Hey guys, is there any actual reason for BTC to reach new ATH? i mean...

hey guys, is there any actual reason for BTC to reach new ATH? i mean, the reason why btc reached it's ATH in december because of the normie (dumb) money, why would we ever have an influx of normie money in crypto ever again? anyone get the feeling that this is pokemon go all over again?

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Mate the reason it reached it's ATH was because it was manipulated that way by power players.
It's a totally artificial unregulated market controlled by anonymous mega-whales in collusion with exchanges.
They do what they want.

normie cash fluctuates between 50$ and 500$, the game starts when institucional money flows in

that's the hope we're clinging on to right now. why is it 'when' and not 'if'?

well thats true, it might happen or it might not. Maybe regulations will help to make this happen, yet it might affect to the high volatility this market has

> reason

I'm no expert, but BTC also went up considerably during the part of your chart where the Google Trendline is mostly flat. Probably more factors at play than just this one.

>institutional money
>not just starting their own BC paying devs 100k USD/year

Sure thing. Just keep waiting.

i'll take blockstream for 100

>ey guys, is there any actual reason for BTC to reach new ATH?
1. Lightning network.
2. Square.
3. Amazon.

this is terrifying

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we all got scammed. everyone who got in late. everyone who never cashed out. anyone who made money on crypto is no more but a lucky cunt. only traders make smart money.

>1. Lightning network.
no one gives a fuck
>2. Square.
I dunno what it is therefore no one gives a fuck
>3. Amazon.
this. this is the only way we, the fucking dumb greedy latecomers can make money.

This is all just a fucking game manipulated by the wealthy. I was dumb enough to think gpus and useless virtual money will make me rich.
There is more than a 1000 cryptocurrency right now.

The 99% is fucked. We are fucked.

square is a company that creates point of sale services, including scanning credit cards directly to a mobile phone as well as a host of other options.

your willingness to write off anything you dont personally know about as irrelevant invalidates your opinions.

You sound like a fucking retard. How are you commenting on this at all having not heard of square?

he's not a retard, hes just ignorant and arrogant
>"i dont know about it therefore it doesnt matter"

No. No matter what dumb reason anyone has, the answer is no. It's still tradeable and you can still make money, but if you don't have a lambo now, you'll never have one.

That ship sailed. A long time ago. It's just that simple. Bitcoin memed itself into being digital gold. That's what it's becoming. Gold doesn't "moon". This is the reality you guys created for yourselves, honestly.

The fate of the rest of the market is no different. Even IBM is giving away their blockchain for free now. This shit isn't as valuable as 1% of the planet thinks it is. That's why it was an epic bubble. That's why it's crashing and will continue to crash.

>Gold doesn't "moon"
doesnt mean it cant reach 50k

yeah you sound like an uneducated nigger

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until there is another bull run and it's all over the news again, it will stay like this. You must remember though, this doesnt mean that price can't still increase.

It's clear crypto is the future, so there is still so much money to be made in this space.
You just have to accept the fact that the days of 1000x's are over. It just isn't really possible anymore.

But there are still projects that you can make some serious money on.

Invest in Nebulas OP. It's one of those projects that just can't fail. It's like investing in bitcoin at $200 a this point

do not invest in shit coin..do your own research

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Fuck I had like over 300k at ATH. Why didn’t I sell? Been holding til now. I had my chance and I blew it. Why didn’t I get into bitcoin when it was shilled in 2015. Whoever posted it’s a scam and backed by nothing, kys. If the first comment was inspiring, I could have looked into it and gotten rich. Now I’ll always be a wagekek.

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No one gives a fuck about fundamentals or even uses btc. Most of the people bought because they wanted to make money.

>You just have to accept the fact that the days of 1000x's are over. It just isn't really possible anymore

I would disagree. Now that the mania is over we can start seeing ICOs that are actually good and not pajeet scams. Maybe we can't simply throw money at any Binance coin but there are still gems out there.

Plus as much as people here hate it coins like ADA and TRX will still x10 once they have an actual product, though for some people thats just a break even point if they bought ATH.