This thread is to guide new friends from falling into obvious scams.

Discuss scamcoins and other coins to avoid, along with general safety tips to avoid being scammed.

feel free to expand the list

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literally all of them
saged and hidden, fucking retard

add Link and EOS

What is it with scam coins and Blue and white?

>Jibrel Network
>Blue and white
>Blue and white
>Blue and white

blue and white seems to be "trustworthy" colors. they say a blue tie for trustworthiness, a red tie for aggressiveness. it makes sense they use blue

Nice, keep the JNT fud going, I need to buy more too. Guaranteed $250mm nigga we gon' get rich! :D :D

>green and bean
good to go

And scam countries too

>Guaranteed $250mm nigga we gon' get rich! :D :D
saying this type of shit makes it come off as scammy as hell unfortunately. youd probably do it alot more good if you everyone stopped the shilling all together


Not sure on this, but I think SunShot Coins (SSTC) are scamcoins. It looks like they routinely pump and dump it every couple of days... and, being criminally retarded, I bought in while they had value. Pretty sure I lost all my money there.

Watch out for SunShot Coins, do not buy them.


what happened to Pinkdate that seemed the most egregious of all scams

Skycoin is legit faggot


99% of altcoins

10/10 b8

>Skycoin is legit faggot

posts youtube video of nigger, starting off
>ayyy wassguudd yo

if anything is the nail in the coffin that sky is a scam, its this

this lady knows what she's talking about. too bad you hate money



jesus christ ive never seen these vids and it was already coming off scammy af, now after seeing these its beyond 100% certain

>keep repeating its the next generation of internet, they will believe it eventually

You do realise that when scams are believable (like these) people buy in, and that's all that really matters.

Yeah if you go through all the comments on their videos there's like a cult like following with glowing reviews, etc. Absolute horseshit

lmfao theyre pure gold. it is a cult, most cults end with the inevitable self inflicted death of the members for following outlandish claims blindly

Add LINK and RLC in there while you're at it

holy fuck this guys incredible. zoom to 4:11, too good. clearly an exotic rental. who falls for this?

This guy gets it

fuck forgot link

Jibrel is going to pop off and there will be so many pink wojaks.


the mother of them all

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Captain Savajo please.

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all the ether pyramid smart contracts

Request network

when it crashes btc will dump to 5k or even lower, the pink wojaks will be sweet as honey

Anyone have opinions about electroneum? user from Poland told me to get in on it so I'm trying g to figure out what the fuss is about.
Also I have a ryzn 1700 I bought last year but haven't done jack shit with it. Should I start mining with my CPU? I have pretty much free electricity bc I can hook up my PC at my work place

more jnt fud pls i need to STACK STACK STACK UP

it's 100% premined and the devs give you coins for running a raspi miner you have to buy from them.

Also they won't take SKY for the miner, you have to buy it with BTC.

if you still buy this shit after knowing that, you're just hoping to help grow their scam

this shitcoin does have a referal system in it?

dont worry friend stack up all the way down, get exit scammed by arabs and get the wojaks ready

You can build a DIY miner retard no ones forcing you to buy from them

the miner costs 1 BTC; they split the difference with Skycoin

send the Skycoin to an exchange

set it at a price where you break even and just wait

free miner

sorry you're retarded

LMAO enjoy your russian pajeet exit scam devs faggots

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I would like to know what you’re holding, OP.

he is holding fat stacks of JNT
and he probably wants more

you can even set it higher than the 'break even' point too if you want, if you were wondering

Fuck pajeets, they act like if buying sime cents cheaper matters when they’re only buying like $200 tops


oh and you can also build your own rig

Not falling for this again

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who would buy your skycoin tho? man your bags must be heavy

you, probably

useless ethereum token

don't t know about skycoin but do you really think that this angel, this descendant of heaven, can truly scam?

fuck off OP

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Nice, everyone had been wondering where they were, its cool to see one live with JJ Jenkins, Skycoin Millionaire Y'all


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screencapped so i can rape your mum

All cryptos are just tulipcoins
What’s the difference? None. It’s all scam, they’re backed by no value. At least fiat has Gov backing

Is he the new treyvon James?

I think its kind of funny, plus I don't think it is a scam.

Every coin is a fucking scam coin in a bear market. Not much you can do about that except wait.

>gov backing


Usd is backed by aircraft carriers and nukes, the largest military ever seen. beats your decentralized power gooks in mongolia

most pajeet fiverr reason I've seen in my life