial investment and then some when only a few people are screaming scam, I can't imagine how much more I'll make because of you chuckleheads

>no buy orders
>OP stuck holding bags now
Shill on reddit nigger, maybe you'll get some brainlets to buy there. Sadly you've been exposed already here.

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Hi shill. No one is believing y'all's bullshit. :/ sfyl

why is it "going to take a little longer than expected" EVERY FUCKING TIME you post?

Oh hey it's the poor guy who bought link who just now found these threads Weeks Later

ahhh poor lil dumb tard.. I didnt buy I was the one watching and enjoying the thread. So no you didnt btfo anyone virgin autist... All you did is prove why you get beat up every day at school and get molested by your group home workers. but hey im sure moomy and duhdy love you right?

but whatever keep on laughing and coughing up cheeto dust as you think you won some sort of victory and we'll just sit here and make money and enjoy threads regardless of what your unloveable ass does.

this is what happens when we let group homes have internet.

Because he never did shit, just set a high sell wall to make the price look higher than it was.
Sadly some people fell for it, luckily in this thread he's exposing himself by delaying.
Fake whale, fake pump, no buy walls to dump on. OP really JUSTed himself and his whole group, point and laugh.

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Nobody believe this. You are probably a shill. You cant see the image I posted

and think there is any chance this isnt a scam kek.

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Mega Wash happening in 10minutes.

Sell now to take profits or hodl til saturday.

Letting the bot take over.

Wot m8? Sry bro I don't buy shitcoins, especially in a fucking bear market. Lul


I don't care what a poor person's opinion is

I just want this to pump so old mate gets his dad’s oxygen money back

>Mega Wash
holy fuck you're a faggot, worst fake whale in Veeky Forums history.

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lol easily my favorite FUD post of these threads

Ok so this proves that OP is switching id's. I wonder how many people in the previous threads were actually op...

This is too fun

omg i forgot about "dads oxygen tank fund money" bro

Try suicide.

Lol I'm about 98% sure I have more money than you. But don't worry, that doesn't make your opinion worthless. Your tiny fucking brain is what makes your opinion worthless.

Don't forget unemployed medic with his last $30....

>thread devolved to 5 discord shills circlejerking
Well, my work here is done. OP fucked off for good, the price is completely tanking to pre-pump levels, shills are capitulating, bagholders were born today.

Good luck and farewell, scammer faggots. sorry you had to get exposed, but someone had to do it!

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Oh shit! that guy too fucking kek there are some desperate souls banking on this.

Thank you based whale willy

here you go
hope you fucking like eskimos

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>0.0001 XLM
Pajeet shitcoin, won't buy
>0.001 XLM
haha, stupid fucks actually bought it
>0.01 XLM
it's a pajeet scam, don't buy it
>0.1 XLM
gonna crash soon,
>0.05 XLM
told ya

Never change biz, stay poor.

You’re unironically retarded.

does anyone realize that this shitcoin has 1 billion total supply with only 2 million coins out? you guys are fucking pumping a coin that will literally giveaway 500 million tokens in the up coming months. like wtf are you doing buying this total shit coin

Hardly, you're a moron apparent in opinion, wording, and probably holds. You might benefit humanity killing yourself though.

unironically this. And the fucking coin is less than a month old

Try not to kys when this shit hits $1 faggots.


>this singular user made up a 1/3rd of the posts in this thread

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Tfw op pulls his buy walls. Guess y'all lost it all just like I've been warning.

AHAHAHAHAHA didn't you get liquidated you absolute brainlet?

>Stellar has 103 billion total supply and rising, currently at $0.24
>This is the first privacy coin to be built from a Stellar fork
>Monero, but transactions complete in under 3 seconds
Brainlet detected

1/4 actually
ohhhh noooo, that suuuuucks...

Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of you getting scammed.

site your sources on your claims you fucking easily scammed idiot. prob got scammed by me when i dumped my zcl on ur head you fucking gullible idiot

You know you've exposed the scammers when all they can do is tell you to kill yourself.
So fucking BTFO trying to get other people's money. oh well, at least I get to watch the dump sitting comfy

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How can you dump coins when you lost all of them making shit margin calls?

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Ive been talking about this coin since 0.0008 lumens a piece.

Its is now 0.045 because im flushing shit eaters out.

I brought it to .2

Still bringing it to 1+ lumens a piece.

Get in or fuck off honestly haha.

You are mad cause you are poor.
It is that simple.

Fomo at $1 each though to help some of us out


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never bought zcl buddy, but keep shouting your greatest hits into the abyss while everyone points out your record as a shit tier, brainlet trader.

Wait why are you waiting till Saturday to pump it?


Lol that's what I thought.

u guys have pumped a literal shitcoin to 20m marketcap. it will flash crash back down to 500k once you idiots get scammed

because he won't do shit. enjoy bagholding.

To get all of the fags who believe the other fags talking shit about me out.

Why make them rich?

Ive kept my word every single time.
Archive it.

honestly nigger you better deliver this weekend
once you hit a higher more impressive mark haters will actually be btfo

Thanks Willy going to take this chance to buy more.

I believe you

worst excuse I've ever fucking heard. you got exposed and now you're shifting back your deadline because you need to wait for buy orders to dump on. fucking hilarious

I believe in you, Willy. Fuck the fudders